Bold & Beautiful’s Rushed Wedding Went From Big Drama to the Last Thing Anyone Wanted

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Dude, that smug look makes us wanna smack it off your face! Credit:

Once Steffy brought the wedding of her parents to a halt by spilling the beans, Bold & Beautiful might as well have been renamed The Blame Game. Interestingly, that was true both on screen and off. Read on, and we’ll discuss why. 

Steffy’s Major Move

Having Steffy be the one to expose Thomas’ actions was downright brilliant. Why? Because not only did she campaign harder than just about anyone to reunite her folks, but it’s safe to say there is no love lost between her and the Logan women. That’s why I sort of assumed that Douglas would be the one to expose Thomas.

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“That’s right, I said it!”

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I sort of thought that since they made a big point of the fact that Douglas still had the incriminating phone, the kid would accidentally wind up playing the damning recording at a crucial moment. And while that did prove to be an important moment, it paled compared to Steffy doing the right thing… even if it meant potentially sacrificing her mom’s happiness.

The Silent Bride

Ridge was pretty calm about the fact that Taylor knew the truth and opted to keep quiet. But we all know the real fallout from that decision will be the ramping up of hostilities between Taylor and Brooke.

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“Throw a mama under the bus, why doncha?!?”

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The writers seemed to want to have it both ways where Taylor was concerned. She insisted several times that she truly believed Ridge’s decision to marry her had nothing to do with the CPS call, but if that’s true, then why would she have even a moment’s hesitation about coming clean before walking down the aisle?

The Bad Seed

Thorsten Kaye did phenomenal work this week, first as Ridge railed against the son in whom he’d believed, and later during scenes in which he went, hat in proverbial hand, to talk to Brooke. Thomas, meanwhile, continued to dig in his heels, insisting that what he’d done wasn’t really that big a deal.

Bold Beautiful Ridge Thomas Office

Ridge was so angry, he intended to flip the desk, Real Housewives style. Too late, he realized just how heavy it really was.

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To his credit, there are a lot of fans out there who completely agree… or at least feel that there’s plenty of blame to go around. For every fan who suggested that Thomas needed to “lose everything” there was another pointing out Brooke’s sins, not to mention Ridge’s culpability in the entire mess.

Here We Go Again…

I don’t know about you, but I’m just not interested in another round of Ridge ping-ponging between Taylor and Brooke while he makes his big decision as to whom he should be with. (Actually, I’m pretty sure I do know about you… and that y’all feel the same way!) Why is this up to him? Hell, why is he even being given a choice? Brooke should be furious for the way he treated her and say, “You know what? I’m done. I’ve got guys throwing themselves at me, and you think I’m going to sit around pining, hoping that you’ll do me the great favor of blessing me with the gift that is your love? Nah.”

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“Honestly, I don’t even want him at this point. I just don’t want you to have him.”

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Then she can hit karaoke night with Taylor and they can duet on Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” (The verse I really wanna hear them belt? “Alright now go! Walk out that door! Don’t come around now, ’cause you’re not welcome anymore!”)

The past few years, Bold & Beautiful has fallen into a really bad habit of playing the same three or four stories over and over and expecting us to act as if they’re somehow new. Here’s an idea: Give us something that actually is new!

Random Thoughts

• How awesome was it to see Finn step up to defend his wife when Thomas was trash-talking her? Like many fans, I feel as if Finn has been little more than a talk-to for Steffy pretty much from the get-go. I mean, if we get this excited about him having one exciting moment, that says something.

• It’s too bad Zende wasn’t at the wedding. Perhaps we could have gotten an update on his situation with Paris. There even could have been an awkward cross between Paris and Carter, with her getting a little salty. “Guess it doesn’t matter if you’re officiating or getting hitched, things just don’t work out when you’re at a wedding, do they?”

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Zende and Paris are so far off-screen that they’re hanging out with Flo and Wyatt.

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• I can’t with Deacon these days. Like everyone else on the show, he keeps repeating the same dialogue yet seems not to hear his own words. Over and over, he’s pointed out to Sheila how much trouble he’ll be in if anyone finds out she’s living there. And yet… there she stays.

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