Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila Just Went Totally Around the Bend — and Taylor’s New Man Will Make Ridge See Red!

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It was a weird and occasionally wild week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Quinn easily stole the Biggest Hypocrite title from its usual holder, Ridge, while the cat-and-mouse game between Sheila and Finn got downright intense. Ready for a quick look at what went down? Let’s dive in! 

The Last of Sheila

I am 100 percent hooked on the Sheila/Finn story. The soap found itself in the difficult position of having to play the Finn/Steffy love story with one of the major players off the canvas thanks to Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave. What they came up with has been downright gripping. Like, to the point where I kinda dread the inevitable Steffy/Finn reunion because it will mean this story is over and, it seems likely, that Sheila’s latest run will have come to an end.

Bold Beautiful Sheila Finn bedside

I mean, Sheila can’t come out of this alive, right? No matter how often she insists that shooting Finn was “an accident,” there’s not getting around the fact that her attempt to do away with Steffy was anything but!

A Killer Twist?

Approximately five minutes after Sheila crashed Finn and Steffy’s wedding, I began plotting her murder. I mean, come on… half the canvas wants the canvas dead and the other half will feel the same once her latest misdeeds come to light. It’s hard to imagine a juicier scenario, and the resulting murder mystery would be a total blast.

Sheila arrested B&B

If it makes it more tempting for the writers, who love little more than simple, repetitive dialogue, I offer them this: Imagine how many times they can have characters declare, “It could have been anyone! Everyone hated Sheila!”

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The Dream Team

It’s worth noting that Tanner Novlan and Kimberlin Brown have been bringing their A-games. Finn’s intensity is downright terrifying, even as he has worked to keep it bubbling just beneath the surface. Similarly, Sheila’s doing her damndest to tamp down the crazy, but her moments of sanity are becoming fewer, as demonstrated by the moment when she literally shook Finn’s bed in anger.

And of course, there was that amazing moment when Finn called his mom the “c” word: crazy. As is always the case with soaps — and, for all I know, in life — the automatic response to that particular accusation is to prove you’re even more bat-guano insane than they think, all the while denying it.

Next week sure should be interesting…

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I don’t really get Quinn running around telling anyone who will listen that Donna “stole” Eric from her. There’s plenty of blame to go around, and a fair amount of it lays directly at Quinn’s feet. No matter how many times people respond to her Donna-centric tirades with a puzzled look that says, “Wait, didn’t you… ?”, Quinn seems determined to blame Eric’s honey-loving honey.

It was kinda cute, however, when Carter walked in and immediately was able to diffuse the situation. This is a pairing that works, so it’ll be interesting to see which of its two preferred routes the show winds up going. Will “Quarter” be backburnered untill we find out later that they’ve broken up off screen, or will they immediately face a problem which threatens to tear them apart?

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Doctor, Heal Thyself

It’s no secret that I’ve become a huge fan of both Krista Allen and her take on Taylor. I also saw a completely new side of Sean Kanan’s Deacon during scenes earlier this year which found him bantering with Sheila. So when teasers came down the pike suggesting that Taylor and Deacon were about to be chemistry tested, I was intrigued.

Taylor and Deacon talk BB

This week, we saw the result of those tests and it feels safe to say ‘Daylor’ or ‘Tacon’ or whatever the heck their squish name is passed with flying colors. This is what the show has desperately needed for a long time now… a fresh pairing which is as fun as it is potentially dramatic.

Much as I love Katherine Kelly Lang and Thorsten Kaye, I’ve been sort of over the writing for Brooke and Ridge for a while now. Ridge does little more than wander around yelling at people while Brooke’s refusal to accept that her “Destiny” treats her like crap makes me feel bad for her. That said, oh, how I’m looking forward to what I hope comes next.

Because imagine Brooke and Ridge’s reaction to Taylor and Deacon dating. It’s tricky, because on the one hand, Ridge and Brooke will clearly be driven insane by the new pair… but they’ll also have to do so without making one another say, “Wait, why are you jealous? Are you regretting being with me instead of your ex?”

Random Thoughts

• The third time Brooke said, “Guthrie… why does that name sound so familiar?” in a single episode, I realized this was clearly the new “Why did I drink that night?” Here’s hoping it doesn’t have the shelf-life that particular quote did!

Bold Beautiful Sheila Mike

• Speaking of Mike, how has nobody at the prison put together that he’s the one who helped Sheila escape? Heck, how did he even get a job at the prison, given his past. It might make sense were he using a different name, but…

• I’m over the “honey” references with Donna. It was a cute schtick years ago that has worn out its welcome.

• Nice to have Pam and Charlie back on screen. Theirs might be the longest-running relationship in the history of this show, now that I think about it.

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