Deconstructing B&B: Sally’s dreams go up in flames

August 21 - 25


Viewers experienced both frustration and hilarity courtesy of Dollar Bill this week, while Katie and Wyatt contributed an intense shot of ‘love in the afternoon’, and Brooke set her sights on Sheila, as she continued to extend her stay in Eric’s house. All good! Thoughts:

Pyro Bill?
As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Bill’s skyscraper obsession seemed over-the-top, and the situation escalated this week as he plotted with Justin to burn the Spectra building to the ground. Justin…what the what?! Yes, Bill could see that his lie to get Thomas out of the way wasn’t going to get the job done after Liam and Jarrett gave Sally’s designs a promising review, and their tittering about the electrical fire led to Bill’s latest diabolical scheme. Oops. I understand that this is Bill at his ‘camp’ best, but it really would be nice to have more of an explanation as to why he’s willing to go to such lengths to build the skyscraper on that particular property. Some fans are feeling ‘over’ it:

In related news, Liam’s been spending more time with Sally, and seems to have developed a soft spot for her, which could definitely lead to complications for Bill or even Liam and Steffy down the road. For now, Steffy has come around to her husband’s way of thinking, and also wished Sally success, which was an unexpected, but nice, little twist.

Make ’em sweat.
Hot on the heels of the smoldering sex scenes between Wyatt and Katie, Bill came a knockin’, or a bargin’ in as the case may be, and you just had to laugh as the scenario played out with Wyatt hiding naked in the washroom and Katie blundering that her new man was in the shower, while Bill barked questions. Soapy goodness!

You can’t do it here.
You know it’s on when Brooke narrows her eyes at someone, and both Sheila and James were on the receiving end of her laser-y peepers as she tried to expose the suspected ruse. Eek. I laughed out loud when Sheila, still feigning sleep in the bed, thought to herself, “Brooke’s here. This isn’t good.” Hilarious! Anyway, Eric continued to be the doddering fool, falling for everything Sheila dished out, and will likely keep on being totally and infuriatingly dense to enable the storyline. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before Sheila will have Quinn out the door and her hooks firmly back into the senior Forrester.

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Friday notes.
Yike! Bill went through with his devious ‘Plan B’ and as Sally and her staff headed out to dinner, her office caught fire…with all the designs her future was depending on trapped inside. I felt so bad. As I sometimes ‘root for the underdog’ like Liam, I’m hoping he’ll find out that his father was behind this and take action. It’s too bad it could cost them their relationship, but the differences between father and son really do make for good drama (and often comedy too). Over at Forrester, Ridge was back on the scene making inquiries about Thomas, and Liam had to bite his tongue when the do-gooder in him wanted to spill his guts. Hehe. Ridge also discussed Sheila with Steffy, so that’s a sign he might get involved in what’s going on over at the mansion too. Hope so!

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– Candace Young


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