Bold & Beautiful Fans Take Sides as Ridge, Brooke and Taylor Compete for Hypocrite of the Year Before Heading to Aspen

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The Logan/Forrester feud isn’t the only game in town these days, especially where Bold & Beautiful viewers are concerned. Even as the battle over Douglas rages on, it’s starting to look as if there might be a winner — at least in the court of public opinion — where the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle is concerned. Who’s coming out on top and why? Read on, friends! 

The Biggest Loser

Let’s just get this out of the way right up front: Ridge Forrester is kinda the worst. It doesn’t help that the women in his life actually enable his bad behavior by allowing it to continue, but seriously… he’s been playing the “I love two women” card for three decades now.

It’s not a good look.

Ridge taylor brooke B&B mash

No, Taylor! Don’t smile at him! Y’all need to wipe that smug look off his face!

I was absolutely floored when Ridge said to Taylor, “I don’t care what Brooke thinks.” Who says that to an ex-wife about the current wife he supposedly loves? But when I voiced my displeasure with Ridge’s statement on Twitter, more than a few folks pointed out that his stance was no worse than Brooke’s.

“Brooke has never cared what Ridge thinks when it comes to his children,” pointed out NoUdidnt. “She wants him to choose hers. They are toxic!”

Never Have I Ever… Whoops

Taylor put herself in the running for Hypocrite of the Year by spending Wednesday’s episode telling Steffy that she would never, ever try and steal Ridge, given that he’s a married man… and then on Thursday begging him to leave his wife ’cause she was going to hurt him again.

Later, Steffy and Hope butted heads again at the Forrester office, ostensibly about the Douglas situation. It was sort of fun watching Thomas try to remain sorta neutral, only to then beat a hasty retreat upon realizing that’d be pretty much impossible. Steffy then began bashing Brooke, pointing out that Hope’s mom had quite the history, what with having cheated on Ridge with several members of his family. And this was one of those situation where I absolutely hate that Bold & Beautiful‘s writers refuse to play the history. Because there is no reason on earth that Hope shouldn’t have responded, “Really, Steffy? You mean the way you slept with Liam… and his brother… and their father?”

liam rants at hope about Deacon bb

“Ugh. Why do I always think of the perfect comeback two hours later?”

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Then there was Steffy saying that unlike Brooke, Taylor would never, ever, ever cheat on Ridge. Except, um, she did, with James, when they thought they were going to die and he didn’t want to die a virgin with frostbite.

Thanks For the (Lack of) Memories

BIll’s visit to Brooke served one purpose and one purpose only: To set up the moment when Ridge would walk in and find them together. The first half of their scenes were Bill talking to us about his efforts to reunite with Katie, none of which we’ve seen. What’s the first rule of soap storytelling? (Say it with me, kids!) “Show us, don’t tell us.”

Don Diamont, Katherine Kelly Lang brooke bill dubai camels jpi bb

How awesome would it have been to see this instead of another Taylor-and-Ridge-kiss-in-Monaco flashback?

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Then, as if to completely negate his feelings for Katie, Bill started talking about what an amazing couple he and Brooke were and how happy they could be if they’d only stuck it out. And here’s how you know this was all done as a plot point designed to tick Ridge off: We didn’t get a single flashback of Bill and Brooke’s time together.

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Think about that. Every time anyone mentions Monte Carlo, we see that flashback of Ridge and Taylor kissing. Yet here was Bill, looking deep into Brooke’s eyes and talking about their history, and the show decided it wasn’t worth the time to dig out a few clips because this was just a silly way to manipulate Bill and Brooke into a hug that Ridge could walk in on.

As for Ridge’s reaction to that hug? I was literally shouting at the television when Ridge — fresh from listening to Taylor trash-talk his wife — suggested his wife needed to be better about “establishing boundaries.”

Let’s Get Outta Here!

We now know that the show has been shooting episodes in Aspen, and I could not be more excited. I’m an old-school soap fan who misses the location shoots of yore, and no soap does them better than Bold & Beautiful. Heck, no some does them, period, other than this one. We also know that this particular shoot will focus on Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, given that their portrayers have all made the trip. The wild card here is tag-along Steffy.

Taylor Steffy B&B

“Mom, I was right about the wig, and I’m right about this, too.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

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Based on Steffy’s determination to see her parents reunited — and the fact that she sees this battle as a war in which she’s adapting a “take no prisoners” approach, it feels almost safe to assume that Taylor is going to come back from Aspen with Ridge on her arm. Of course, should that happen, the big question will be how long she’s able to keep him there. They say that those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it, and we all know how often Ridge has gone running back to Brooke!

No, Seriously… Get Out!

I hate what they’ve done to Deacon. When first he returned from his latest stint behind bars, Deacon was determined to be a better man. He took a low-paying job and slept in a closet, all so he could be close to Hope and begin making amends for the past. So it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that he would continue to protect — let alone make out with — Sheila.

Bold beautiful deacon sheila B&B

Apparently, only Sheila can satisfy Deacon’s fetish involving women with nine toes.

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I know, I know, he’s been behind bars a long time and a guy has needs. But guess what? There are a lot of ladies out there who would be happy to oblige a handsome fella like Deacon. Given that Deacon keeps telling Sheila over and over that she can never see Hayes and Finn again, why is he letting her stick around?

Sheila’s plot doesn’t make sense either, but it’s a bit more understandable given that she’s a psycho and all. I just really, really need for them not to stretch this out until November, with Sheila sneaking around to pat Douglas on the head and coo to him once or twice a week.

Random Thoughts

• I love when we get fun moments between characters, like the one in which Taylor got excited because Thomas brought her a milkshake. They then talked about traffic, which is something real people in general — and those in Los Angeles — do every day. Wednesday’s entire episode had little moments like that. For example, when Steffy was urging her dad to reunite with Taylor and said, “No offense or anything, but you’re not getting any younger.” Ridge’s response? “Wow, that’s rude!” It was a hysterical moment that felt genuine.

B&B steffy skeptical finn

“Did I tell you to put on a shirt, mister? No, I did not!”

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• Poor Finn has had absolutely nothing to do but walk around shirtless (not that I’m complaining) and go to the hospital since he was resurrected.

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