Which Bold & Beautiful Character Was Most Damaged By What Went Down in Aspen? Plus — Will Thomas Be Punished?

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This week’s Bold & Beautiful column could be a little tough to write, because I kinda want to simply type the words “Ridge is the worst and both women deserve better” over and over. Then again, maybe at least one of the women really doesn’t. Ready to discuss what went down this week… and the absolutely horrible message the writers are sending? Let’s dive in. 

You Get What You Deserve

I know a few weeks from now, we’re going to be expected to feel sorry for Taylor when Ridge goes running back to Brooke. But here’s the thing: We aren’t the only ones who know that’s how this will play out… so is Taylor. Only a few short days ago, she had that wonderful epiphany during which she essentially told Steffy to stop trying to reunite her parents because that would only lead to heartache.

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That’s right, Taylor. Have second thoughts. Go back for thirds, if necessary.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Like many other fans, I cheered when Taylor seemed to regain her brain. And like them, I screamed at the television when she threw them aside because, hey, Ridge said that this time, things are gonna be different. And I mean, why shouldn’t she believe him?

Heartache Ahead

Here’s what really bothers me about this storyline: Boil it down, and these two women have been handing Ridge back and forth for three decades. That says that neither of them has had one scintilla of growth in all that time. They haven’t learned any lessons, despite being hurt over and over again.

“Good lord, Brooke, you’re still in love with him? Snap out of it!”

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I almost kinda sorta get it with Brooke. We’ve been told from the start that she is a free spirit who follows her heart. She believes that Ridge is her — say it with me now — destiny. And when she declares, “He always comes back to me,” she’s right. I mean, she sorta ignores the part where he keeps walking away, but he does eventually come back.

Taylor, on the other hand, should most certainly know better. She is the one who gets screwed over time and again. She’s like the would-be fratboy who, after being paddled during pledge week, says, “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Shouldn’t she have, at the very least, asked Ridge what prompted him to ditch his wife before blindly taking him back?

The Man. The Myth. The Jerkface.

Then there’s Ridge. What in the world are we supposed to make of a guy who leaves his wife without explanation? When Brooke showed up in Aspen, Ridge still dodged the question of why he’d left — for no good reason, by the way — even as he kept insisting he would always love her.

What. The. Hell.

“I mean, Ridge, come on… eventually even I stopped bouncing between two women, and I didn’t get away with it for nearly as long as you!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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I get that Ridge feels betrayed, but this isn’t how human beings are supposed to treat one another. He’s supposed to be our leading man, the guy viewers swoon over because he’s charming and sexy and rich… but he’s just a massive (insert bad word of your choice here).

Steffy’s Big Moment

Since we’re discussing characters who didn’t come off particularly well in this week’s unfolding Aspen-based drama, we certainly can’t avoid Steffy. For weeks, she’s been pushing mom Taylor to reunite with Ridge. So of course, she had to do a bit of gloating when finally her dream came true. This exchange, however, really took the cake:

BROOKE: I know that you’re thrilled about the end of my marriage.
STEFFY: See, there you go again. There you go, making this all about you.

bold beautiful steffy brooke outside screenshot

“Steffy, can at least some of my husband ending our marriage be about me?”

Credit: CBS screenshot

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Girl, it is about Brooke! It is certainly more about her than it is you! But Steffy wasn’t done, insisting, “I’m not gloating, I’m just stating the truth. You and my father’s chapter is over.”

Oh, and just to cap things off? Steffy insisted this was proof that “goodness and dignity really does win in the end.” Which I guess means that when it comes to Liam picking Hope over Steffy… the same could be said?

Hey, I’m just using Steffy’s own logic.

I’m a huge Steffy fan and always have been. And I even get (to a certain degree) why she’s so bitter where Brooke is concerned. But this behavior was just kinda ugly, in my book. Worse, it seems designed for no purpose other than to make Steffy look bad when the truth comes out. I think it would have been far more interesting if this scene had been between Taylor and Brooke, with the brunette admitting she never wanted to hurt the blonde.

But if this had to be between Steffy and Brooke, why not have the former show a bit of humanity? “I know how this feels, if I’m being honest,” she could have said. “You know I do. I went through this with Liam, every time he left me for Hope. But maybe the lesson here is that I moved on, and because of that, I found Finn. Maybe your true destiny is still out there, waiting to be discovered.”

Call me crazy, but that‘s a scene that would have let both women walk away with their dignity intact.

Crime and… Punishment?

I was surprised how quickly the show revealed that Thomas was the one who’d called CPS. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, though, given that this whole story has been ridiculously rushed. I mean, CPS was called the day after applegate, and from there it was off to the races.

Thomas face B&B

“Hey, Douglas, ixnay on the voice-changing app talk!” 

Credit: CBS screenshot

Like most, I wasn’t surprised by the Thomas reveal. It seemed pretty obvious, although I will give the writers credit for letting weeks pass between when the seed was first planted (back when Douglas was playing with the app) and the next time it was mentioned. That actually created at least a modicum of suspense in the “Who called CPS?” storyline.

I’m curious as to what happens when everybody finds out what Thomas did. Will Ridge and Taylor finally realize just how damaged their son is? Then again, given that Ridge essentially shrugged off Thomas’ involvement in Emma’s death a few years back, the guy will probably don a hair shirt and blame himself for all the pain he’s caused Taylor, Steffy and Thomas over the years.

He won’t be wrong, but that also shouldn’t mean Thomas goes unpunished yet again.

Random Thoughts

• Anybody else kinda giggle when Thomas, listening to his handiwork with the voice-altering app, said to himself, “It was me!” The only thing missing was a deep, villainous laugh and a bit of mustache twirling to complete the moment. Also, should he really have done that in the living room, with his back to the front door and staircase, given that a bunch of people live/traipse-through there?

• Othello creeping around in the bushes spying on Ridge and Brooke slayed me.

Othello watch Brooke Ridge break up trees B&B

• My favorite line had to be when Steffy asked Taylor, who was spying on Brooke and Ridge, what was going on. Doc’s response? “I’m pretty sure I see Brooke mouthing ‘destiny’ over and over again!”

• If Sheila has so much money, why is she stealing steak and booze from the place where Deacon works, potentially making them both look suspicious? Why not just slip into her disguise and saunter on over to the Piggly Wiggly?

• I was shocked when Steffy suggested that her mom needed to lock Brooke in a gondola. Newer viewers might not know, but this was a reference to the time Steffy (with an assist from Bill) trapped then-rival Hope in a gondola while she tied the knot with Liam. What was surprising to me was this line of dialogue was basically Steffy admitting the only way she could get Liam was by playing dirty, something she’s never really acknowledged before. Amazing the power of what was, essentially, a throwaway line.

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