Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Dropped the Mic Just Before the Show Dropped the Ball — Plus, We Need to Talk About Thomas

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Things got off to a thrilling start this week as Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila vowed revenge upon those she saw as having wronged her. But once the villainess was hauled off in handcuffs, things went from exhilarating to exasperating as the show went back to spinning its wheels. 

Sheila’s (Latest) Last Stand

Can we just talk about the fact that the plot to expose Sheila made no sense whatsoever? We saw Taylor call Sheila and invite her over immediately after Steffy’s memory returned. When, exactly, did Steffy and her parents arrange for Baker and the others to listen in? How did they know the police would be able to set everything up before Sheila arrived? Obviously, this was all done so viewers could be “surprised” when the cops arrested Sheila, but I’m pretty sure everyone watching knew exactly what was going to happen.

Sheila arrested B&B

“I’ll get you, Steffy… and your little dog, too. When eventually you get a dog.”

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That said, I absolutely loved the speech Steffy made as Sheila was being taken away. “He’s not even going to know the name Sheila Carter,” Hayes’ mom said of her son. “He’s not even going to know you exist. You’re going to be completely erased. Because people like you? You’re not loved. You’re forgotten.”

Go ahead and drop the mic, Steffy. You earned it!

What Else Ya Got?

Unfortunately, once Sheila was hauled off, we wound up spending the next couple days spinning our wheels as everyone talked about Brooke. Would Ridge forgive Brooke? Would Taylor lose Ridge to Brooke? Would Brooke finally stop asking why she drank that night? (Ironically, we went from “Why did I drink?” being repeated endlessly to people saying “Now we know why she drank.” This was not much of an improvement.)

Instead of capturing the viewer excitement generated by the big Sheila/Steffy showdown, the soap immediately embraced all of its worst tendencies. Even when we finally cut to Eric and Quinn, it was so they could talk not about their marriage or even his new pickleball obsession, but… Brooke and Ridge. Worse, Quinn didn’t even get to snipe about her longtime rival.


Friday, we finally got some good plot developments as we finally circled back to the fact that Thomas knew for a while about the “prank” Sheila had pulled on Brooke. Throw this latest incident on top of the young man’s pretty spotty record, and you sort of have to wonder if maybe, just maybe, the guy is a bit of a sociopath.

Thomas and Emma argue on Bold and Beautiful

“Emma, here’s how it’s gonna go. It’s my way or dead-by-the-side-of-the-highway.”

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Let’s not forget that over the years, he’s haunted Douglas in order to score points with Hope, blew up Rick’s car (not to mention pushing him out a window and torching his house), left Emma to die without even bothering to call for help. Yet after declaring how upset they were while alone, Ridge and Taylor bent over backwards to assure their son that nothing that happened was his fault.

Friday also gave us Brooke and Sheila coming face-to-face, although that didn’t really amount to much. If anything, it seemed as if Brooke learned absolutely nothing, marching into the lion’s den with a sharp, pointy stick. Given how often Sheila has returned, wouldn’t it have been smart to leave well enough alone, just in case?

“This isn’t over, Brooke. You, Ridge, Steffy, you haven’t seen the last of me,” warned daytime’s legendary psycho. “Because I will be back!”

I’m hoping that Sheila manages to cause trouble from behind bars, because honestly? The show needs her.

Say It Again, Ridge

There were several lines this week which struck me as extremely funny… even if they weren’t necessarily intended to be. For example, when Sheila was trying to pin the blame for what went down in the alley on Steffy, Ridge suddenly shouted, “Shut up! I can not listen to that voice any more!” Nobody delivers sarcasm-laced lines such as that one as well as Thorsten Kaye. I immediately wanted someone to turn the moment into a gif… because how much use would we all get out of that in our daily lives?

Bold Beautiful Ridge

“Press 1 if you’d like this message to play on an endless loop. Press 2 if you’d like this message to shut up. Press 3 if you’re happy and you know it… then clap your hands.”

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Random Thoughts

• Put the Spencer men in a scene, and I’m happy. Watching Bill and Wyatt mock Liam and Hope’s cottage was priceless. That said, I wasn’t sure if the writers were laughing at or with us when, moments after having Bill declare, “There’s nothing funny about that ‘destiny’ garbage, and it’s gonna make me puke,” the episode ended with the romantic music swelling as Brooke declared that Ridge was… well, her destiny.

Bill, Liam noggin B&B

“Dad, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how knock-knock jokes work.”

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• Bill saying that “the dressmaker” wasn’t there for Brooke when she needed him rang hollow given that he wasn’t, either. In fact, getting to spend a little time with the force of nature that is Dollar Bill only served to remind me just how much I miss his presence on the show. How is one of the most dynamic characters on the canvas relegated to talk-to status?

• Why is Ridge moving in with his father? The dude is rich. If Sheila — who had no discernible means of support — can live in a hotel, surely he can, too.

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