We Need to Talk About Bold & Beautiful’s Thomas and Liam — Plus, [Spoiler’s] Absence Was a Major Missed Opportunity

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At long last, we got another fashion show! But the real action was, as always, happening behind the scenes. Meanwhile, fans debated whether Thomas was obsessed with Hope or simply a guy in love. Where’s the line drawn? We’ll talk about all that and more… 

You Better Work!

If you’ve been watching Bold & Beautiful from the beginning, you know that the very first episodes revolved around a Forrester fashion show. Over the years, we were treated to big, splashy fashion shows staged around the world. I’ll never forget Brooke sailing into that harbor in Italy wearing the bridal gown showstopper. Or some of the legendary Forrester vs. Spectra showdowns.

bold beautiful fashion show italy brooke showstopper

Good thing the seas were calm that day, or this fashion show could have had a much different ending!

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So it was awesome seeing the soap finally return to its roots. Over the past couple years, Forrester Creations was a place where people worked, but we haven’t had an actual runway show in ages. This one was one a slightly smaller scale than some we’ve seen before, but it was definitely a blast!

Two Mr. Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

We’ve talked a lot in recent weeks about how both Taylor and Brooke deserve better than Ridge. But this week, Hope was the woman around whom all of the “Which guy is better for her?” talk unfolded, especially on Twitter.

Bill Liam Wyatt B&B

“Wyatt, nobody cares where you live or what’s up with Flo. This is all about Wyatt!”

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Where people fell on the Thomas vs. Liam debate depended a lot on how they viewed Ridge’s son. Pretty much everyone agreed that Liam’s behavior was exactly what we’ve come to expect of him, meaning childish and borderline emotionally abusive. Even if you believe that Thomas is manipulating Hope (more on that in a moment), the way Liam made his wife’s big day all about himself and his insecurities was almost hard to watch. Every party has a pooper, and in this case, it was Liam.

And then there is Thomas.

I’m actually surprised how divided the audience is where he’s concerned. Where some (including myself) saw his constant reminders that Liam wasn’t there for his wife as emotionally manipulative, others saw him as being completely supportive. Is he obsessed with Hope… or has he truly grown and changed, and is he simply a man who’s deeply in love?

Thomas hope B&B

Pretty sure we know what Thomas’ hope for the future is!

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As she prepared to hit the runway in the gown he designed, Thomas made his feelings pretty clear. “They’re going to see, without me even having to express it with words, why I’m a one-woman man,” he told Hope, “and that woman is you.”

What’s Next for Hope?

The big question is how things play out in the wake of Thomas making his feelings for Hope clear as the crystals which graced her head in that showstopper. Liam seems to be doing everything in his power to push Hope toward his nemesis.

liam steffy kelly couch bb

“Mommy, who is this strange man?”

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What’s weird is that they aren’t playing the obvious other side of this equation: Thomas is spending more time with Douglas, but Liam seems to have completely forgotten that he and Steffy share a child. Why not have him spending more time with Kelly and, at the same time, confiding in Steffy? Finn could be concerned, knowing the history, which would give him something to do other than occasionally pop by Forrester to make out with his wife.

Missing In Action

I’m always intrigued by who is and isn’t in attendance when there’s a party or a big event. For example, I can’t believe Taylor wasn’t at the fashion show. She’s made a big deal about feeling bad for having not been there over the years for big moments in the lives of her kids, yet she was at a conference rather than be there for Steffy and Thomas’ make-or-break event.

Brooke Taylor protest B&B

“If I’m there, you get upset. If I’m not there, you judge me. I can’t win!” 

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Worse, having Taylor there would have given another layer to the drama. Brooke would obviously be annoyed by Tay Tay’s presence, and Steffy could make things even more uncomfortable by taking to the stage to discuss how happy she was to have her parents united. And you know she would have done that!

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And what about Deacon? Why wasn’t Hope’s dad there for this major milestone? In fact, I’d have killed to get a scene in which Deacon crossed with Taylor, teased her about reuniting with Ridge, flirted with her a bit. Sean Kanan and Krista Allen have killer chemistry, and it never hurts to remind the audience that Taylor has options! It would also have resulted in Ridge getting bent out of shape as Brooke and Deacon bonded over their daughter.

So many missed opportunities!

Random Thoughts

• I really wish the show would introduce a rival fashion house. If the show is going to continue playing the war between the Logans and the Forresters, why not have Brooke and Hope decide to bankroll their own company? Would Thomas betray the Forresters to go work for Hope? Might former designers like Bridget or Felicia be lured into the fray? It’s simply too juicy not to contemplate!

• Did I miss something? Is Paris now working as a gopher for Hope? If not, why was the head of the Forrester Foundation taking notes and running errands for Hope?

Bold Beautiful Paris Hope office

“I’m a little unclear on my job duties.” 

Credit: CBS screenshot

• So just like that, Justin is a good guy? No more skulking around for Ridge or plotting against Bill? That’s too bad, because Aaron D. Spears was a lot of fun to watch scheming.

Check out our glamtastic behind-the-scenes look at the Hope for the Future fashion show, from the gorgeous gowns to the unfolding drama!


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