Sorry, Sheila, But Nothing’s Gonna Stop Finn and Steffy’s Monte Carlo Reunion — Plus, Why Ridge Needs to Take *All* the Seats

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If you’re among the many Bold & Beautiful fans who’ve been anxiously awaiting the inevitable Finn/Steffy reunion, this was a good week for you. Why? Because things clearly started moving in that direction. If you’re interested in any other story on the canvas… well, um, there’s not a whole lot to talk about. But we’ll do our best to try… 

Finn Has Two Mommies (Again)

Full disclosure: I knew from the moment Li had her supposedly-fatal accident that she was alive. Not “knew” in the way fans say “I knew it all along” but knew in the sense that I was told as much and asked to keep it under my hat so as not to ruin the storyline. I was happy to do so, because while we love to tease and speculate, we are, at heart, soap fans. Long before I got into this business, I was sitting home, gasping at shocking twists.

B&B Bill Li

That is, after all, what makes soaps so much fun.

What I didn’t know was that Bill would be the one to find Li. I kinda wanted to kick myself as the scenes played out. Of course I should have realized this was the day Li would resurrect. When Wyatt and Bill got to the restaurant, Bill made an off-hand remark about the fact that it was on the wharf… you know, the one Li drove off?

Well played, Bold & Beautiful. Well played, indeed.

Unleash the Beast

Once Steffy and her husband reunite, I’m going to need the writers to find ways to keep Finn’s newly-released dark side on display. I’ll admit that I’ve found Finn kinda boring since his introduction, but Tanner Novlan has me seeing the character in a whole new light since he began trying to escape Sheila’s clutches.

Finn holler B&B

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I’ve been a Kimberlin Brown fan pretty much since the moment we first met Sheila all those years ago on Young & Restless, and that hasn’t changed one iota. (What the heck is an iota, anyway? And why do we use it as a reference point for change?) It’s a blast watching her go from “Mommy loves you, honey” to throwing tantrums. And I don’t know why, but when she makes those self-pitying speeches, it amuses the heck out of me.

“Why does this happen to me?” she asked Finn. “Is there no one that I can rely on? Why? Why does everyone make me do things that I regret!” We all know a Sheila. That person who has no sense of personal responsibility and yet can make any situation about themselves.

Self-Righteous, Party of Two?

I can’t even with Brooke and Ridge. I need for someone on the canvas to say to them, at least once a week, “Who died and named you Mr. and Mrs. Judgeandjury?” I’m no legal expert (although I do watch an awful lot of true crime documentaries), but I feel like Mike should have been able to say, “I’m sorry, is there some reason these two are being allowed to question me?”

Bold Mike Brooke Ridge Baker

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On the plus side, we only got two or three days of Brooke saying, “Guthrie… why does that name sound so familiar?” before the pieces fell into place and we moved to the next phase. Unfortunately, said next phase was basically Ridge being his Ridgiest, all pointing-fingers and yelling. This dude exhausts me.

Road Trip!

We talk a lot about the fact that Bold & Beautiful has the best production values on daytime, bar none. They are also the only soap which routinely goes on location. And no, General Hospital, taping scenes at the studio’s outdoor commissary or next to that one tree in the park don’t count. A few weeks back we had that fun stuff with Quinn hopping on a bike and pedaling her butt off to stop Carter’s wedding, and any day now we’ll start seeing the footage shot while several cast members were in Monte Carlo.

Bold steffy finn bed screenshot

Of course, it seems kinda like bad parenting for Ridge and Taylor to go jetting off to Monte Carlo, which is exactly what the latest spoilers say they’ll do next week. After all, they were just told by the doctor that Steffy is getting help in dealing with her grief and should probably not have outside contact while doing so. But hey, this is Ridge, and he always knows best, right? And despite being a World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending), Taylor just can’t help but trail behind him like the world’s most beautiful wacky sidekick.

Random Thoughts

• Soap opera cops are notoriously bad at their jobs, but I had to laugh when Baker indicated that the reason nobody connected Mike to Sheila was that on his paperwork, he’s listed as Richard Michael Guthrie.

• Bold & Beautiful loves to stretch things out as long as possible… but that can make for some downright painful scenes. Case in point? Sheila spent all of Thursday’s episode recapping so we could finally get to the last moment, in which she said Li was dead and Bill found her alive.

Bold Deacon kanan broom closet

• I like that Deacon is still working at Il Giardono. I thought that by now, he’d surely have been hired at Forrester in some capacity. Why? Because this show really doesn’t do have-nots, which he definitely is.

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