Watch Out, Steffy and Thomas, ‘Cause Bold & Beautiful Is Setting You Up For a Major Fall — Plus, We Need to Talk About That ‘Meeting’

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Although Ridge’s reunion with Taylor was the hot topic on this week’s episodes of Bold & Beautiful, the happy couple was actually AWOL most of the week. We did get lots of Brooke’s new catchphrase, the most awkward staff meeting of all time, and a massive fake-out. Ready to talk it out? Let’s do this!

Dream a Little Dream

Longtime viewers probably knew right away that the Thomas/Hope kiss which ended Monday’s episode was only taking place in his warped imagination. The big giveaway? That Hope initiated the liplock.

bold beautiful hope kisses thomas

It’s not as if this is the first time Bold & Beautiful has pulled this particular trick. Most famously was the time Sheila was supposedly arrested while wearing the showstopper gown in a Forrester fashion show. More recently, there were the scenes in which Quinn — perceiving Katie as a rival for Eric’s affections — fantasized about killing Brooke’s sister.

Bold Beautiful quinn kills Katie

Take a Meeting

Look up the word “cringeworthy” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a photo of the “meeting” Steffy and Thomas called to announce that their parents had reunited. At first, I assumed there was actual business to conduct, what with a secretary rushing in to give Steffy a folder as things were about to start, and the co-CEO saying it arrived “Just in the knick of time.”

But no, there was no urgent business to conduct. The look Katie and Carter exchange as they realized the purpose of the gathering — and had his personal life become part of the agenda —  absolutely slayed me.

bold beautiful carter katie

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And what was with that rando assortment of characters? Donna was there as Eric’s arm candy, and Paris seemed as confused as I was as to why she’d been summoned.

I feel like the writers are working hard extra to make Thomas and Steffy as unbearable as possible where their gloating is concerned. Knowing that sooner or later, the rug is going to be pulled out from under them is downright painful. I’m also unclear how the audience is supposed to feel about Taylor and her children.

Playing Favorites

The Logan/Forrester war has been raging for years, both between the characters and their mutual supporters. I’ve never really been a big supporter of the idea that the Logan women have “taken over” the show and that they must always come out on top.

Until now.

Thomas and Steffy tell their mom about Brooke BB

I mean, it’s so very, very clear that Taylor is going to lose Ridge yet again when he finally has a conversation with his wife. Thomas and Steffy’s constant gloating is nothing more than a set-up for the day when Brooke and Hope can say, “I told you so!” And then what? Does Thomas pay for framing Brooke? Does Steffy accept blame for pushing her mother into the arms of a man who hurt her so many times over the years instead of encouraging her to move on?

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Missing Persons

I get Carter calling Shauna to find out if she knows anything about Quinn’s vanishing act. If I went missing, the first person anyone who knows me would call is my best friend. He’d be far more likely to know what was up than anyone else in my life, including family members.

B&B bold beautiful wyatt quinn

That said, how has absolutely nobody contacted (or even mentioned) Wyatt? Shouldn’t we have scenes of her son talking to not only Carter but maybe his brother, his dad, expressing how he feels about Quinn packing up and leaving town? (Then again, maybe he went with her, given that we haven’t seen Wyatt in ages!)

All of which leads me to believe there’s far more going on here than meets the eye. In fact, it all leaves me more convinced than ever that our theory about Quinn’s dark fate is dead on the money, pun intended.

Anybody Got Whiplash?

A week or two ago, Bill was telling Brooke that he loves Katie and wants her back. Then, the second he found out Brooke had been dumped by Ridge, Bill went running to Deacon’s place to say, “Back off, loser, she’s mine!”

B&B deacon bill

Now, I will say that the Bill/Deacon scenes were a highlight of the week. Bill throwing money at his perceived rival — let alone singles with his face on them — was the Dollar Bill of yore. Gone was that guy who was blathering about being “newly empathetic” thanks to Li. This was, as Deacon suggested, the arrogant, narcissistic Bill we love.

Meanwhile, the whole Deacon/Sheila thing continues to make absolutely no sense whatsoever. She talks about having money, but steals food from the restaurant. Sex with Deacon has apparently made her completely forget about her son and grandson, cause the only time Finn even gets mentioned is when her lover pointlessly says, “Now, don’t you keep plotting to see them.” She’s shown absolutely no sign of doing so of late!

Random Thoughts

B&B Sheila Deacon sex

• Fans were quick to point out that while hiding out in the bathroom during Deacon’s confrontation with Bill, Sheila got a whole new hairdo. “Guess Deacon must have a good curling iron in there,” said one.

• Doesn’t it seem kinda crazy that nobody back in L.A. except Bill knew that Brooke and Ridge had broken up? Wouldn’t she have called someone — her sisters or Hope, maybe — on that plane ride home? Instead, Katie had to find out in that awful staff meeting!

• It must have been a pretty easy week in the writer’s room, what with being able to repeatedly cut and paste the words “Why did [name here] leave me?” for both Carter and Brooke.

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