Bold & Beautiful’s Rooftop Shocker Set the Stage for Huge Sheila/Taylor Drama — But What Was With That Totally Skippable Episode?

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A whole lotta Bold & Beautiful viewers gasped, “I didn’t see that coming!” when Taylor literally went over the edge. The unexpected twist was this show at its best… only to a few days later break out all of its very worst tendencies. How? Read on… 

Reversal of Fortune

I don’t think anybody really expected that Sheila would leap to her death, but I’m also willing to bet most didn’t anticipate that Taylor’s effort to save the grieving mom would leave her hanging. The scenes were filled with suspense thanks to Casey Kasprzyk (who, between his hosting duties at Bold Live and work on the mothership, is forcing me to learn how to spell his name without looking). Sure, that big white windowless wall against which Taylor dangled was a little distracting, but overall, the sequences drove home something I’ve said for years: No other soap comes even close where production values are concerned.

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Never let it be said we’re not there when our faves need a little help!

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Now, if only we saw as much effort put into the writing, both on a day-to-day and longterm basis. But more on that in a moment…

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Once Sheila pulled Taylor to safety, the two sat nearby to catch their breath and slowly began talking about what had happened and how it would impact them moving forward. I wish we’d delved a bit more into the history between the women — Sheila did, after all, “kill” Taylor. The closest we got was the shrink saying that “the old Sheila” wouldn’t have saved her.

“Come over tonight. We’ll braid each other’s hair and talk trash about Brooke.”

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I love that the women decided not to tell anyone what had transpired on the roof. I mean, what a delicious thing to keep under wraps so that when the truth about Sheila’s horrific actions come to light, Taylor realizes just how badly she misjudged Finn’s mom. That’s the kind of thing that could potentially leave Taylor questioning other recent decisions, maybe even letting Ridge back into her life after all the pain he, like Sheila, has caused her in the past.

Of course, this is all predicated on the women keeping the rooftop incident to themselves. While they agreed to do so, we all know how much this soap loves endlessly discussing (and flashing back to) plot points, so there’s every chance that by the time you finish reading this sentence… oops, never mind. Taylor already spilled the beans to Ridge, complete with the obligatory flashback!

Sleeping Beauty

The scenes at a comatose Steffy’s bedside were a mixed bag for me. Rather than have Hope talk about how she’d always admired Steffy, I’d love for her the show to have used their longtime rivalry. “I need you to wake up,” Hope might have said. “Who else am I going to butt heads with? You’re the best frenemy I could ever want. You make me fight for what I want, both at work and home.”

It would have played on the history and been far more genuine to the relationship the two of them actually have.

bold ridge steffy hospital coma

“Hey, if you don’t wake up and tell me how to run my life, I might go back to Brooke. And I know you don’t want that!”

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But damned if I didn’t well up when Ridge spoke to God about having already lost one daughter. “Maybe it’s a numbers game up there, maybe you just need numbers,” he speculated. “Well then maybe you should take me, ’cause my bags were packed the day that Phoebe died. I don’t need to be here anymore.”

That was a beautiful use of the history, and Thorsten Kaye played Ridge’s pain perfectly.

We Don’t Talk About Thursday

Things were going swimmingly until we got to the week’s penultimate episode in which… absolutely nothing happened. I know I talk a lot about this show’s refusal to play a B-plot, and here’s where it really could have used one. Because Thursday was almost a parody of a soap opera.

Taylor, Ridge, Thomas, Steffy hospital B&B

“Maybe if we shake the bed a little?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

At Steffy’s bedside, we got lots of close ups of her trembling lips and Sheila looking nervous, wondering if perhaps the patient might whisper, “She shot me.” Despite the fact that we’d been told Steffy was not out of the woods, her family all but badgered her to name her shooter. I might have bought a grief-stricken Jack and Li behaving like this, willing to risk Steffy’s life if it meant finding their son’s killer. But Taylor, Ridge and Thomas?

Oh, and Sheila. Let’s not forget Sheila. I mean, I get why she was in the room… and at first, it made sense. She sort of snuck in, wanting to see if Steffy would name her. But once Ridge realized Sheila was in the room, there was absolutely no reason for him not to have her removed. Or, Ridge being Ridge, for him to physically remove her himself.

Meanwhile, out in the hall, Paris and Zende endlessly recapped the story with Liam and Hope. By episode’s end, the story had not moved one iota. Steffy’s lip was still trembling, Sheila was still fearful she’d be named. You literally could have skipped the episode and not missed a single thing.

What Should Be Happening

Why aren’t there all kinds of secondary dramas playing out at the hospital? Deacon should be there to comfort Sheila. Brooke should come to be there for Ridge, allowing Bridget to overhear Deacon once again tell her mom that he loves her. Bill could be realizing that he neer really got over Steffy, putting him on a collision course with Ridge.

Bridget watch hospital B&B

“Might as well stir up some drama while I’m here!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Having people talk about the story unfolding on the front burner is not the same thing as playing a second story.

Random Thoughts

• Yes, they explained that someone had phoned Eric and told him he didn’t need to come to the hospital, but… yeah, not buying it. No way would he sit home while his grandchild was fighting for her life.

Bold Jack Li HW

“Let’s get a new start somewhere. I hear good things about Port Charles… “

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

More: Bold star explains their absence

• Speaking of absent characters, where were Finn’s parents? Surely they would want to be supporting Steffy’s loved ones during this horrible crisis. I really hope the show doesn’t just shuffle them off the canvas, never to be seen again, explaining that they left town to grieve.

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