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Deconstructing B&B: Sheila slithers back into Eric’s good graces

July 17 - 21

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Caroline sought her Uncle Bill’s help with Thomas this week, which opened a whole new can of worms, while Sheila continued to use every situation to her advantage as she patiently and chillingly worked her way back into Eric’s life. Thoughts:

Uncle Bill to the rescue.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas and Sally’s relationship was under fire due to Caroline’s return, and this week things only got worse for the duo. Not only was there foreshadowing that Sally’s insecurities would become an issue between them, but Bill became actively involved, which doesn’t bode well. With Bill having two reasons – his skyscraper and Caroline – to break up Thomas and Sally and put an end to Spectra Fashions, he will no doubt go into overdrive to accomplish his goal. Back in the day Bill paid off a doctor to lie about Steffy’s diagnosis to keep Liam from Hope, and more recently he wrote a scathing phony review on Sally’s fashion show to sabotage Spectra. Thomas warned him not to pull anything in Monte Carlo or he’d take him down with him, but is the junior Forrester really any match for Bill at his worst? I’m betting not. In any case, viewers were irked by Bill’s visit to Thomas, which wasn’t only hugely hypocritical considering he didn’t stay with Katie and Will, but instead married her sister (frustratingly Thomas didn’t point this out), but also Bill seemed to have an accusatory air, as though Thomas had left Caroline rather than the other way around:

As for Sally, I’d like to see her get a bit of her strength back. Confronting Caroline was a start, but it was coming from a place of insecurity as opposed to true confidence. While it’s essential she have a vulnerable side, and it’s ideal that she has let down her guard to show that to Thomas, it was her independence and strength of character that he was drawn to, and so it’s frustrating to have her – or any woman – become compliant and unsure of herself just because she fell in love.

Weaving her back way in.
While it was exciting for Sheila to return, it’s a bit ridiculous for Eric, regardless of his despondent state, to have stayed in the same hotel with her and allow her to help him in any capacity. That brings us to the shooting involving Steffy. Sheila was fortunate to only end up with a flesh wound, but even better, it provided her with an opportunity to convince Eric she’s a new and improved woman by protecting his granddaughter. Ack. This tale of Sheila slowly weaving herself back into Eric’s life and good graces is chilling, yet a small part of me can’t help but wonder how the ‘affair’ storyline might have played out if Sheila hadn’t come back and featured so heavily. That said, there are solid beats being played – it was interesting to have Quinn’s appeal to Steffy not entirely fall on deaf ears, perhaps because the threat of Sheila is looming, and for Steffy to address Ridge’s history with him, including how he hurt her mother.

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Friday notes.
Eric took medication handed to him by Sheila, and she coerced a kiss from him. ‘Here we go’ as he is really vulnerable and – yike – always so easily led where wicked women are concerned… It was puzzling that Quinn didn’t fully come clean to Wyatt. At this point why not? He’ll find out anyway.

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– Candace Young


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