Can Anybody Stop Bold & Beautiful’s Taylor From Being Thrown Under the Ridge/Brooke Bus?

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There was a moment this week when it seemed as if sanity was going to regain control on Bold & Beautiful. In the wake of a shocking revelation, I thought that maybe, just maybe, cooler heads would prevail and someone would pump the brakes. I was, of course, delusional as Brooke and Thomas after they ate those boinkberries years ago. Let’s talk about what wound up happening… 

Why Ask Why?

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front: In the real world, absolutely everything happening on Bold & Beautiful right now is impossible. You don’t just show up at your spouse’s house with a document in hand, get their signature and then dash off to marry someone else. Even in freewheeling California, that ain’t how it works.

Ridge Brooke office B&B

“That’s not how this works, Ridge. That’s not how any of this works!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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There are very specific grounds under which one can have a union annulled in California… and the only way Ridge could get one based on the CPS call is if it had been made before their marriage, meaning he could try and claim he entered the union under fraudulent circumstances.

But hey, this is a soap. So… screw it, on with the wedding!

Hey, Wait a Second…

After Ridge told those gathered in Eric’s living room about Brooke making the CPS call, it almost seemed as if this might give everyone pause. Even Steffy — who has been pushing for a Ridge/Taylor reunion the way I advocate the permanent return of McRibs to the McDonald’s menu — questioned her father’s motives.

Ridge Taylor Eric B&B

“Look, you know how quickly the living room books up. If we don’t get married immediately, it could be ages before we get another chance!”

Credit: CBS screenshot

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This would have been a perfect time for Taylor to say, “You know what? This is all happening ridiculously fast. Sure, I got swept up in the moment… how could I not, after years of loving you? But we need to step back and make sure both of us know that we’re getting into this for the right reasons.”

Heck, imagine if Ridge were actually the one to say that? Not at the altar, and not after finding out the truth about the CPS call. I’ve complained a lot lately about Ridge’s heinous behavior, as have many viewers. But with a simple moment of sanity, the show could create a scenario in which we actually were able to like Ridge again. Plus, it would be truly good soap opera

Imagine that.

What Will Happen?

It was more than a little frustrating that after a week in which the wedding was the only thing anybody wanted to talk about, we never actually got to the ceremony. Friday’s episode was nothing but wedding prep, Carter listening in on Brooke’s conversation and Douglas sulking.

Douglas listens to voice app bb

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Of course, we’re left to wonder if Douglas will spill the beans and stop the wedding. What’s kinda crazy is that the kid still has the phone with the incriminating evidence on it. How in the world did Thomas not take that away from him? How can he be so concerned with keeping the secret but not do the one thing that would help prevent that from happening?

And what’s with Ridge not getting at least a little suspicious when Thomas emphatically insisted that nobody could tell Brooke about the CPS call? The only way that demand would make sense is if Brooke didn’t make it, so shouldn’t (even) Ridge be able to connect those very big dots?

Random Thoughts

Thomas, Douglas message Bold and Beautiful

“You want me to keep quiet? I’m going to need a bigger allowance. And a tiger. Not or a tiger. And a tiger. Make it happen!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Major props to Henry Joseph Samiri, who stole the show this week as Douglas confronted his deceptive dad. The young actor was saddled with a whole lot of exposition-driven dialogue, and he nailed it. And when Douglas was glaring at Thomas, as if to silently guilt him into confessing? I haven’t seen a child look at an adult that way since Damian in The Omen.

• Why were there so few people at the “party” Eric threw for the about-to-wed pair? If nothing else, it illustrated how desperately Taylor needs someone other than her children to talk to. If she had a girlfriend, maybe they’d have at least tried to talk some sense into her!

• What was up with Carter telling Ridge he’d sneak into Brooke’s house and get his cufflinks? That’s all kinds of wrong. Yes, it was part of a plot point, but it also makes no sense. The least they could have done was have Carter ask for the security code, implying that these incredibly rich people actually protect themselves against home invasions.

• I don’t really get why the writers absolutely refuse to tell a B-story. You’ve got a whole lotta people tuning in to find out whether Douglas will spill the beans before the wedding. What a perfect opportunity to hook them on a second story instead of cutting from people talking about the wedding to other people talking about the wedding. It’s Soap 101, people.

Want a sneak peek behind the scenes of the big wedding? Grab a glass of champagne and check out the gallery below! 


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