Bold & Beautiful’s Grace Crossed the Line – Plus, All Hell’s About to Break Loose For Brooke and We Can’t Wait

January 31 – February 4

Grace, Steffy, Brooke, Deacon B&B

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Bold & Beautiful did a little better with the repetitive dialogue this week, although the conversation between Hope and her mother consisted of the same lines about Brooke’s secret on a loop, but there was enough in the way of new developments in the storyline that it wasn’t a big deal. Over at Forrester Creations, it was a rough week for Carter as the newest mama bear in town brought out her claws.


Meddlesome mamas are a soap staple, and Grace Buckingham is gearing up to be one for the books! Glossing right over what her daughter Zoe did to Carter, the outraged woman forged right ahead with a threat to blackmail him if he didn’t end his relationship with Paris… today! As fun as it is to have this element back on the show, I couldn’t help but feel she was over-stepping as someone so new to the Forrester Creations bubble, how little she actually knows about Zende, and considering she hadn’t even spoken to her daughter about the situation yet. It’s also a little odd given that we’re in the year 2022 and it’s a little backward for a mother to be attempting to choose the man her daughter is going to marry. She thinks so highly of Paris’ intelligence, yet doesn’t believe she knows her own mind when it comes to something so important? Okay, I guess. On the other hand, she made some good points. Carter has been acting a little shifty where Zende’s concerned. With all of that said, the addition of Grace has benefited the storyline and actually had me rooting for Carter, and to some extent Carter and Paris, despite being more of the opinion that they shouldn’t have ditched Quinn and Carter so readily.

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Cryptic Comments

Ridge and Deacon make such good adversaries! The verbal sparring match at Il Giardino was a hoot. Ridge came in like a big blowhard and Deacon wanted to tell him he’d kissed his wife so bad you could feel it coming off of him in waves. But he kept his mouth shut as promised (though spoilers tease that’s about to change) and merely needled. His cryptic comments were just enough to get under Ridge’s skin but not to give anything away. Terrific scenes.

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Getting Wiggy With It

Taylor’s new (real!) hair looks so good! I laughed out loud at the line about her long hair looking “wiggy.” Anyway, it’s interesting, but not at all surprising, that Ridge was drawn to her like a magnet after Deacon planted those teeny seeds of doubt in his mind at the restaurant. Me thinks he’ll be right back in Tay-Tay’s office once he knows the truth about Brooke and Deacon.

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Do the Hustle

Yep, all hell is about to break loose for Brooke now that Steffy has confirmed what Douglas told Thomas to be true. I got the biggest kick out of Charlie hustling over to the cliff house to take part in a “covert ops.” Of course, it wasn’t at all what he was imagining, but was every bit as dramatic, when he was asked to hack into Brooke and Ridge’s security feed. Charlie couldn’t believe that Brooke would betray Ridge in that way (has he been living under a rock?) but wasted no time in weighing his options and agreeing to do the deed. Steffy, who now behaves like she got sucked back into a cult, did all but lick her lips and rub her hands together in anticipation, as, with glazed eyes, she repeated her mantra about getting her family back together and the Forresters winning instead of the Logans. As much fun as it is for a secret to come out, especially knowing that Sheila is behind it all, Pod Steffy has been a disappointment. They totally regressed the character for this plot from being a woman who had seen the wisdom of moving on from fighting for an unavailable man. For her to want that for her mother at this point is surprising, and yet, Brooke/Ridge/Taylor is a classic love triangle on Bold & Beautiful, so here we are. What are your thoughts?

This is just my opinion, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below, but first, as we celebrate Black History Month, join us in looking through a gallery of some of soaps’ most important Black characters below.


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