Bold & Beautiful Packed a Whole Lot of Plot Holes, Hypocrisy and Head-Scratchers Into a Short Week

March 14-18, 2022

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This week, The Bold and the Beautiful seemed determined to plow forward with plot points that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s not all that unusual for a soap to have a storyline playing out that seems built upon a shaky foundation, but this particular serial has built an entire house of cards in a wind tunnel. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s dive in… 

The OG Waffler

A while back, Scott Clifton (Liam) told me that his alter ego was created specifically to be the new Ridge, with Hope and Steffy stepping into the shoes of Brooke and Taylor in order to recreate the classic triangle with a new generation. Well, after years of watching Liam bounce between his lady loves, Ridge has apparently pushed him aside to say, “Let me show you how it’s really done.”

Above: “Kid, I was waffling between women before you were an idea in a writer’s head.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I spent a lot of time over the past couple years trash-talking Liam’s choices, but I’m starting to think he’s a stand-up guy compared to Ridge. When Ridge rationalized his return to Taylor’s arms by saying, “This is what Brooke wants,” I realized that what I wanted was to punch him repeatedly. I mean, in what universe could he possible believe — even after hearing the words come out of Brooke’s mouth — that his current wife would want him to go be with his ex.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s decision to “set Ridge free” was beyond ridiculous and clearly a plot point… as proven when a short chat with Liam later, she did the equivalent of smacking herself in the head and saying, “I coulda had a V-8!” Except in this case, what she really said was, “I need to stand up and fight like I used to!”

Danger! Plot Holes Ahead!

It’s problematic to me that the biggest story on the canvas has not one but two ways in which it makes no sense. First, there’s Sheila cheerleading a Ridge/Taylor reunion. Talk about being hoisted on one’s own petard! Ridge absolutely despises Sheila, perhaps even more than Steffy. Even if Sheila does make progress with Taylor, Ridge is going to immediately shut that noise down.

Ridge grabs Sheila Bold and Beautiful

Above: “I may be a sociopath, Ridge, but you, sir, are a lousy tipper!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Then there’s Sheila telling Thomas that if the truth about Brooke’s drinking comes out, Ridge will go back to her. Why? Ridge and Brooke didn’t fall apart because of her drinking. Sure, it might have set things in motion, but he forgave her for that (and, ultimately, for having kissed Deacon). Ridge finally walked away from Brooke because he perceived her as always putting others ahead of him and their marriage. That doesn’t have diddly squat to do with her drinking!

Say What?

There were some truly, spectacularly jaw-dropping lines of dialogue this week. For example, Steffy repeatedly saying that Brooke “chose to drink.” That’s just an ugly thing to say about an alcoholic… and it’s even worse coming from Steffy, who herself has suffered from substance abuse problems. (Sure, her addiction and recovery played out in about 12 minutes, but still.)

Bold steffy switchblade screenshot

Above: Steffy may have forgotten her days of wearing sweats and brandishing a switchblade, but we haven’t. (If we’re being honest, we’ve been working that look since COVID hit.) 

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Then there was this gem: “You said it yourself, dad,” enthused Steffy. “You need peace and stability in your life with a woman you can trust, and that’s not Brooke.” Um, no, Steffy, Ridge never said that. You and your brother have chanted that mantra often, and it appears you’re now literally trying to put the words in his mouth.

Brooke got in a ridiculous line, too. “There’s nobody better than Ridge,” she sobbed, making me think our girl needs to get out more.

Then there was Thomas. When Hope said she wanted to talk to Ridge about the unfolding situation, Tommy Boy suggested — with a completely straight face — that they should “let our parents handle this on their own.” Apparently, he’s already forgotten that just two weeks ago, he literally blocked Brooke from seeing Ridge — and stole his dad’s phone — in order to prevent the adults from figuring things out on a level playing field.

Grace Under Fire

Speaking of things that make absolutely no sense, what are we supposed to make of the Carter/Paris storyline? As deputy editor Charlie Mason (does that make me sheriff editor?) pointed out, Carter’s decision to cave to Grace’s demands makes him the hottest guy we’d never want to date.

Carter greets Paris B&B

Above: Hey, we said we didn’t want to date him. That doesn’t mean we want him to put on a shirt!

Credit: CBS screenshot

But why are they writing Paris as if she has no control over her own fate? She stood up to her mom for about three seconds, only to then have Carter essentially say Grace was right and she should toddle off and hope that Zende pops the question. Maybe, just maybe, this would all make sense if Grace and Paris were have nots along the lines of Tawny and Amber. But Grace is a doctor and Paris runs an international foundation!

Grace keeps threatening to tell the Forrester family what Carter has done. But what, exactly, has he done? Paris and Zende agreed to see other people. Sure, maybe it would have been great if she’d looked somewhere beyond the walls of Forrester Creations for a new guy, but Zende’s dating one of the company’s models… which frankly seems like a way bigger problem. At the first sign of things going wrong, Sequoia could dial up the HR department and create all kinds of chaos.

Random Thoughts

B&B bold ridge taylor bedroom

Above: “This isn’t like Brooke kissing Deacon. She was drunk, we’re sober. Wait, does that make us worse? Never mind.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• No matter what you think of Ridge and Taylor’s instareunion, it’s pretty tough to deny that portrayers Thorsten Kaye and Krista Allen have killer chemistry. I may really, really dislike the way the story has played out, but darned if they aren’t adorable.

• Cherasny Elijah took to Twitter to ask a question I’ve been wanting the answer to for weeks: Where is Sheila’s money coming from? (And yes, the aforementioned Charlie has a theory about that… ) Meanwhile, remember when Sheila did more than cackle over breadsticks and trade quips with Deacon? I’d say that those two and their quote-worthy dialogue might be my favorite part of the show these days.

• Why would Thomas warn Sheila that he was thinking of spilling the beans? He knows that this woman “killed” his mother and has done a host of other horrible things. What make him think she wouldn’t find a creative way to do away with him rather than allow Ridge’s son to sink her plot?

That’s my take on this week’s actions. Now, as we prepare for the show’s big 35th anniversary next week, let’s hear what’s on your mind. Then join us in flipping through a fun photo album featuring then-and-now looks at the cast of the late, much-lamented One Life to Live… including a few faces that will be very familiar to Bold & Beautiful viewers!


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