Was Bold & Beautiful’s Latest Death Murder or an Accident? Plus, the ‘Twist’ That Makes No Sense at All

Bold Beautiful mashup Sheila Li Paris Carter Quinn

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When The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila gets really, really interesting, things happen. And this week, things definitely happened. But then, after the angry confrontations and the betrayal and the crash, the worst possible thing of all happened: Sheila went away, leaving us with… well, we’ll get to that shortly. 

Finn Has Two Mommies

Sheila and Li have been on a collision course for quite a while now. Long before Finn died, these two were destined to butt heads. I mean, it’s not just that they each wanted to stake a claim on Finn. Although we never really explored it too deeply, these women were both involved with the same man. We never really got much of a sense of the relationship between Jack and Sheila, but this had to be more than a simple affair. After all, he managed to convince Sheila to hand over her child.

Bold Beautiful Sheila Li

That look you give your new gal pal when she says, “You’d look great in harem pants!”

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Yes, yes, you and I know that she has plenty of children to spare, most of whom are never mentioned let alone occupying any of her thoughts. But still, Sheila had to have felt something for Jack in order for him to convince her to hand over Finn.

I liked the idea of Sheila and Li working together to help Finn get better, forming an uneasy alliance based on their mutual distrust of the Forrester family. But of course, we all know that the scorpion and the frog can’t co-exist.

Crash! Bang Boom!

If there’s one thing that bothers me about how things went down this week, it’s that the show insisted upon making Li look dumb. I’m sorry, but the woman was smart enough to smuggle her son out of a morgue, set up a makeshift hospital and single-handedly keep him alive. Are we really to think she wasn’t smart enough to walk, say, 20 feet before calling the police?

At the end of the day, Li may have been done in not by Sheila, but by her own lack of intelligence.

But massive props to the production team at Bold & Beautiful for the resulting car chase, crash and explosion. I absolutely despise when soaps try and stage car accidents, because inevitably it involves bright lights shining in the eyes of the actor who is supposedly “driving,” followed by them yanking the fake steering wheel to the left as the camera is yanked to the right.

Here, Days of Our Lives‘ Jennifer enacts a typical soap car wreck.

But that right there wasn’t going to cut it for Bold & Beautiful. A day before the scenes aired, someone at the show used the word “spectacular” when describing to me what was about to go down. I may or may not have rolled my eyes… only to be proven wrong when Li’s fiery death was all that and more.

B&B Li Car Crash

Li found out the hard way than when you play with fire, you get burned. In this case, the fire was Sheila… and, um, the actual fire.

Credit: CBS screenshot

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this was basically a retread of the story in which Thomas chased Emma in his car, eventually leading to her plunging off a cliff. So did Sheila kill Li, or was it an accident? Let the debate begin!

If there was a downside to Li’s demise, it’s that it happened on Wednesday, which meant the show had two more episodes to fill. Which meant — sigh — two solid days of Carter/Paris.

The Billion Dollar Question

Grace took the words right outta my mouth when she asked Paris and Carter — who’d decided to run down the aisle ASAP — what the rush was. I mean, obviously, the answer that the characters couldn’t give was the obvious one: “This is Bold & Beautiful where engagements are always followed by quickie nuptials except in the case of Flo and Wyatt, because people are sort of hoping that he’ll just show up one day and announce Felony Flo fell off a cliff.”

Bold paris Carter office HW

“I should probably give Zende a chance to make me a better offer. That’s how this marriage thing works, right?”

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Carter and Paris’ instaengagement is this show at its worst on a few different levels. First of all, the pairing is 100 percent a plot point. Nobody actually wants them to get together or thinks they will. And that would be fine if the story they’re in made sense. But it doesn’t, because we were all there when just a few short months ago Paris made it clear she’s got better things to do than tie herself down to any one man. She was about as interested in marriage as I am in lettuce.

Suddenly, she’s gushing about how excited she is to get married to a guy she’s been on three dates with.

Worse, Paris had a front row seat when her sister was engaged to Carter but having eye sex with Zende. She knows exactly what that looks like, and should see what’s going on between Quinn and Carter. Heck, a few weeks ago it was clear she did know, even daring to tell Quinn to back off. So why in the world would Paris suddenly shrug and say, “You know what? I know you’re into another woman, and I’m kinda not that interested in marriage at all, but let’s do this thing… tomorrow!”

The Marrying Man

At least I understand Carter’s motives. They’ve been spelled out to me. He doesn’t love Paris but figures he can probably get to that point, with time. The radio station in his head is playing one song on a loop. Sing it if you know the words: “If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.”

Bold Beautiful quinn carter ring

“Wonder Twin powers… activate! Shape of a supercouple!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Carter’s tired of watching everybody around him find love and happiness. He’s ready to have some of that for himself. Plus, having watched the Forrester clan in action for ages, he knows he’s overdue for a starter marriage so that he can ditch after a few months. He’s probably hoping Maya returns so he can ping pong between the Buckingham sisters for a while, a proven winning formula for this show.

Random Thoughts

• It’s well past time for Grace to have a character trait beyond “meddling mother.” Cassandra Creech is an interesting performer, and I want to see her alter ego mix it up with some of the other Los Angeles residents.

• With Sheila on the loose, wouldn’t it have made sense for Ridge to gather both of his families under one roof to keep them all safe? Put Taylor, Ridge and Brooke in the same house during a storm, have a bold of lightning knock out the power and you’ve got the makings for… well, drama or farce, depending on which direction you wanna go!

Brooke, Ridge, Taylor B&B

“What do you say, ladies? Slumber party? Pajamas optional?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• The minute it became clear that it was pouring rain in Souther California, didn’t you just know that something bad was going to happen? We all know that any kind of discernible weather on soaps indicates a plot point is about to unfold!

Now that we’ve weighed in on Bold & Beautiful’s current slate of couples, why not join us in getting a status update from Days of Our Lives‘ current crop of supposed lovebirds? 


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