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Deconstructing B&B: Allegiances Abruptly Shift for Musical Partners

September 18 - 22

In the last Deconstructing B&B, we were savoring the fallout possibilities surrounding Bill’s feud with Liam, but instead of ‘tides turning’ we got characters switching gears so abruptly that it felt jarring. The plot-driven swerving definitely focused on aligning characters for the next round of musical partners. Thoughts:

Over it and moving on.
Well, no time was wasted on missing Thomas; Sally was deeply in love with the guy, yet a day after he dumped her, she was chirping with happiness over the chance to rebuild her company and had seemingly transferred her hero-worship seamlessly to Liam. Too jolting! In fact, much of what happened involving Liam and Sally, though not unexpected, seemed to happen at warp speed.

No guesswork here.
Steffy’s hardly been squeaky clean so why would she have an issue with supporting Liam doing what he felt he had to do? And why would she be advocating for Bill in this scenario? The answer is she wouldn’t be…except that writing it this way facilitates Bill, with nothing left to lose, taking Steffy from Liam as payback. Again, not unexpected, but this also felt like a plot on ‘overdrive’ thanks to Bill caressing Steffy’s hair after saying how much he loves Brooke; not subtle. As for Steffy’s new understanding toward Sally, that was also dispensed with posthaste to drive a further wedge between Liam and Steffy.

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Brooke had every right to be furious with Bill for committing a crime, and the scenes were very powerfully delivered by Katherine Kelly Lang, but her tirade seemed a tad over-the-top given that two days prior she had sat in the office at Forrester Creations and shrugged off Bill’s tendency to be ruthless, and considering she married him knowing the things he’d done in the past. Her reaction to Bill popping Liam – a grown man – for ousting him from his own company, was out of whack, as was her throwing it in Bill’s face about the life she’d given up to be with him. Huh? Fans weighed in:

Again, no one expected Brooke to be pleased with Bill, but to have her run into Ridge’s arms had many groaning about the latest, predictable ‘flip-flop’. RJ was right there too, leering as his parents hugged and starting up with his ‘family back together’ shtick. Yuck. Calling it now – the minute Brooke reunites with Ridge he’ll suddenly become distracted by the need to support Quinn while she deals with Sheila’s escalating plans to win Eric back. Hence Quinn/Eric/Sheila being on simmer currently.

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– Candace Young


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