Bold & Beautiful Just Reunited a Supercouple, Hinted at a New Pairing and Put Sheila on Notice

bold beautiful mashup sheila ridge brooke thomas taylor

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Remember how last week, I said The Bold and the Beautiful was clearly rushing the Donna/Eric/Quinn/Carter storyline in order to get back to the Sheila story? Well, this week definitely proved that true. In fact, let’s cut this preamble short and dive right into the action… 

Wedded Miss

You know how a soap opera tells us which plots are important and which aren’t? The amount of time dedicated to the payoff. On Monday, Bold & Beautiful made it very, very clear that the Paris/Carter wedding and its fallout were a low priority. Grace gave Carter a slap that was more like a love tab, Carter issued a quick apology before heading home to make love with Quinn, and Zende — who should have had more self-respect than to even attend the nuptials — made it clear he was totally prepared to be the bride’s rebound guy.

Bold Beautiful Grace comforts Paris

“Wait, that’s it? I got all dressed up for… this?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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That’s it. The whole storyline was wrapped up on Monday and barely mentioned the rest of the week. At one point on Wednesday, Liam and Hope took a break from discussing Sheila to talk about the wedding… only for her to say something along the lines of, “Thank goodness it was Quinn who crashed the wedding and not Sheila.”

Yeah, poor Carter and his storyline couldn’t even hold the spotlight for the length of a single scene.

Gold Star

The rest of the week was about one character and one character only: Sheila. And it’s worth mentioning that portrayer Kimberlin Brown didn’t just steal the scene, she walked off with the entire show. I’ve been a fan of Brown and her whacktastic alter ego for decades, yet somehow, they both manage to surprise me on a regular basis.

sheila tries to save finn bb

Too late, former nurse Sheila realized she probably should have paid more attention during CPR class.

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The crazier Sheila gets, the more I love it. Remember a few years back, when Sheila was hiding in an ugly hotel room having her portrait painted while working as a waitress at Il Giordino? I spent a whole lot of time cursing the heavens and asking why the writers had neutered so vital a character.

Well, they’re currently making up for it in spades. Yes, it’s a little over the top. Fine, a lot. But when Sheila’s on screen, I’m entertained, and that’s what I want most from a soap.

Did She Really Say That?

One of the things that really amused me this week was watching Sheila spin out of control as her situation with Finn went from bad to worse. The scenes in which she saved his life — with nary an assist from Mike, whom she later accused of standing there “holding your pearls” — were incredibly dramatic, despite the fact we kinda knew her son wasn’t going to die yet again.

But the real fun started when Finn actually woke up and began asking questions about where he was, how he got there… and what had happened that night in the alley. “The shooting. It was a terrible accident. You never should have been shot,” Sheila tried explaining. Of course, the unspoken truth was that she did accidentally shoot her son… while trying to do away with his wife!

B&B sheila steffy alley HW

“First I accidentally shoved her. Then I accidentally shot you. Then I maybe not so accidentally shot her… “

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The moment in which Finn’s memory returned was perfectly played and made for a great Wednesday cliffhanger. By Thursday, Sheila was in full-blown spiral mode as she tried to explain her actions. And this, of course, led to her saying things that were beyond ridiculous and yet made complete sense in the lunatic’s mind.

FINN: You were going to shoot Steffy!
SHEILA: I can explain!

And later…

SHEILA: Steffy, she just wouldn’t let up. She wouldn’t listen to me. I asked her nicely, repeatedly, and she just wouldn’t give your mom any slack at all!

And when a frustrated Sheila snapped, “Damnit, Finn, just do what mommy says!” I was in gothic-tinged soap heaven. The whole thing was giving me major Flowers in the Attic vibes.

What Happens Next…

As we headed into the end of the week, the show beautifully set up the next twist in the Sheila story, with Finn fully aware of just how dire his situation was. He vowed to escape his maniacal captor and reunite with Steffy, putting us on the path toward the inevitable “Sinn” reunion. The big question is how far he’ll go. Having been “killed” by his mom, might Finn return the favor and be the one to finally make Sheila pay the ultimate price?

Brooke, Ridge dance B&B

Ridge’s one condition: That Brooke never again utter the words “I don’t know why I drank that night!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Across town, Brooke and Ridge had one (hopefully) final talk about the circumstances under which she kissed Deacon before… wait, what? I literally thought I must have missed an episode when Ridge declared he was moving home and the two started making out. But… but… but what about Taylor, I sputtered.

Oh, never mind. I see that we’re setting her up for a romance with Jack. Ted King and Krista Allen seem to have good chemistry, and if it gets Taylor out of the whole toxic Ridge mess, I’m all for it. There’s only one problem though…

B&B Thomas Taylor hug

Good luck squeezing in there between Taylor and Thomas, Jack!

Credit: CBS screenshot

Who’s gonna break the news to the kids? Because Steffy and Thomas are not going to be happy to hear that former stepmonster Brooke won yet again!

Random Thoughts

• It’s worth mentioning that Tanner Novlan did some of his strongest work this week sequences, from Finn’s tear-filled eyes to his slurring speech. And the makeup department also did a fantastic job in making the newly-awake Finn look half dead, especially around the eyes.

• I can’t help wishing that the show had filmed the BBQ scenes which aired Friday around a pool. They’ve done that in the past, and it would have felt a lot more natural than having all these bathing suit-clad people hanging around in the living room.

• I cheered when freshly-dumped Taylor refused to let Ridge hug her. Having watched Ridge run back to Brooke yet again, Taylor should never, ever give him another chance. Period. Exclamation point.

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