Deconstructing B&B: Bill’s threat raises the stakes for lie fallout

August 7 - 11


Three storylines continued to progress this week as “B&B” continues to focus a little more broadly than they have at times in the past. Eric and Quinn reconciled as Sheila plotted, Katie and Wyatt continued their dalliance, and Bill encountered a bump in the road to skyscraper heaven. Thoughts:

The test.
I actually liked the twist with Eric tearing up the divorce papers after seeing that Quinn was willing to sacrifice, it was soapy, but we all know nothing can be that easy, which signals there will be more trouble ahead. With Sheila conjuring trouble and sitting for her portrait it’s only a matter of time before Quinn has her hands full. The bit with the thunder and lightning was also a harbinger of doom, hehe. Many are waiting to see if a clash with Sheila will send Quinn back to her old ways in order to prevail. In related thoughts, I found it odd that Eric disowned Ridge but he’s still hanging around Forrester and conducting meetings. Though I got a kick out of him updating everyone on Eric and Quinn, while dodging RJ’s questions about what broke them up in the first place, it left me wondering if Eric will relieve him of his duties before long.

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Secretive smiles.
As noted in the last Deconstructing B&B, Katie and Wyatt’s playful sexiness is hot, and they show no signs of cooling off. It worked well to throw in the bit with Charlotte, and to keep it a secret for now, which maintains the excitement and forbidden feeling as they inch toward taking things to the next level. Wyatt, for once, isn’t coming across as wheedling or as someone’s second-choice, and Katie’s lit up and slowly giving in to having fun after being serious for so long. Loving it.

On the hot seat.
Bill continued his lie, but as predicted, Thomas telling Sally the truth was something he hadn’t counted on…and now Liam knows. The ‘boy scout’ will definitely have to be handled if Bill’s going to keep this going. I love this dynamic between father and son, but if we’re being honest, I’m already hoping Liam will find a way to scuttle his dad’s mean plot. As Bill pulled a similar scheme on Liam in the past, it makes sense he would sniff it out.

Also, it was nice to see Justin, even as he groaned over Bill’s machinations and obsession over the skyscraper. What is it with that building?

Friday notes.
Wow, so Bill wasn’t messing around with Liam, threatening to cut him off completely if he went to Thomas or Sally with the truth! Liam seemed taken aback, but still not as intimidated as some might have been – guess he’s seen Bill’s bluster before. Anyway, Liam made a beeline to Steffy, who was fresh from a rather puzzling conversation with Sally, who was suspiciously calm about Thomas’ defection to New York. Hehe. I guess she’ll realize why now. Clearly Steffy’s going to be torn, but won’t want to out Bill’s ruse, so there will be tension with hubby. Maybe Liam will find a way to help Sally succeed to spite Bill? In other news, Wyatt and Katie nearly got caught canoodling by Quinn, which made for some fun scenes…plus, I can’t wait until she actually does find out!

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– Candace Young


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