Bold & Beautiful Finally Gave Taylor Back Her Brain… Kinda — Plus, Aspen, Here We Come!

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This week, Bold & Beautiful had someplace to be (Aspen), so they decided to turbo charge the only story they’re focusing on right now. So buckle-up, because we’re on the fast-track to Aspen. But first, let’s discuss the road we went down to get there. 

Reasonable Doubt

I fully expected that we would have at least two or three weeks worth of talk about Thomas wielding that machete knife, but Bold & Beautiful had places to go and plot points to hit, so we had to settle for a few days of discussion. Then we had a day of Child Protective Services talk before, boom, they showed up on Eric’s doorstep armed with questions.

Conveniently enough, it turned out that Ridge and Thomas knew a former employee who happened to now work for CPS… and who could access all of the relevant records, including a recording of the original call, from his phone in about two minutes!

Did I mention we need to get to Aspen, pronto?

Here’s the thing, though. Are we really supposed to believe that if Brooke called CPS — which I think we all know she didn’t — she’d just blurt out her name when asked? At the very least, she — like any of us — would have said, “Do you really need that? Isn’t what’s important that there’s a child in danger? His father had a machete knife, for heaven’s sake!” But no, we’re supposed to believe that Brooke just casually gave her name, consequences be damned.

Smart Woman, Foolish Choices

Taylor came about thisclose to having an honest-to-God epiphany during Thursday’s episode. “I have just been hit with some common sense this week,” she admitted to Steffy. “Everything about Ridge and Brooke and where I fit in.” She went on to add, “I am not a consolation prize” and “I’ve been on this marriage-go-round for decades. I want to get off!”

Steffy Taylor B&B

As I sat there cheering Taylor on, she seemed to be seeing things clearly. “I’ve been in love with [Ridge] for over 30 years, and so much has happened. But I’m the other woman. I am on the wrong side of history on this one. Brooke is married to [him].”

It was all going so well! “I know how this story ends,” Taylor sighed, having clearly been watching old episodes. “Lots of drama, tears for days, and you dad ends up with Brooke.”

Yet there was Steffy, undermining her mother’s progress at every turn. Seriously, how messed up is it that this grown woman can sit there and listen to her mom weep about the pain inflicted upon her over and over by Ridge and still say, “Yeah, but y’all belong together.” As a world renowned psychiatrist, Taylor should be able to see that her daughter is in desperate need of help.

Next Stop? Aspen

In keeping with our theme of pedal-to-the-metal, Bill just happened to call and announce that he was selling his Aspen house. So when Taylor decided she needed to get out of town for a while, well, how convenient was that? But perhaps sensing that if her mom went alone, she’d continue to have smart thoughts about moving on, Steffy was like, “Oh, hey, let’s both go to Aspen!”

Forget the fact that Steffy’s husband literally just returned from the grave, or the fact that she has two children and is the co-CEO of a major fashion house. Her mom is in desperate need of gaslighting brainwashing help, so screw it all and pack your bags, ’cause we’re going to Aspen!

Random Thoughts

• The show obviously couldn’t flash back to Ridge and Taylor’s St. Thomas adventure, but it was fun having her reminisce about it with Steffy. And it was cute that her daughter had clearly heard the story so many times, she could recite parts of it along with her mom.

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• I nearly choked on my post-lunch, pre-dinner, Bold & Beautiful-timed snack when Brooke gave her little lecture about how the needs of a child must be put above everything else where parenting is concerned. Call me crazy, but Brooke seemed to put her own needs above those of Hope and Bridget when sleeping with their respective beaus, Oliver and Deacon. (Yes, yes, the Oliver/Brooke thing was an “accident,” but Brooke was definitely putting her “needs” above those of Hope when she opted to have public sex — with anybody — at her daughter’s birthday party!)

• Shouldn’t those CPS officers have talked to someone other than Douglas, Ridge and Thomas? Like, maybe they should have chatted with Brooke to get more information before closing the case? Or some of the (never seen) servants, who’d know what’s going on in the house? Or Eric and Quinn, who actually own the house?

Taylor Paris Zende B&B

• So does Paris now work for Zende? I thought she worked for the Forrester Foundation, but she seems to spend all day tagging along with her ex, modeling his fashions or just… randomly attending meetings with him.

• If Liam really believes Thomas is such a huge threat to Douglas, shouldn’t he maybe talk to Steffy about reducing the amount of time her brother spends with Kelly?

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