Why Fans of Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy and Finn Should Dread What Comes Next — Plus, The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Ridge Forrester

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As is so often the case, Bold & Beautiful gave us one heck of a romantic payoff as Steffy and Finn ran into one another’s arms, the music swelled and the tears flowed. It was pretty much everything members of Sinn nation could want. But now that they’re heading back to Los Angeles, the big question is what comes next. And that’s what we’re here to discuss today…

“Are You My Daughter?”

Pretty sure we all knew that the woman Finn was approaching as the week began wouldn’t be Steffy. But it was Taylor approaching a woman who looked nothing like Steffy that really cracked me up. Of course, the whole search for Steffy was kinda silly. Sooner or later, she was going to head back to the grief counseling facility. But hey, big, splashy, on-location reunions are kinda this show’s thing. Remember when Hope and Liam ran into one another’s arms after it was proven he didn’t kill Poor, Dead Vinny on purpose? Or when Steffy and Liam ran into one another’s arms on the beach —which you can relive in the clip below — after he spent some time living as “Adam” with Quinn’s “Eve”?

So yeah, obviously, that’s way more romantic than just hanging out in a grief center to yell, “Surprise, honey! I’m alive!”

As a huge fan of cool music cues, I loved that the show’s composers incorporated the bells of the church Steffy had emerged from into the gorgeous themes which played during the big moment. I talk a lot about this show’s production values, and that includes their beautiful orchestrations. Everything this show does better than any other is on display in the clip below.

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What Comes Next

Of course, now Steffy and Finn are heading back to Los Angeles, which leaves us to wonder what comes next. And unless I miss my mark, well, these two are headed for the back burner. Oh, sure, we’ll still see them. But storyline wise, they’ll be glorified dayplayers, used to recap what’s going on in the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke saga, which we’re clearly about to embark on again. They’ll also get to weigh in on the upcoming storyline in which Thomas (finally) decides to reclaim his newly-recast son, Douglas, from Liam and Hope.

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But I don’t see them having a big story for a while. I could be wrong, but look what happened to Liam and Hope after their big running-in-slow-motion reunion at the prison. Unfortunately, this isn’t a show that knows how to tell stories with happy couples. I mean, Eric, Donna, Quinn and Carter have practically vanished since their big mate-swap moment (although we did get to see the latter pair canoodling on Friday). And when’s the last time anyone saw Wyatt and Flo in the same room?

Here We Go Again

Meanwhile, a story we can clearly expect to see taking center stage in the next few weeks is yet another round of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor. And at this point, I really need both women to wise up. They deserve better.

Ridge is a massive, awful, horrible hypocrite. Look at what just went down in Monte Carlo. He jetted off to one of the most romantic places in the world with his ex-wife. Sure, they were searching for their daughter, but Steffy’s doctor had made it very clear that them showing up might have a negative impact on her progress.

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Anyhoo, while they were there, Hope took an innocent picture of herself with her parents in the background. That’s all it took to send Ridge careening into Taylor’s arms and, after ranting and raving about how he couldn’t trust Brooke for two seconds, planting a kiss on the brunette.

Ridge Taylor kiss B&B

Not that the blame is all his. As a self-proclaimed World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending), Taylor should know better. Hell, as a woman who has been down this path a thousand times — and watched her daughter travel the same road — she should know better.

But I’m gonna place the blame squarely on Ridge. Because he’s been playing this same gave for literally decades, and it’s not a good look.

Stop It!

Back home, Brooke realized what Hope had done and immediately knew exactly how Ridge would react. Hope tried pointing out how ridiculous her mother was, but eventually was convinced to take the “offending” photo off social media.

Deacon Brooke Hope B&B

But here’s the thing, and Brooke, I’d like to speak directly to you, if I may: If your relationship is so fragile that a lifetime’s worth of love can be put in jeopardy by a social media post? It’s time to rethink that whole “destiny” thing.

To quote a famous book, he’s just not that into you. And it’s not even that he is that into Taylor, it’s more that Ridge is all about himself. Period.

Random Thoughts

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• Given that Carter was so desperate to have a wife and kids that he was willing to marry Paris, shouldn’t he and Quinn be talking about moving forward? It would also present them with a very real issue, considering that Quinn might not particularly want to have more children.

• We’ve been told repeatedly that Ridge is paying a small fortune to keep guards on everyone he loves. So how is it that Deacon was able to just stroll into Brooke’s living room on Friday?

• I’m looking forward to seeing things play out between Li and Steffy next week. Everybody’s been praising Li for saving Finn’s life, but let’s not forget that she allowed his family to think him dead for months!

• Speaking of Li, I wish we’d gotten to see her and Bill interacting this week. I know that this show usually only tells one story at a time (much to my endless frustration), but heck, they would have bonded while recapping what was going on in Monte Carlo like everyone else.

Now that it’s time to update Steffy and Finn’s romance status to “reunited,” join us as we check in on all the other Bold & Beautiful couples and their love lives! 


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