Bold & Beautiful’s Hope Went From One Crisis to Another as Deacon’s Decision Put Her in Major Danger

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There were two stories unfolding this week on Bold & Beautiful, each of which was comprised equally of fun scenes and completely illogical plot points. There were also almost as many scenes that made me go “Aww!” as there were ones which left me saying “Eww!” Ready to discuss? Let’s dive in.

Show Him The Money

From the moment Sheila checked into that semi-swank hotel room she was staying in upon first arriving in Los Angeles, we’ve had one question: How the heck is she paying for this? As far as we could tell, she had no discernible income. Yet this week, she suddenly started telling Deacon that she’s basically made of money. Where did it come from? “Never you mind that,” was her basic response.

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Now, there are two ways this can go: One is that we’re setting up a very cool reveal in which we discover who is bankrolling Sheila. (Earlier this week, we posed a theory that, if true, would be both shocking and delicious.) The other is that the show will simply never address Sheila’s newfound wealth, and it will become something no one ever speaks of again, like the time Liam and Quinn spent living as Adam and Eve.

I hate when soaps do that, by the way. Some in the audience will shrug and say, “It’s just a soap” as a way of explaining plot holes or inconsistencies or things that flat-out make no sense. Call me crazy, but I expect more. I want the audience to be respected.

Anyhoo, it seems hard to imagine that Sheila’s supposed wealth won’t be addressed at some point. It’s become too big a plot point.

Who’s That Girl?

While we’re discussing Sheila, here’s another big question: What the hell is her plot? Right now, it makes no sense whatsoever. Despite having all kinds of money, she’s hiding out in Deacon’s glorified closet which, by the way, happens to be located at a restaurant routinely patronized by everyone she wants to avoid. Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to hide out somewhere — anywhere — else? Why rely on Deacon keeping his mouth shut when she could just as easily have spied on Finn and the Forresters without anyone being the wiser?

Bold sheila deacon fight

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Deacon keeping quiet makes no sense, either. Sheila keeps saying that if he turns her in, they’ll both go back to prison. But Deacon could easily go to the police and make a deal, keeping himself out of jail and earning big points with the Forresters in the process. Instead, he’s put himself in a position to lose absolutely everything, especially now that Hope has crossed paths with Sheila. Having officially put her in danger, he’s given Ridge all the ammunition he needs.

Also… are people seriously not supposed to recognize Sheila in that disguise? Our deputy editor, Charlie, walked through the room as I was watching Friday’s episode. “Why are there no lights in Deacon’s apartment?” he asked. “Wait, are we seeing things through Hope’s eyes? Are they kicking off a story in which she’s going blind?”

Hey, that would explain her not recognizing Sheila, wouldn’t it?

Get Over It, Dude

Deacon Brooke Hope B&B

I can’t believe Ridge is still getting worked up over that harmless photo that Hope posted to Instagram. And it all comes down to the exact same question: Why is Ridge allowed to practically canoodle with Taylor on a daily basis while his children push them to reunite, but Brooke can’t spend time with her daughter and Deacon in a non-romantic setting? Worse, nobody actually says this to Ridge. He gets to go around blustering and bullying everyone, yet God forbid anybody point out his own hypocrisy.

Family Feud

Quick: Are you #TeamHope or #TeamThomas when it comes to the fight over Douglas’ future? For character shippers, it’s probably an easy decision. But I’ve never really been someone who ships characters or couples. I like what I like, usually based on storylines. And in this case… I kinda wanna slap pretty much everyone involved.

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No matter how often Thomas said he simply wanted to take his son over to Eric’s for a sleepover, Brooke and her mom acted as if he was planning to skip the country with Douglas and never return. Thomas started the week seeming like the sane party here, trying to explain he wasn’t moving full-steam ahead, but the way he handled things once Eric decided to throw a dinner party made it seem as if he was majorly disrespecting Hope and her role in Douglas’ life.

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And why does this show act as if it’s impossible for two parents to raise a child despite not living together? Shouldn’t Hope be able to see how well Steffy and Liam have managed to do that where Kelly is concerned?

Random Thoughts

Finn enter shirtless B&B

• Finn spent a lot of this week wandering around shirtless. And while I’m not complaining, I am sort of wondering where his bullet wounds are. Couldn’t they have at least given us a throwaway line about how good a job the plastic surgeon team did?

• I could not love more that Eric’s portrait is hanging above the fireplace. I sort of assumed that Donna would reveal she’d rehung Stephanie’s portrait, but this was a lovely gift from the new lady of the house to the man who has always served as its heart.

• So Li was invited to the Forrester family dinner and told she’d always be a member of the family, but Brooke — who has married into the clan numerous times and given birth to RJ, who is as much a Forrester as Douglas — wasn’t?

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