Bold & Beautiful Gave ‘Quarter’ Fans a Happy Ending — Will Steffy and Finn’s Reunion Be Next?

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Even as I spent the past few weeks raving about Bold & Beautiful, I knew the good times were bound to come to an end sooner or later… and this week, I was proven right as the show focused all of its attention on the Carter/Paris wedding. The results were a mixed bag, at best, with the show falling back into some very bad old habits. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, as next week… well, we’ll get to that shortly. 

What’s The Rush?

The scenes in which Eric and Quinn ended their marriage were gorgeously scripted and beautifully acted by John McCook and Rena Sofer. But given that the soap had decided to put the story into hyperdrive, the whole thing was painfully rushed. Even McCook admitted during our recent chat that he and Sofer were shocked by the fact they had to essentially wrap up a complicated mess of a marriage in what boiled down to about fifteen minutes worth of scenes.

B&B eric quinn break up

“Yes, yes, I loved you, you loved me. Now, let’s hug and be done with this.”

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But as we know, when this show decides it’s done with a couple, they don’t bother with little things like the emotional investment viewers might have in the pairing. Instead, it’s “Don’t let the door hit ya as you race off into your next relationship.” And in this case, it was a literal race as Quinn dashed down the beach to stop Carter from marrying Paris.

Location, Location, Location

I say this a lot, but it’s true: No other soap has the production values that Bold & Beautiful breaks out in almost a casual manner. On any other show, it would have felt almost weird to see Quinn running down the beach or jumping on a bicycle, but here, it felt natural. Why? Because we see the “real” world in which these characters move all the time. Not just when the show does little remotes like this one (or Sheila and Taylor’s recent rooftop tussle), but via the establishing shots which set up almost every single scene.

Bold beautiful quinn bike

Too late, Quinn realized that “easy as riding a bike” is only an expression.

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We know what Brooke’s house looks like on the outside. We’ve seen the buildings which house Forrester Creations and Spencer Publications. We’ve hung out on the beach in front of Steffy’s house. So whereas it feels jarring when characters on The Young and the Restless or General Hospital go outside, it’s totally normal here.

Wedded Miss

As for the Paris/Carter wedding… oh, lord, what a mess. As if it wasn’t weird enough that there were, like, five people in attendance, each of the guests was seated at their own table… and none of them had dates! Hope’s husband was “out of town on business,” and I guess maybe Ridge just couldn’t decide whether he should bring Brooke or Taylor. Zende’s would-be date was the bride, and Bill… what the hell was Bill even doing there? Yes, Paris explained that he’s the Forrester Foundation’s biggest supporter (which in and of itself is weird, given how he feels about Ridge), but would that really rate an invite to so small a ceremony?

It’s worth noting that any fan who watched the show’s promo — which came out over the weekend and can be seen below—  had every single beat of the story spoiled.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the show then posted the video below to its YouTube page a video showing which woman Carter would ultimately pick in Friday’s final scene! (And not for nothing, but doesn’t the speech Quinn makes here — about Carter making her a better woman — sound almost exactly like what she told Eric when they got together?)

Now it’s possible that this big reveal was posted mistakenly, what with pre-emptions throwing things out of whack. But this isn’t the first time Bold & Beautiful has given away its own secrets. Remember when they revealed Sheila’s return before she could step out of the shadows and shock not only Finn but viewers? Someone over there needs a lesson in the fine art of the tease, which is what we do every week with the spoilers: Whet the appetite, but don’t feed them the whole meal until you’ve got ’em at the table!

Speaking of which…

Here Comes The Good Stuff!

I was pleased as punch to see the show play the Sheila/Finn story on Friday, just as the Paris/Carter/Quinn tale was reaching its climax. Sure, all we got was a lot of exposition as Sheila flashed back to Li’s death, while Taylor and Thomas reminded viewers that Steffy is in Europe with the kids. But at least they were telling the audience that there are other stories just around the corner. And what will happen next? Well, check out the latest spoilers for all the details…

Bold B&B Steffy Finn kiss makeup HW

This. We’d like more of this, please.

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My biggest fear? That Quinn and Carter are about to be pushed right off the canvas. We all know this show doesn’t know what the heck to do with happy couples… right Flo and Wyatt? There seems to be no real conflict in the cards for Quarter.

Random Thoughts

• I know I can’t be the only one who has spent years borderline obsessing over the portraits which hang above the Forrester mantle. So of course I’m dying to see how long it takes Quinn’s to be replaced by Donna’s. Or might Stephanie return to her rightful position?

Even Brooke would rather see longtime nemesis Stephanie above the mantle than Quinn.

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• It’s weird to me that there was practically no mention of Sheila — you know, the on-the-loose psycho? — all week. Nor were people reacting to Li’s death. Did she sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again, when her car went off the dock? 

• I kinda love that Hope seem absolutely baffled as to why she was at the wedding, let alone asked to speak. And what was the point of having Grace there if she wasn’t going to make one last-ditch effort to stop the ceremony when Charlie asked if anyone objected? At least Ridge knew that his role was to be the ridiculously judgmental dude who, despite his own messy personal life, was there to shake his head in borderline disgust about his best friend’s decision.

• Wasn’t it sort of tacky for Carter and Quinn to revel in their happiness right in front of Paris? As the camera cut to each of the guests, their reactions were priceless. Hope looked flustered, Ridge disgusted, Bill confused, and Grace seemed about one second away from standing up and declaring, “I told you this man was no good!”

• Charlie worked surprisingly well as a wedding officiant… and of all the excuses for why various people weren’t in attendance, Pam attending a “knitting retreat” was the most believable of all.

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