Will Bold & Beautiful’s Jaw-Dropping Cliffhanger Lead to [Spoiler] Being Killed Off?

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Even before Bold.& Beautiful got to the shocking moment that capped off the week, things were getting pretty weird. From vanishing characters to inexplicable actions, we’ve got a lot to talk about! 

Where’d Everybody Go?

You know what the worst thing you can possibly do right in the middle of a hot storyline? Send several of the characters involved off the canvas. Yet just when we should have been watching Brooke, Taylor and Ridge deal with the fallout of the wedding that wasn’t, we were told that the would-be bride and groom had each left town to sort through their feelings.

bold beautiful ridge brooke

“Hold that thought, Brooke. I’ll get back to you.”

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I’m sorry, what? That’s not how you play the aftermath of a major emotional moment!

The audience sat through the ridiculousness of Ridge getting an instant annulment so he could run down the aisle with Taylor a day later. We watched it all blow up in spectacular fashion when Thomas’ shenanigans were revealed. But then the whole mess gets pushed off the canvas? Sometimes, I can’t even with this show.

No Hope For the Future

I was glad that we got a fantastic Hope/Thomas scene, with both Annika Noelle and Matthew Atkinson acting the hell out of it. Poor Thomas still didn’t really get that what he’d done was bad, but then again, why should he? Neither of his parents stuck around to punish or confront him. Ridge talked about pushing Thomas out of the company and family, but then ran off to nurse his wounds rather than actually follow through on the threat.

Hope Thomas B&B

“This is about as close as you’re getting to me, buster!”

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I honestly don’t know where they take Thomas from here. Every time I think maybe they’ll finally do a story in which a new love helps put him on the path to redemption, we instead watch him make bad decisions which ultimately result in the guy shooting himself in the foot. One thing’s for sure: Continuing to long for Hope is, at this point, a dead-end street. Let’s send him on a more interesting detour.

Here We Toe Again

When Sanchez broke out Sheila’s toe a few months back, I remember asking, “Wait… the police can’t tell that she cut that thing off herself?” Sure enough, it only took Finn about 42 seconds to figure out that his mom had faked her death. Someone should definitely fire the forensics team working for the LAPD.

Steffy Finn B&B

“Wait, you thought she might be alive, too? We really should talk more often.”

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As with everything on this show, Finn claimed to have been musing on this possibility for months, yet he never once mentioned it. But after World Renowned Scientist Steffy confirmed Finn’s suspicions with a quick glance through the microscope, the would-be detectives were off and running to confront Deacon.

Next stop? Forrester Creations, where they announced to a rather paltry group that Sheila is alive. To be clear, they didn’t present this as a theory, they flat out declared it to be true. And then what did the dynamic duo do? They headed to Il Giardino for dinner. Because with a psycho out there, why not ditch your children and go directly to the restaurant behind which she shot you?

But who cares whether their dinner plans made sense or not because it all built to a moment I fully admit I didn’t see coming: Steffy spilling a drink on a disguised Sheila and, looking down to see the severed toe, realizing who she’d come face-to-face with! Sure, you’d think a criminal mastermind might be smart enough to wear close-toed shoes so as not to reveal her rather distinguishing trait, but what fun would that have been?

What Happens Next?

Moments before Steffy crossed paths with Sheila, Finn and his wife were sharing a romantic dinner complete with flashbacks to their reunion in Monte Carlo. I was confused at first, until I put the pieces together and found myself wondering if the show might be setting the stage for Finn to die yet again!

sheila shoots steffy and finn bb

“We really have to stop coming to this place,” thought Steffy.

Credit: CBS screenshot

Call me crazy, but shows like The Walking Dead have taught me that when characters start talking about happy times, it means something tragic is around the bend. Could history be set to repeat itself, with Finn once again being gunned down by his psycho mom in an attempt to save his wife?

Dollar Bill’s Very Bad Week

Don Diamont is doing a fantastic job playing Bill’s turn to the dark side. I just wish that it wasn’t so completely unmotivated. When Dollar Bill was lashing out at Liam, I couldn’t decide if the guy was upset or loco. But my favorite part had to be when Bill declared that everyone knew he and Katie would wind up together in the end… followed immediately by this gem: “Katie or Brooke… I was meant to be with one or the other.”

Don Diamont, Heather Tom"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 10/27/22 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8909 U.S.Airdate 12/07/22

“Bless you, Brooke… I mean Katie! Brooke would never sneeze like that!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

When even Liam, who ping-ponged between two women for a decade, rolls his eyes at what you’ve said, you know it’s problematic.

Random Thoughts

• Where is Ridge living? He moved into the beach house with Taylor, but it’s safe to assume that’s no longer an option. He’s probably moved in with Eric, but it would be nice if the show filled in that blank. Guess they’ll have to when Ridge comes back from his sabbatical.

Bold beautiful Bill Wyatt restaurant

“What am I, dad… chopped liver?”

Credit: Howard Wise/PI

• Did Bill only just notice that Justin is now working at Forrester? And if Spencer is feeling so alone, why hasn’t he spent some time with Wyatt? Heaven knows his son has nothing better to do!

• Loved the scene in which Brooke apologized to Steffy. Of course, it quickly turned to a more typically catty exchange, but it was still a really nice moment on a show that too rarely remembers to play little beats like that one.

• The funniest moment of the week? Sheila reacting to the news that Finn had busted her by telling Deacon, “If it didn’t threaten my existence, I would be so proud. My son is brilliant!”

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