Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Forgot Finn, But May Have Remembered Sheila’s Secret — Plus, We’re Ready For a Quinn/Carter Reunion

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Everything old was new again this week on The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy staked a claim on Hope’s husband, Brooke butted heads with Taylor, and Quinn’s visit with Carter reminded us of just how good they were together. But unless I miss my mark, the next thing to make a comeback is going to be a certain piece of art… 

Say It Again

We talk a lot about how repetitive this show’s dialogue is. When the writers find a word or phrase they like, they beat it into the ground, and this week was no exception. On Wednesday’s episode, the word “husband” was used 13 times by the various players in the Steffy story… and that’s not including the times it was said by Carter or Quinn in their scenes that same day.

Bold beautiful steffy liam hospital HW

“Oh, husband, I’m so glad that you’re my husband and that you’re here, like a good husband. Bet Hope wishes she had a husband like you!”

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We cut back and forth from Steffy calling Liam her husband to Brooke and her daughter discussing that he is, in fact, Hope’s husband. Even a person who had never seen a soap before, let alone this one, would have been able to figure out the plot the first time, let alone the fifth or sixth. But man, they were determined to hit that one note until our collective ears bled.

What makes this particularly annoying is that the vast majority of viewers aren’t new. They were not only able to follow the plot, they predicted it two weeks ago. That’s perhaps my biggest complaint about Bold & Beautiful: It refuses to acknowledge the intelligence of its audience.

Best & Worst

When this show is good, it’s great. It plays romantic beats and dramatic twists like nobody else. Sheila killing her own son? Taylor nearly falling off the roof, only to be saved by Sheila? Heck, even Steffy believing she’s still married to Liam is a fun, soapy (if wildly predictable) plot. Plus, as we’re seeing play just outside Steffy’s hospital room, it gives Brooke and Taylor another opportunity to butt heads.

bold beautiful taylor hands out brooke

“Talk to the hand, Brooke. In fact, talk to both of ’em!”

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Speaking of whom, it was a little tough not to be #TeamTaylor in this case. After all, she was arguing that her daughter’s emotional well being was at stake while all Brooke could counter with was, “Yeah, but Liam is married to my daughter.” Brooke wound up coming off as kinda unsympathetic toward a woman who’d lost her husband and was still recovering from a brutal attack.

“I Do… Not Want This!”

But these strong moments are undone by endlessly repetitive dialogue in which the same points reiterated over and over, often several times in a single episode.

And then there are the plots which make no sense whatsoever. That’s right, I’m looking at you, Carter and Paris. This entire story has become about Paris’ would-be boyfriend and mother acting as if she has no free will at all. “If Zende proposes to you,” said Carter, “and he will, you should accept.”

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Apparently, Paris is just a girl who can’t — or won’t be allowed to — say “no.”

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Why? The whole reason Paris got together with Carter was because she didn’t want to tie herself down, let alone to Zende. Why are we now acting as if not only is Zende the love of her life (even if she doesn’t realize it), but that she absolutely must get married? It’s as if Paris is being punished for having the audacity to suggest she wanted to live a little before tying herself to any man.

Friends & Lovers

That said, if they pushed Paris out of Carter’s orbit in order for Quinn to re-enter, I’m all for it. I didn’t really get the point of the Carter/Quinn scenes this week, but they were far better than the nonsensical ones we’ve gotten involving his relationship with Paris. It was interesting to hear Quinn say that Eric is spending a whole lot of nights sleeping in the guest house, although as always, I wish they’d have shown us instead of told us.

Carter, Quinn intense moment B&B

Are we finally going to get our money’s worth out of “Quarter”?

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But that’s another of this show’s bad habits: We only spend time with couples when they are in the midst of a crisis. When’s the last time we saw newly-engaged Flo and Wyatt? When they show up at some point breaking up because Wyatt’s spending too much time at work or Flo’s caught up in some drama, I hope we’re not supposed to feel invested in their relationship.

Give Us the Beats

Even the major storyline that is being played has centered almost exclusively on four or five characters. Where are Finn’s parents? Shouldn’t they be concerned about daughter-in-law Steffy’s condition? It would make sense for them to tell the Forresters that while they’re all at the hospital worrying about Steffy, they’re going to take care of Hayes… which of course would infuriate Grandma Sheila.

jack sheila Ted King, Kimberlin Brown"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.07/2/21© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 8590U.S.Airdate 08/26/21

“Heads, I raise the baby,” said Sheila. “Tails, I kill you and raise the baby.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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And why, when Liam brought Kelly to the hospital, didn’t we see scenes in which he tried to explain to the confused little girl that she shouldn’t mention her baby brother or new stepdaddy? There are so many big, wonderfully emotional beats waiting to be played, but instead we get Steffy saying “husband” 13 times for those who weren’t paying attention.

Random Thoughts

• Exactly what kind of doctor is Bridget? Not so long ago, she was helping Taylor and Nick get pregnant with Jack. (Talk about forgotten characters!) Now, she seems to be singlehandedly handling Steffy’s case. Then again, she was also once a fashion designer, so I guess she’s a Jill of all trades.

Steffy remove portrait B&B

“That’s more like it!”

Credit: CBS screenshot

• I can’t help hoping that before Steffy is released from the hospital, someone digs that black-and-white portrait of her and Liam out of storage and sticks it back up on the wall. You know I love this show’s obsession with portraits!

• Why was Sheila, but not Taylor, in the room when Baker was questioning Steffy? I mean, obviously, it was to create suspense and give us all those close-up shots of the women’s eyes so we — like Sheila — would wonder if perhaps Steffy had remembered. But given that Ridge had just tried to push Sheila out of the hospital, it seemed ridiculous that he’d even consider letting her hang out during the questioning.

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