Is Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila Drugging Bill? Plus — Why the Steffy/Finn/Taylor Twist Makes No Sense

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After dialing up the cray cray on Monday, Bold & Beautiful then fell back into its normal pattern of rehashing things so often that I was literally able to recite the dialogue along with the actors. Let’s take a quick look at the good, the bad and the line destined to become the new “Why did I drink?” or “I saw grandma kissing Santa.” 

Sealed With a Kiss

When Sheila used Bill’s sword necklace to perform a weird blood oath, all I could think of was the classic quote from MacBeth: “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” This was the first episode of 2023, and watching Sheila smear blood on her own lip and then kiss Bill as thunder crashed and lightning flashed was both creepy and exciting as hell.

Bold sheila pricks finger bill necklace

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Of course, it became less so as the scene was shown again and again over the course of the week. In fact, it’s pretty fair to say that there was no actual plot movement the rest of the week.

Visiting Hours

As often happens on soaps, once Sheila arrived at the prison she basically took up residence in the visitor’s room and held court. First was a besotted Mike, then a taunting Li and finally, Bill.

Sheila Li jail B&B

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I’m not sure it was particularly smart of Li to push Sheila’s buttons. After all, you’ll recall that the whole reason Finn’s bio mom realized he was alive in the first place was because his adoptive mom made a slip of the tongue during her last visit with the inmate. And really, what was to be gained?

On the other hand, it gave us something at least a little bit different, given that everything else was people endlessly wondering what the heck is going on with Bill.

Sugar Daddy

That is, of course, the big question. Is this really a case of Bill being so lonely that, instead of creating a Tinder profile, he’s opted to make Sheila his boo? Or might he, as has been suggested in various corners of the internet, be under her sway not romantically, but via drugs or perhaps hypnosis?

Bill B&B

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Heaven knows I felt like the show was trying to hypnotize me, what with the constant flashbacks to Sheila reminding Bill, “You take no prisoners. You win at all costs.” That was one of several lines which are clearly going to be in heavy rotation for a while, including Bill telling anyone who’ll listen, “Sheila is a woman I can’t hurt.”

That said, when Friday’s episode finally gave us the backstory on how Sheila and Deacon connected — via a long talk on the beach — it felt weirdly believable. Especially when she pointed out that all his life, Bill has been with good girls who wanted to change him into something he’s not. That has been a consistent through-line with Bill almost from the start. Katie and Bill’s entire relationship has been about that very dynamic.

Say What?

Of course, it makes absolutely zero sense to act as if Sheila’s future imprisonment hinges on Steffy and Finn’s testimony. For one thing, she confessed, repeatedly, in front of numerous people, insisting that it was an “accident.” She also broke out of prison, which in and of itself is a crime.

Sheila Deacon B&B

We also found out this week that Bill and Sheila have supposedly been together for several weeks. But we know that during that time, she was usually with Deacon. So where did Bill think she was spending her time when not with him? To say there are a few holes in this plot would be akin to suggesting that wine and cheese are occasionally paired together.

To Tell the Truth

I was fascinated by the fact that shortly after Steffy told her husband the unvarnished truth about her past with Bill, Finn was like, “Sure, go and have a private chat with your clearly unravelling former father-in-law/lover.” Shouldn’t he have gone with his wife, even if to just sit in the car and be there in case she needed him?

Steffy Finn B&B

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I get that Finn is a salt-of-the-earth kinda fella, but that’s a stretch. I did, however, like that the show had Steffy share the backstory with Finn. Far too often, this show opts not to  acknowledge the mistakes characters have made in the past.

Random Thoughts

Bold beautiful carter thomas work out

• It is ridiculous that Carter would strip down and change clothes in Forrester’s main office… let alone with the door unlocked. The company has a gym. They have a spa. Surely there’s a locker room, too.

• Taylor finally putting in an appearance on Friday after having been discussed all week was nice. It also reminded me of how much I miss the character when she’s not around.

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• Maybe instead of every scene and conversation revolving around Sheila, we could have gotten an update on Thomas? I’d love to know where he’s been and what he’s been doing since the entire family turned their collective backs on him.

Having made it through another week, we deserve a treat. How about some candy of the eye variety, courtesy of the gallery below in which we take a (much) closer look at daytime’s hottest men of all time?