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Deconstructing B&B: Katie & Wyatt’s playful, sexy chemistry is a hit

July 31- August 4

The cloud hanging over Thomas sort of dimmed the fun of the fashion showdown a bit, however the after-party brought plenty of action, and back in Los Angeles, Eric finally made a move. Also, there was a lot of focus on kissing. Thoughts:

Scheme scream.
Wow, so Spectra Fashions won the most votes at the showdown, not that anyone but Bill knows. He continues to have it in for Spectra due to the damn skyscraper. I love to laugh at Bill’s schemes, but I was a little less enamored with this storyline this week as Bill’s annoying fixation with the building continued to go unexplained, and Caroline kept raging about not going along with the lie…while still going along with the lie. In any case, Thomas elected to share the news that Caroline’s dying with Sally, which will no doubt prove to be the weak link in Bill’s plan. While I love Sally with Thomas, it will be entertaining watching her hold her own at Spectra until the truth comes out.

Mile High Club.
As hoped, Katie and Wyatt got carried away by their success in Monte Carlo and shared a kiss…and then made out. As the celebrations continued, they couldn’t seem to stop indulging; they were flirty and fun! As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Wyatt and Katie have amazing chemistry and are triangle-free – a huge bonus on this show. Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games as Katie, hot on the heels of the Quinn/Ridge kissing affair, spotted another semi-suspicious smooch when Maya bussed Zende on the cheek for having her back. This prompted some viewers to express hopes that she’d, ahem, relax:

As for Maya and Zende, she was looking pretty adoringly at her brother-in-law, as this was the second time he jumped in to defend her honor, the first time being with the formidable Julius. Keeping the incident a secret seemed an odd choice, destined to cause issues somehow down the road. Factor in Nicole being ‘too pooped’ to party, and it’s not too hard to see a pregnancy figuring into the mix as well.

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Kissing affair fallout.
While Eric disowning Ridge packed an emotional wallop, it occurred to me to wonder when Rick’s going to find out. Usually he’d have sniffed this out by now. In any case, the Eric/Quinn/Ridge storyline, as it’s played out, has kind of thrown a bucket of cold water over both of Quinn’s relationships and her formidable personality – which isn’t ideal. Sheila’s return sort of skewed the fallout to an extent, so hopefully that will result in a worthwhile payoff. Quinn’s panic at Eric’s announcement that he wanted a divorce was palpable. Here’s a take on it some can relate to:

Friday notes.
As Quinn pleaded and fought what appeared to be a losing battle to stave off divorce, Sheila turned nasty on Charlie, who is going to need to watch himself if he plans to put himself between Sheila and her life goals. Yike. Katie and Wyatt continued to keep the smile on my face as he ignored her attempts to sweep their attraction under the rug.

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– Candace Young


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