Will Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor and Brooke Find New Loves, Fight for Ridge Again… Or Is the Worst Thing Possible About to Happen

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It was an event three decades in the making as Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor and Brooke realized they deserved way better than Ridge. Of course, more than a few fans — including me — found themselves wondering if they should hold off celebrating until the women had gone, say, a week without falling back into their old habits!

Did That Really Just Happen?

Given how often this soap likes to trick us with dream sequences, I’m still not entirely convinced that we won’t find out on Monday that this whole thing — including those two gorgeous women chowing down on huge chunks of cake — only happened in someone’s mind.

Brooke Taylor cake B&B

But as far as I can tell, it really did happen. Like most Bold & Beautiful plot points, things happened quickly. The women went from having a deliciously wary conversation about their history to suddenly presenting a united front to a shell-shocked Ridge. For me personally, the scenes in which Brooke and Taylor held hands while walking out, and then high-fived in the hallway, were a little too cutesy.

I did, however, love when Steffy and Hope walked in, saw the cake, and assumed their moms were about to have another of their epic food fights.

Chapter Two

Like all of you, I’m eager to see what happens next. Ideally, Brooke and Taylor not only stick to their guns, but find themselves new love interests. Remember how much fun Deacon and Taylor were as sparks flew between them a few months back? I could see them slowly starting to get to know one another, only to have things blow up when the truth inevitably comes to light about his having kept Sheila’s return from the dead a secret.

Taylor and Deacon talk BB

“You and me? We could shake things up around here, couldn’t we?”

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As for Brooke, I could totally see her getting to know Li’s ex-husband (and Finn’s dad), Jack. Katherine Kelly Lang and Ted King would be a fantastic couple, and it’s not hard to picture the complications their alter egos would have to face.

My big fear is that the writers will do what they so often have with other characters in the past by backburnering Taylor and Brooke. Remember that period when if Steffy and Hope weren’t ping-ponging between Liam, they had no storyline? Brooke and Taylor are at a fascinating turning point, and it would be an absolute shame to see them reduced to glorified talk-tos.

What the Actual…

I’m beginning to wonder if Bill is on the verge of being diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder. A week ago, he had gone so dark that it looked as if he might actually slug Liam for trying to help pull him out of his depression. Flashforward a week, and Bill’s grinning and primping and convinced that the key to winning Katie back is…

*checks notes*

… diffusers. Because apparently, “She loves that stuff.”

Katie Bill B&B

Bill has many, many skills. Reading body language is clearly not one of them.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I have no clue where they’re going with this, but Don Diamont is doing some truly fantastic work. Seeing Dollar Bill cry actual tears as he begged Katie for another chance darn near broke me.

Random Thoughts

• Of course Taylor and Ridge came back to town and immediately dealt with their relationship issues as opposed to getting together with Thomas and trying to help their very troubled son get his life back on track. I mean, seriously, they might be the worst parents ever… and there’s a lot of competition for that title on daytime!

• It was downright weird that once Ridge’s love life was back in the spotlight, everyone pretty much forgot about Sheila being alive. Sure, the woman who tried to kill Steffy is alive and well and wandering around in open-toed sandals that are as unfashionable as they are ill-advised, but let’s continue to focus on her dad’s harem.

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