By Rocking Steffy’s World, Bold & Beautiful May Have Just Won A Whole Slew of Daytime Emmys — Plus, What Happens *After* Sheila’s Busted?

April 25-29, 2022

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This year’s Daytime Emmy nominees won’t be announced until May 5, but I’m already predicting that a year from now, they’ll be submitting one of this week’s episodes in several categories. Meanwhile, it looks as if we’re heading toward Sheila’s downfall… and, unless I miss my mark, another huge Steffy twist. 

Must-See TV

I’m a sucker for a big, emotion-filled beat that’s well played. And I’ve long said that no other soap does moments like this as well as Bold & Beautiful. So when Steffy remembered Finn this week, you can bet I was in tears (and hitting rewind). I made the rest of my household watch, telling them to watch Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s beautiful work and listen to the killer music cues.

Steffy cry Finn dead B&B

We’ll give you something to cry about… an Emmy nomination!

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This was the kind of soap opera moment that gets me excited. This is what it means to give the audience that pay off that they’ve been anticipating. This is why I fell in love with the genre all those years ago… and frankly, it’s why I dish out so much tough love. Because I know what the genre can do when it’s firing on all cylinders, which happens all too infrequently these days.

This year’s Daytime Emmy nominations won’t be announced until Thursday, May 5, and I’m already willing to predict that next year, Bold & Beautiful will submit this episode for Outstanding Daytime Drama, and that it will earn a nod for Wood. Go ahead, write it down… in ink. I’m that sure of my prediction!

Not So Fast, Liam…

I was thrilled with how quickly the soap had Steffy remember Finn (if only so she’d stop referring to “my husband” Liam a dozen times per episode). It was as if the writers realized that this might make for a fun quick hit, but as a long-term plot it would turn off a very big portion of the audience.

hope, liam promo cbs sports B&B

“Hope is already glaring at me, isn’t she?”

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Of course, anyone who thinks Liam isn’t going to find himself drawn to Steffy during her recovery might want to turn in their Bold & Beautiful fan card, ’cause you can already see them laying the groundwork.

Shrink Rap

Taylor continued to point out to anyone who’d listen that she’s a psychiatrist. (And thanks to the awesome Twitter feed of portrayer Krista Allen, it’s impossible not to hear “world renowned” in front of the word “psychiatrist.”) But she might want to spend a little time doing some self-actualization exercises, because somehow, she doesn’t hear herself all but picking up pom poms to cheer on a Steffy/Liam reunion.

Bold beautiful thomas taylor office HW

“If you’re still interested in Hope, this might be a good time to spend some family time with her and Douglas. Why? Oh, just ’cause… “

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Of course, Brooke’s not much better, what with trying to stage a full-on reunion with Ridge five feet away from where his daughter is recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound. When Brooke basically said, “Ok, time for you to come home now,” I wondered if maybe she was the one with amnesia. Girl, I get that he’s your husband and you want him back, but maybe don’t try and yank him away from his “other” family just yet.

Bold & Beautiful is basically the anti-Brady Bunch. While that sitcom was all about the joys of blended families, the Logan and Forrester clans seem determined to prove that it is impossible for such collectives to exist.

Payback’s a You-Know-What

According to executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell, May sweeps will focus heavily on Sheila’s secret coming to light. According to Soap Opera Digest, Steffy will remember exactly what happened the night of Finn’s death, which would seem to mean the end of Kimberlin Brown’s latest run as the murderous mom.

Or does it?

B&B sheila taylor rooftop allen brown

Will Taylor get to keep hanging out with her new BFF?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Given the huge story she’s in the center of, it’s easy to forget that Wood is soon going to be on maternity leave. What better way to facilitate her temporary exit than by having Steffy’s confrontation with Sheila result in the recent shooting victim, having perhaps rushed her recovery process, fall back into a coma? Shipping Steffy off to a long-term care facility for the duration of Woods’ maternity leave would leave Sheila free to worm her way even further into the Forrester family.

Random Thoughts

• It’s about time Bill showed up at the hospital… although it made me wonder where Wyatt has been. Not only is he Liam’s brother, but he was once married to Steffy.

Wyatt, Steffy wedding Bold and Beautiful

Sure, we’ve had naps which lasted longer, but they were at one point wed!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• The scenes in which Sheila told Deacon that she saw in Finn and Hayes her last shot at redemption were lovely. Deacon is the idea talk-to for Sheila, and should he find out the truth about the shooting it will put him in a deliciously complicated situation.

• It’s insane to me that Bridget has yet to have any semblance of a story. Was Ashley Jones really brought back just to play the role of Steffy’s doctor?

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