We Already Miss Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy — Plus, the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor Twist We’ll Never Actually See

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With Finn in a coma and Steffy preparing to leave town, this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful felt oddly disposable. Why? Because much of the time was spent setting up a big moment — the couple reuniting once she learns he’s alive — that we know won’t be coming anytime soon, what with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood on maternity leave. 

She’s Outta Here!

I get that the show needed to write in Wood’s maternity leave, and having Steffy leave town to grieve her loss was a logical way to do it. But did anybody else find it weird that neither of her parents said, “Hey, rather than sending you out into the world with two kids and a nanny, one of us will go along.” Maybe having World Renowned Psychiatrist (Patent Pending) Taylor along would have given Steffy someone to talk to if she felt the need to work through a few things?

Taylor Steffy B&B

“How about instead, I stay here and organize your spice rack?”

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Honestly, I’m kinda surprised that Liam didn’t say, “You know what? I’m gonna go help her get settled in. I’ll be back in a week, two tops. You totally understand, right Hope?”

I fully admit that I’m among the legion of fans who have absolutely no desire to revisit the never-ending Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle (quad when eventually Finn awakens). But if we’re going to go there — and heaven knows this show loves nothing more than to repeat itself — might as well do so in ways that kinda sorta make sense given past behaviors, right?

Bold li finn alive

What if he’s just a really, really sound sleeper?

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Meanwhile, Finn twitching his finger was less a surprise than a nice way of setting up the fact that he’s slowly waking up. The big question is whether he’ll do so while Steffy is off the canvas or the show will backburner him until Wood’s maternity leave is over. Please, lord, don’t let us be in for weeks of Li talking to her comatose son!

Fight Club

Speaking of storylines this show has been repeating for literally decades… let’s discuss Ridge and his women. I don’t know whether it’s a scripting, directing or acting decision, but I’ve found that both Taylor and Brooke enter their latest confrontations with very specific “tones.” Brooke is the judgmental school marm, while Taylor is the smirking troublemaker who doesn’t care that she got busted.

Ridge, of course, just sits back and enjoys the fact that he’s the center of attention.

Brooke, Ridge, Taylor B&B

“Don’t argue… there’s enough of me to go around!”

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Thursday, Taylor brought Ridge his favorite Chinese food so the two could comfort themselves over Steffy’s departure by flirting heavily. Brooke, of course, interrupted and the two women immediately assumed their respective roles.

BROOKE: (Dead serious) You know, Ridge came here to Eric’s to be alone, to take some time to himself. Can you respect that? Can you just leave him alone for a second?

TAYLOR: (Laughs) This is ironic, because you’re here, too!

Taylor went on to play the “dead son-in-law/grieving-daughter” card, suggesting Ridge “Tell her that we need some time.”

We then literally cut to Ridge, smirking.

Bold beautiful ridge smirking HW

Look up “self-satisfied” in the dictionary, and you’ll find this photo.

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I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: It’s time for both of these women to wise up and walk away from the toxic mess that is Ridge. Spin this trio in a whole new direction.

The Bachelor

I love that the writers turned something we’ve all joked about a billion times — the fact that whenever someone gets married, Carter’s the officiant — into an actual moving moment for the character. “How may weddings have I presided over?” he said, overcome with emotions. “I mean, how many people have I walked into their future while I sit at home alone? I don’t want that! I want to be a husband in the worst way! I want a family!”

carter talks to quinn office bb

“I’m gonna just discretely point at the one I really want to be with… “

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The scenes helped, at least a bit, explain why he might decide to cut his losses and settle for Paris. He did, after all, care for her at one time. “I can get back there,” he told Quinn, who was appropriately appalled at the notion of Carter essentially sacrificing himself to safe her marriage.

Pickleball? Everybody Chug!

Of course, as Quinn was declaring her love for Eric — aka the “most faithful man in the world” — he was off canoodling with Donna. It’s interesting that Eric really does have a rep among his family and friends as being devoted as a puppy when during he cheated on longtime mate Stephanie every chance he got!

Bold Beautiful eric stephanie martini

“I guess we know where Ridge gets his wandering eye!”

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I forgot just how much I enjoy Donna and Eric. I always liked the “playboy and the showgirl” vibe I got form them, and I’m a sucker for secret affair storylines for some reason it’s probably best not to examine too closely.

With Carter declaring his love, and Donna pushing Eric to leave his wife, next week promises to be pretty juicy…

Random Thoughts

• I’ve liked the idea of Brooke and Deacon reuniting for a while now. It occurs to me that what Brooke should say to Ridge is, “Hey, if you can hang out with your ex, I can hang out with mine. You’re not the only one who has options!” Let’s see how much her estranged hubby likes playing that game.

Taylor, Thomas talk office B&B

“I’m afraid your insurance doesn’t cover sessions with me.”

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• So I guess we really are just gonna gloss over the whole “Thomas knew about Sheila pushing Brooke off the wagon” thing. Maybe with Steffy temporarily out of the picture, Ridge and Taylor will give their son the attention he desperately needs. A little time on the couch of his World Renowned Psychiatrist (patent pending) mom couldn’t hurt.

Next week’s teasers indicate that Grace is about to do something that is both wildly inappropriate and someone someone at Forrester Creations should have done ages ago: She’s essentially going to file a complaint, on daughter Paris’ behalf, about Carter’s behavior. I mean, this company has been an HR nightmare for ages, so I’m weirdly excited to see this play out.

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