Bold & Beautiful Just Pulled the Ultimate Bait-and-Switch — Plus, What We Really Need *Not* to Happen Next

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Fresh off their anniversary, Bold & Beautiful spent this week ratcheting up the tension as Sheila unraveled, Steffy made one bad decision after another and a familiar face returned. It was all building up to a shock billed as a game-changer… but was it really? 

Steffy Hits Pause

Sometimes, you can see the writers stretching things out. For example, as Steffy watched Thomas and Sheila’s secret meeting in the alley, I kept waiting for Finn’s wife to jump into action. It’s not like I expected she would literally jump out and yell, “A-ha!” (although on this show, one never knows), but I did expect her to do… something. Certainly something other than go home and make love to her husband.

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Above: I see nothing wrong with Steffy’s priorities.

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Later, Steffy overheard Thomas on the phone outlining Sheila’s entire plot to push Brooke off the wagon. Again, I sort of assumed Steffy would call out her brother (if only so we could rehash the details a few times, as is this show’s wont), but no. Yet again, instead of doing what we all know full well Steffy would do under these circumstances, she went to see Finn. And then she did the most nonsensical thing of all by heading off to confront Sheila.

New viewers can be forgiven for not seeing why this is problematic. After all, the current version of Sheila is more a low-level pot-stirrer than a full-blown psycho. But the rest of us know that this is a woman who terrorized the Forresters and “killed” Taylor. Translation: Not someone Steffy would take lightly.

Above: Turns out, Sheila is a really close talker.

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That said, the confrontation between the two women was downright thrilling. My favorite moment? When Sheila — pointing out that her plot against Brooke had reunited Taylor and Ridge — got right up in Steffy’s face and said, “We both know it’s exactly what you wanted. You’re welcome.”

Careful What You Wish For

The thing is… this is exactly what Steffy wanted! Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, she really hates Brooke with a passion. On the other, Sheila is flat-out evil. So confused was Steffy about how to feel in this scenario that she wound up sounding kinda hypocritical. Last week, she was routinely and cruelly saying that Brooke chose to drink and brought about her own destruction. This week, when Sheila called Brooke a drunken slut, Steffy took offense, instead saying her former stepmom was “an alcoholic in recovery who hadn’t been tempted to drink in years.”

True, girl, but… not exactly the way you were putting it a few days ago!

By the end of Thursday’s episode, things were getting physical between the women. And with all those warnings about a big twist which would change Bold & Beautiful forever ringing in our ears, we couldn’t help but wonder… would the show really go so far as to kill Steffy?

That would, in fact, be huge.

The Great Switcheroo

Steffy, Finn dead B&B

Above: The good news? Those bags of garbage cushioned Finn’s fall…

Credit: CBS screenshot

For a hot minute, it really did look as if Sheila was going to do away with her daughter-in-law. But those paying close attention — both over the past few days and during Friday’s episode — saw where this was going. When Taylor and Ridge started talking about how Steffy had found the perfect guy and was no longer caught in a destructive cycle with Hope and Liam, it became pretty clear that Finn was toast.

As Finn raced to reach his wife, I started to think he’d wind up getting into a car accident. After all, he was speeding, looking at his phone. But instead, in a typically gorgeous Bold & Beautiful moment — no soap has better production values — he stormed into the alley behind Il Giardino, everything went slow-mo and he was gunned down by his maniacal mom.

What Happens Next?

While Steffy ended the week on the wrong end of Sheila’s gun, it seems pretty inevitable that she’ll survive this deadly encounter. And while the show promised that this week’s twist was the kind of thing that would change lives forever, I can’t help fearing that what it’s really going to do is send us all scurrying back to the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle.

liam hope steffy

Above: Yeah, Hope we kinda feel that way, too.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2)

Sure, Steffy will no doubt have a period of mourning, but I’m willing to bet that by May sweeps, she’ll have that pic of herself and Liam back up on the wall in her living room. Hey, maybe she’ll focus on work for a while or find someone new, but given how much this particular soap loves to recycle plots, that seems about as likely as me walking out of a casino with winnings in my pocket.

Random Thoughts

• We got a new drinking game this week: Chug every time Brooke talks about a “dark, outside force” pulling the strings on her marriage. I feel like sometimes, the writers stumble upon a phrase or line they really like and just hit cut-and-paste a few times in each script.

B&B taylor hand thomas ridge

Above: Be warned… when you talk to this hand, it might talk back!

Credit: CBS Screenshot

• Krista Allen continues to just delight me. She brings such a fresh, fun energy to every scene. And how funny was it when, in response to Thomas suggesting he and Steffy had been “a little” pushy, Taylor quipped, “A little? Try a lotta!”

Check out the photo gallery below in which we look at all the recent Bold & Beautiful comings and goings!


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