Bold & Beautiful’s Anniversary Week Reminded Us How Good (and Bad) It Can Be — Plus, Why We Watch, No Matter What

March 21-25, 2022

Bold Anniversary Mashup Sally Logans Eric Stephanie

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Last year, John McCook — who has appeared on Bold & Beautiful since the first episode, said something that has really stuck with me. “We’ve been telling the same story for 35 years,” he mused. This week, as the show celebrated its anniversary, the truth in those words was driven home by the special episode which capped the week. Because to a certain extent, the story we’ve been following is the one this week’s episodes focused almost exclusively on: the life and loves of Brooke Logan Forrester. 

Return to Boinkberry Island

It’s not always easy being a soap fan. That’s true no matter what show you watch, but today, we’re talking specifically about Bold & Beautiful. Like many of you, I’ve been watching this soap from the beginning. There have been storylines I’ve loved and storylines I’ve hated. It’s safe to say that as often as not, the ones I’ve enjoyed most haven’t been the ones which are popular with the masses.

Don’t believe me? Try this one one for size: I loved the Boinkberry Island saga.

Bold thomas brooke boinkberry island

Oh, come on, you remember… this was the story in which Thomas (played by Adam Gregory at the time) and Brooke wound up stranded on a tropical island. For weeks, the show had been ramping up the sexual tension between Ridge’s favorite wife and his son, but surely that was a line that even this soap — in love as it is with interfamily relationships — wouldn’t cross, we thought.

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And then, the pair of them ate what I’m pretty sure I was the first, at the time, to dub Boinkberries. The psychedelic fruits sent the half-naked pair on a trip that very nearly led them to have sex. Upon heading home, Stephanie tried convincing her grandson to say he’d had sex with Brooke in order to once and for all come between the Slut From the Valley and Ridge.

A whole lot of viewers hated it, but I ate it up.

Through Thick and Thin

I won’t lie: I’m not loving the current storylines. The dialogue is repetitive (“Why did I drink?”), the plot points nonsensical (I’m lookin’ at you, Grace), and many of my favorite characters have been missing for months. I don’t begin to understand how you sideline dynamic and beloved characters like Bill, Eric, Quinn and Katie in favor of featuring the same four or five people day after day.

Rena Sofer, Darin Brooks, Katrina Bowden bb flo quinn wyatt pose hw

That’s just not now soaps work.

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So why do we keep watching? Because we know that when our favorite show — whether it’s Bold & Beautiful or any other — is on fire, there’s nothing better. I will never forget the episode in which it was revealed that Brooke and Oliver had “accidentally” slept together at Hope’s birthday party. My best friend and I practically squealed (it wasn’t pretty) as Brooke took off her mask and Oliver realized what (or should I say who) he’d done.

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I can think of dozens of other moments like this one in which the show delivered everything I was looking for, whether it was big laughs (an inebriated Sally giving an equally drunk Stephanie a haircut), epic romance (Ridge and Taylor in St. Thomas) or heartbreaking drama (Storm’s death).

So yes, when the show is in a slump, I stick with it. I want it to be better, I dish out tough love (often right here in this column), but I tune in, day after day. Because like many of you, I’m a forever fan.

Happy Anniversary… and Many More!

I know some groused about the fact that Bold & Beautiful‘s big anniversary episode revolved around Brooke’s love life, but it seemed entirely appropriate to me. In some ways, this entire show has been about Brooke’s journey. It’s as if the Forrester family has been the pond into which the pebble that is Brooke Logan was dropped, and things have been rippling outward ever since. She was, in essence, our ticket into this glamorous world.

Bold beautiful anniversary photo cast

Would it have been nice if we’d celebrated some of the other legendary characters and storylines which have unfolded over the past 35 years? Definitely. I would have loved a flashback-filled lovefest that left us all oohing and aahing as it took us down Memory Lane.

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Now, however, I’m just looking forward to what comes next. And based on the many, many teases the show has dropped about a major twist that’ll soon rock the canvas, I’m excited. There’s also every indication that next week, Sheila will finally begin showing her dark side again as opposed to sort of wasting her time hitting on Deacon and making nice with Taylor.

Random Thoughts

• Sorry, but I don’t buy for a second that after spying her brother with Sheila, Steffy would go home, change clothes and then casually discuss the situation with Finn. At the very least, she would have waited until Sheila walked away and then confronted her brother, demanding answers.

Bold beautiful steffy finn HW

• Speaking of Sheila and Thomas, why in the world would he agree to meet the woman who once “killed” his mom in an alley? It’s not as if Thomas doesn’t know who he’s dealing with and what she’s capable of!

• I’m sure folks behind the scenes sort of freaked out when the anniversary episode — which had already been pushed back a day by an earlier preemption — wound up being bumped again by breaking news. But I thought having the episode cap the week was a nice touch, and I’m glad they didn’t simply skip it in impacted markets which, given that it was a stand-alone episode, they easily could have.

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