Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila May Just Have Set In Motion the Ultimate Romantic Reunion for Steffy and Finn

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Despite pre-emptions knocking the show off the air, Bold & Beautiful kept things moving at a great pace this week. Ready for a quick look at what worked, what didn’t and what I really, really hope comes next? Read on! 

Free Sheila!

I’m not saying that everything is better with a little dollop of Sheila, but… on second thought, maybe I am. I know that she’s done awful things and should probably be sent away for life, but between Kimberlin Brown’s performances, Sheila’s bottomless bag of delusions and even the creepy music cues used whenever she’s on screen, I kinda live for the bad girl’s antics.

I mean, can we talk about the way she hurled Li across the room? Actually, no need. The clip speaks for itself. (Also, kudos to the CBS staffer who came up with the hysterical tweet below.)

Credit where it’s due, Bold & Beautiful — which typically will stretch even the simplest of scenes for at least an episode or two — didn’t get bogged down with details when it came to Sheila’s escape. We saw her smile at longtime pal Mike, and the next thing we knew, she was pounding on Li’s door. While I’m usually a big believer in “show, don’t tell” this proved the exception to the rule. We didn’t need to see Sheila sitting in a prison transport van, followed by the stereotypically awful soap car crash. Telling us she escaped in transit was good enough.

Just The Facts, Ma’am

For weeks now, every time Sheila has declared, “I didn’t mean to shoot Finn,” I’ve literally shouted at the screen, “No, you meant to shoot his wife… and did!” So when Li actually pointed out the flaw in Sheila’s attempt at a defense, I was a happy camper.

Bold Beautiful Sheila Li

“She might be crazy as a loon,” thought Li, “but she has awesome hair. I wonder what she uses?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Of course, Sheila once again proved she’s always the smartest person in the room… even if the only way to accomplish that is by dumbing down everyone else. Not two minutes after I helpfully suggested to Li that she find something to bonk her unwanted guest over the head with, Sheila did exactly that to Finn’s other mom. I’m not sure what Sheila actually used, but in my imagination, it was a bedpan. I mean, obviously there has to be one around for Finn to use, right?

Road Trip!

My dream scenario for what happens next? Being a nurse, Sheila helps Finn fully recover and then skips town after attacking Li — because, let’s face it, that alliance can only last so long — and leaving her in a coma. Of course, nobody else realizes that Finn is still alive. Wanting to get Finn far away from the Forrester clan, she dons a disguise and takes him to Europe.

Sheila, Finn Il Giardino B&B

“You’re right, this does look like it could be a restaurant in Los Angeles! But it’s not, sweetie, so hush.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Hold up… who else is in Europe? Oh, right, Steffy! When she spots Finn (from a distance, of course), she begins to believe he’s alive. Everyone back home thinks she’s crazy, but she becomes determined to find Finn… even as Sheila vows to keep them apart.

I mean, come on, that’d be a great story, right?

The Way We Were

I often find it ludicrous when soap couples who are on their fourth or fifth marriage declare “You are my one true love” to their partner du jour. But you know what? When Donna says it to Eric, it tracks. Yes, she’s been with other guys. But I honestly believe that she’s never felt for any of ’em the way she does her honey bear.

Eric, Donna honey B&B

“Like us, honey doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

What doesn’t track is Eric and Donna leaving the door to their love nest ajar so that any ridiculously-dressed passerby might year them squealing while having a pillow fight. (I get that Donna makes him feel young again, but there are limits!) I’m also not buying that Hope — who knows a thing or two about cheating husbands — would so easily be swayed by her aunt’s plight.

On the other hand, I’m already looking forward to the fallout when Quinn finds out about her husband’s infidelity. Will she bust him… or maybe simply shrug and say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” and push Paris aside in her rush to get back into Carter’s bed?

Random Thoughts

• Does Baker not have a cell phone? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to call Ridge and Taylor as opposed to driving across L.A. to share the news of Sheila’s escape?

Carter protest Ridge B&B

“Ridge, I live in your former love nest. The things I’ve found… “

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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• Ridge being a hypocrite is nothing new, but he took it to new heights when blasting Carter about his feelings for Paris. Ridge has slept with numerous Forrester Creations employees over the years, and he’s currently playing two women against one another. But he’s going to lecture Carter about being with a woman who has made the conscious decision not to be with Zende? Dude, take all the seats.

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