Is ‘Bad Steffy’ Exactly What Bold & Beautiful Needs Right Now? Plus, the Least Shocking ‘Shock’ of All Time

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It was sort of a weird week for Bold & Beautiful thanks to a two-day confrontation that led to what may have been the silliest “dramatic moment” I’ve seen in a long time. Elsewhere, we finally got to catch up with the Spencer men (although their conversation left me with a very big question), and I found myself wondering why nobody was addressing what’s going on (or, I suppose, not going on) with Thomas! 

Did Steffy Go Too Far?

Steffy call B&B

“Hey, Brooke? Put my dad on your Do Not Call list. Thanks.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Okay, that’s a dumb question. Of course she did! My jaw just about hit the floor when she grabbed her dad’s phone and told Brooke he was too busy flirting up a storm with Taylor to take his wife’s call. Now, if we’re being honest, Steffy was telling no lies. Over the past few weeks, it’s been impossible to deny that when Ridge is with Brooke, he’s kinda in Debbie Downer mode. Then he goes to hang out with Taylor and their kids, where he cracks jokes and turns on the charm.

I’m not really sure what we’re supposed to think of Ridge at this point, but personally, I hate the dude. He’s so disrespectful to both women that it’s borderline disgusting. But right now, we’re talking about Steffy. This will probably surprise some people, but I had to give her props for what she did. Why? Because while she was a rude little snit to Brooke, in doing so she at least moved the story forward.

Besides, this show is in need of a vixen. Not a villainess, because we already have Sheila (whom we’ll discuss in a moment). But a good, old-school vixen who takes no prisoners in order to get what she wants. Usually, it’s romance. But since Steffy already has a husband, she’s focused on the next best thing: reuniting her parents by any means necessary.

What can I say? I like me a bad girl.

Better Late Than Never, Ladies

We spent Thursday and Friday listening to Taylor and Brooke battle it out. I liked these scenes on some levels, hated them on others. Taylor kept waffling between defending her daughter and acknowledging that her kids were out of control. For the most part, both women were honest as they lay their cards on the table.

Ridge Taylor Brooke

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Credit: CBS

But I literally laughed aloud when Thursday’s episode ended with dramatically swelling music as Taylor announced, “Your husband is in love with both of us.” And I swear to Agnes Nixon, this was played as if it was a stunning revelation to both… despite thirty years of him ping-ponging between them and the past 10 weeks or so of this being the only topic of conversation in town.

That may be one of this show’s biggest problems: It has been playing the same three or four stories on a loop for decades, yet acting each time as if it’s a totally new tale. Honestly, I’m shocked the show brought Finn back to life, because I was sure his death would be an opportunity for the writers to dive back into the Steffy/Liam/Hope waters.

The Bachelor

Bold beautiful thomas taylor office HW

“Honey, you should have been married at least four times by now.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

At one point this week, Steffy, Thomas and Finn were gushing on and on about how Ridge and Taylor clearly belong together, and I wound up realizing I felt bad for Douglas’ dad. I mean, sure, he’s thrilled to be spending much more time with his son, but imagine if any of his family members gave a crap about his personal life. Maybe instead of focusing all their energies on pushing Taylor into the arms of a married man, they could try to help Thomas find a lady?

The guy is sexy, rich, smart, funny and hasn’t macked on a mannequin in ages. How is he single?

More, Please!

There is absolutely nothing on this show that comes close to capturing the fun that’s had every time you put Dollar Bill and his sons on screen together. Don Diamont (Bill), Scott Clifton (Liam) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt) manage to make exposition fun, which ain’t easy. All three have spoken about the real-life bond they share, and it comes across in the way they interact during scenes. Not only do they feel like real people, but they make you want to pull up a chair and join in their loving mockery of one another.

That said, it seemed downright odd that as the Spencer men were catching up, nobody so much as asked about Wyatt’s fiancé, Flo. I get that for the most part, the audience never took to the character (dubbing her “Felony Flo”), but she still exists.

Random Thoughts

Kimberlin Brown sheila couch jpi bb

“Lord, I’m repeating myself as much as Brooke did during her whole ‘Why did I drink?’ phase!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Not much to say about Sheila this week given that they’ve basically stuck her in Deacon’s apartment so they can have the same conversation over and over. He says she’ll never have a relationship with Finn and Hayes, Sheila scoffs. Here’s hoping they don’t continue down this road for the next month, just to stretch this plot out into November sweeps, when Sheila will presumably go off the rails again.

• How hysterical were the music cues and camera angles used to make it seem as if Thomas carving an apple was as dangerous as juggling scalpels?

• Anybody else notice that all these Forrester family gatherings — which now seem to be a daily occurrence — the person about whom they’re supposed to be is never there? Remember, this whole “family first” thing started because the Forresters wanted Douglas to get to know more about this side of his family. Yet he’s almost never present at the events!

Bill Li regrets B&B

Based on how much time Bill spent at Il Giardino this week, he might be renting the room next to Deacon’s.

Credit: CBS screenshot

• Last week, Bill told Brooke that he’s still all about Katie. This week, however, we saw him and Li getting to know one another better. Will they be friends? Lovers? It’s actually a little hard to tell… which is unusual for this show, given that it typically telegraphs every move in advance. I’m intrigued, but we need to spend time with Bill and Katie, whether to set up a potential triangle or give the couple closure.

• Remember I mentioned earlier that this show loves nothing more than to repeat past plot points? Well, Steffy phoneblocking Brooke isn’t exactly new, given that Thomas did the exact same thing not all that long ago. Sure, he didn’t actually answer the phone, but he made sure Brooke couldn’t reach out to her hubby.

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