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Deconstructing B&B: Dollar Bill fallout is laden with possibilities

September 11 - 15

The drama with Bill and his company is dominating right now, which only made us appreciate the glimpses of Katie and Wyatt more. Of course, they’re caught up in the fallout now too, and just about anything could happen. Thoughts:

The most obvious angle at play as Liam takes over for Bill at Spencer Publications is the impact on their relationship, but it’s become increasingly clear over this week that the potential is there for a shake-up in numerous relationships. Liam and Sally are becoming more deeply connected; she regards him as her ‘hero’ much as she did Thomas, and much as Steffy did after Liam saved her life in the bathtub back in the day. Simultaneously, Steffy is aligning herself with Bill, a pairing that formerly shared an attraction, as she works to reunite father and son. Bill is seemingly receptive to her way of thinking (not sure I believe his supposed regret about the punch), whereas Liam is not, thus creating friction between him and his wife. Meanwhile, Bill’s marriage may also be in jeopardy as Brooke’s relatively appalled at what he’s been up to, and Ridge is sniffing around with his nostalgia again, so yeah, anything could happen in this fallout; it’s amazing.

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Wyatt and Katie resurfaced on Monday and they were still gold. Loved Katie’s remark about having wasted time with ‘old dudes’ as she’s discovered the benefits of being with a younger man, hehe! In the last Deconstructing B&B, we speculated that nothing could remove Wyatt’s smile after two weeks in bed with Katie, but pillow talk revealed he had developed a thirst for taking over Bill’s company, so hearing that Liam had been installed as CEO affected him after all. Not only will this impact on the brothers’ relationship, but after confronting his father and being unceremoniously rebuffed, Wyatt may not be so concerned about Bill’s feelings regarding his relationship with Katie, so Bill may soon learn that his other son has also ‘betrayed’ him, which adds another potentially explosive facet to the storyline, along with yet more possible outcomes. Viewers had a variety of different takes on Wyatt’s sudden interest in the CEO chair:

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– Candace Young


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