Bold & Beautiful Was Hit With a Devastating Case of Selective Memory, a Surprising ‘Hero’/‘Villain’ Switcheroo and a Massive Reveal That Changed… Wait, Nothing? Seriously?

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Over and over on The Bold and the Beautiful, we’ve heard Brooke ask what could have caused her to drink on New Year’s Eve. But this week, it was Thomas who got the answer to that supposedly-burning question. Which of course puts him in a very powerful position… or at least it would, if it weren’t for one small problem. What might that be? Read on, and we’ll discuss that as well as all the other action that unfolded this week! 

The Doctor Will See You Now

The scenes in which Brooke swung by Taylor’s office were a complete blast. What I loved about them was that each woman got to speak her truth, allowing the audience to see things from both Taylor and Brooke’s position. And of course, anyone who spent any time on Twitter this week knows that fans of each woman believed their fave to be in the right.

Of course, as we’ve discussed before, scenes like these would be so much more interesting if the writers would allow the characters to fully dig into and reference what’s happened in the past. Taylor referred to Brooke’s alcoholism, but the blonde wasn’t allowed to mention the shrink’s own past substance abuse-issues. (#JusticeForDarla) There’s an awful lot of fun to be had with the long and storied history between these characters, but the show absolutely refuses to fully play it.

Taylor, Brooke square off B&B

The Better Man

Deacon’s history, on the other hand, is brought up regularly and to great effect. Everyone loves throwing into conversation the terrible things he’s done in the past, especially the circumstances surrounding Hope’s conception. The big difference? Unlike, say, Ridge, Deacon owns his past. “Yup,” he says. “I did all of that, but I’m doing my best to be a changed man.”

Better still, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. This week, he tried convincing Ridge to forgive Brooke despite the fact that Deacon would like nothing more than to be the new man in her life. And Sheila may taunt him about living in a broom closet — which I’m fairly sure isn’t legal — but you know what? He’s got a job. We still don’t know how the heck she’s staying in that pretty nice hotel room. (Although we have a theory… wanna hear it?)

I’ve always liked Sean Kanan as an actor but can honestly say I don’t ever remember thinking to myself, “Yes, Deacon is a stand-up guy who would make some woman a great mate.” But I realized this week that the reason I’m really digging Deacon is that he’s exactly what soaps in general — and this one in particular — need more of: He’s a have-not who is honestly trying to better his life.

Deacon, Ridge office B&B

I’ve Got a Secret

We all knew that Sheila switching out Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne would come out eventually. But it seemed to me that the actual reveal was kinda clumsy and, like so many developments on this show, plot-driven. It would have made far more sense for Sheila, who’s been desperately attempting to bond with Taylor, to tell her would-be BFF, “Hey, guess what I did for you? You’re welcome!”

Instead, after Thomas’ rather benign “threats,” Sheila went from zero-to-60 in about three seconds and spilled the beans. Of course, this puts Thomas in a power position, given that what he now knows could change…

… wait a second. Let’s back up. Because the fallout from Sheila’s switch should be practically zero. I know we’re supposed to think that if it came out, the road would be cleared for a Ridge/Brooke reunion, thus giving Thomas motive to keep quiet. But that’s not actually the case at all.

Ridge didn’t dump Brooke because she drank. Far from it, in fact. He supported her every step of the way. He also didn’t ditch his wife because she made out with Deacon or even because the dude spent the night in their marital bed. Sure, Ridge wasn’t thrilled about that, but he did forgive Brooke. It was only when he perceived that she was coming to Deacon’s defense — both in general and particularly during their epic throwdown — that Ridge called it quits.

If anything, Thomas’ new knowledge puts him in a position of power over Sheila, because it’s pretty easy to imagine the hell that would be unleashed upon her by Brooke, Ridge, Hope and others for so heinous an action. In fact, we’ve already put together a handy suspect list of the various people who might already want to do her in…

thomas cliffhouse bb

Random Thoughts

• Taylor seriously needs to fire Audrey. How funny would it be if Taylor went through a rotating roster of receptionists, a la Murphy Brown. Heaven knows this show loves to do crossovers with other CBS shows such as Amazing Race and Big Brother. Why not turn those appearances into a fun running joke as opposed to the really pointless little bit parts they normally are given? Or get her a funny, useless assistant like Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous!

• Wait, Thomas is still trying to find a place to live? At least while talking to his real estate agent, he pointed out how ridiculous it was that Steffy’s entire family is basically crashing at her house. No wonder Finn spends so much time at the office… he wants a little “me” time!

• Speaking of Finn, he and Steffy wouldn’t have to worry about the nanny walking in on their adult time if they did something radical like take it to a bedroom. Given that everybody just walks into the cliffhouse and never bothers to knock, the only reason to be getting busy on the couch in the living room is if they get a thrill out of the idea of being caught. If that’s the case… hey, no judgment here!

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