Bold & Beautiful Gave Us A Huge Cliffhanger, But Who’ll Wind Up Paying the Price Next Week?

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Talk about a cliffhanger! Heading into a holiday weekend that would mean no new episodes on Thursday and Friday, Bold & Beautiful managed the seemingly impossible: It managed to tell a wildly dramatic story even as it slowed time down to a crawl. But danged if by the end of Wednesday’s episode, I wasn’t dying to see how the writers would get out of this one without completely destroying a character or two. Let’s talk about why. 

Tell Me Again. Or Don’t.

It drives me insane when this show refuses to play a secondary story. You’ve got tons of people tuning in for the wedding… why not hook them on another story at the same time? I suppose there was the Katie/Bill/Brooke stuff (more on that in a moment), but I don’t know if that really counts, given that it was mostly about Brooke and her future with (or without) Ridge.

Stephen Brooke B&B

Because everyone on the canvas had already talked the Brooke/Ridge situation into the ground, the show had her dad, Stephen, unexpectedly arrive with his girlfriend in tow so they could talk about the Brooke/Ridge situation. “Wait,” I said, “did they literally bring Bobby Ewing on just so he could recap this story again?” And yup, they really did.

Double or Nothing

I didn’t think it was possible, but Bill managed to out-Ridge Ridge. Sure, “the Dressmaker” was marrying Taylor despite still being in love with Brooke. But Bill went from begging Brooke to run away with him to suggesting he and Katie reunite literally three minutes later. Worse, he asked Katie to give him another chance while standing in Brooke’s living room! 

Dude! No, just… no.

Katie Bill B&B

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I will say they gave Bill some great dialogue. For example, when Brooke said she believed that Ridge would come back to her, he quipped, “You’re going to be waiting for him to give you the ‘gift’ of his return?”

He also offered Brooke the advice we’ve been trying to give her for months: “You just have to accept that he’s Taylor’s problem now,” suggested Bill. “Accept it, rejoice in it, and never let him come crawling back to you again!”

Move Along, Sir

At least Katie had the good sense to put a stop to Bill’s nonsense. She not only rejected him, but made it clear she knew exactly why she’d found him standing in Brooke’s living room. Better still, she called him out on having tried to use her as a backup plan.

Bill Carter B&B

Once Katie left, things got a little weird. Carter, who’d been eavesdropping on Bill’s conversations with both women, read Bill for filth. And how did Bill respond? By declaring that Katie was now and would always be “his Katie.” I think we were supposed to find that kinda sorta romantic, but honestly, all I could think of was every true-crime docuseries I’ve ever watched on Netflix. Bill might just as well uttered the classic stalker line, “If I can’t have her, nobody will!”

Here Comes the Bride

They say two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, but what happens when the number of people who’ve been clued in climbs to four? At this point, Douglas, Steffy, Thomas and Taylor all know about the CPS call. It seems pretty inevitable that someone’s going to spill the beans.

Taylor Carter Ridge wedding B&B

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I liked the way things played out once Steffy got Douglas to tattle on his dad. And by that I mean quickly. I’d sort of assumed Steffy would hem and haw, pondering whether to reveal what she knew now or after the wedding (which is, I assume, the question now running through Taylor’s mind). But instead, Steffy took the high road, creating a great scenario in which Taylor had an angel one one shoulder (Steffy) and a devil on the other (Thomas).

I honestly can’t wait to see how this plays out on Monday.

Random Thoughts

• I’m still really bothered that Eric allowed the wedding to take place in his living room. Everyone  knows that his loyalty has always been with Brooke. Heck, Taylor told him she understood that. So I would have had a lot more respect for the guy if he’d said, “You know what? I support your marriage, but we’re gazillionaires so let’s have this one somewhere else.”

Zende Ridge Eric Donna B&B

• I laughed aloud when Ridge insisted he wasn’t “rushing” into his latest marriage. Dude, as of yesterday in soap time, you were still married to Brooke!

• Wouldn’t it be nice if Brooke at least received a call from RJ? It feels like the show should bring him back with the proverbial vengeance, especially once the truth about what Steffy and Thomas comes out. Hey, I know! Have RJ come back and finally start up a fashion house to compete with Forrester Creations! Lord knows this has been on my wish list for ages…

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