Bold & Beautiful Ignored a Slew of Characters We Love to Focus on One We’re Just Not That Invested In — #SorryNotSorry

November 22-26, 2021

bold beautiful paris mashup bill katie eric

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (3); CBS screenshot

It may have been a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but Bold & Beautiful still gave us plenty to discuss. Turns out, this show can squeeze a whole lot of head-scratching, logic-defying, crazy-making plot points into even a three-day week. 

Everybody — Or At Least Somebody — Loves Paris

I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now why the character of Paris doesn’t work for me. Diamond White is adorable and has a sense of style that makes it easy to believe Paris would wind up working in a fashion house. Of course, it’s ridiculous that anyone would hand this young, inexperienced person control of a major business’ charitable foundation, but this is a world in which Bridget Forrester once traded scrubs for a veil in order to become Madame X and take the fashion world by storm so logic doesn’t much apply.

Carter, Zende chat B&B

Above: “Hey, I get it Carter. Los Angeles is a small town, there are only, what, a half dozen ladies to choose from? Of course you’d be interested in Paris!”

Credit: CBS screenshot

I realized this week that my problem with Paris is that, as my dad would say, there’s no “there” there. Her romance with Zende is a snoozefest, largely because the two of them cooing at one another isn’t a plot and neither of them has any defining characteristics beyond being attractive. For a hot second it looked like she’d be a spoiler in the Finn/Steffy relationship, but that went absolutely nowhere. Then Thomas became smitten with her largely out of convenience given that they work and live together, but that, too, took an odd turn this week.

When I Think of You

I want to give the show credit for having Thomas come right out and admit his feelings, and to Paris for shutting him down and saying she was in a relationship. It was a surprisingly open and honest conversation, which was actually kinda refreshing. Unfortunately, it also seemed to shut down the only potentially interesting avenue that this story might travel down.

Paris, Thomas apartment chat B&B

Above: “I also think it’s important that you know I’m now 87 percent less stalkerish, 22 percent less cray cray and, it’s worth noting, richer than Zende. Just throwing that last one in there.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I’m going to assume that this wasn’t really the end of the line. Perhaps Paris, newly aware of how Thomas feels, will find herself realizing that Zende’s not the only game in town. In fact, comparatively speaking, Zende is Go Fish while Thomas is that crazy game your grandma made up with rules that change depending on how many glasses of wine she’s had.

Then again, maybe the show intends to throw Paris at Carter, with whom she interacted quite a bit this week. I wouldn’t mind seeing the show play Carter as single and ready to mingle, dating both Katie and other women at the same time… you know, the way people do in the real world. But it looks as if Zende’s about to put a ring on it (despite the fact that a few weeks ago, he was all about tapping the brakes)…

Daddy Issues

bold li finn jack truth screenshot

Above: “Jack, look at my face. Then ask me again if I’ve forgiven you.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

The other big story this week was the fallout from Jack’s confession that he’s Finn’s dad. Sorry, his biological father. It was weird to me that after Jack spit out the truth, everyone kept referring to him in that awkward way. At the point where a guy is checking off both the “adoptive” and “biological” boxes, can’t you just say “dad” or “father?” It was nice to see Tanner Novlan get some juicy material to sink his teeth into as the betrayal sent Finn into a tailspin, and I continue to absolutely love Naomi Matsuda, whose Li absolutely must be given a showdown with Sheila.

But what was up with Jack going directly from having confessed all to his wife and son to Sheila’s hotel room? Surely that’s the last place he would have gone under the circumstances. Wouldn’t it have made more sense if he’d gone to a bar to get drunk and crossed paths with Sheila there?

Wish You Were Here

Sheila and Deacon may have felt dissed because they weren’t invited to Thanksgiving with the Forrester family, but the people who had reason to fill that way were Eric, Quinn, Donna and Katie. I mean, couldn’t they have at least mentioned that Katie and Bill had decided to visit son Will to share a holiday meal with him at boarding school? And how cringe-inducing was Ridge’s speech? “Speaking of players,” he quipped, “Carter’s here!” In what universe would he make a joke like that about the man who slept with his father’s wife? Ridge then went on to bring up all of the things people in the room would probably rather have forgotten — from Liam’s stint behind bars to Finn finding out about the truth about his dad. And then, just to top it all off, Brooke of all people suggested that everyone should live their lives with kindness in their hearts.

Bold beautiful liam hope thanksgiving

Above: “Really, dude?” thought Hope. “You just had to bring up the prison thing? How about if we talk about that time you made out with Quinn, while we’re at it?”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Those who can, do, those who can’t should just have all the seats in the room.

Deacon and Sheila fantasizing about their ideal Thanksgivings was cute. Interestingly, it’s a lot easier to believe a world in which Deacon is somewhat reluctantly accepted into the family than one in which Brooke teases Sheila about bringing the sweet potatoes. But go ahead, Sheila, dream big! I actually wish that Brooke and Hope had convinced Ridge to let Deacon come to dinner. It would have not only been a tip of the hat to Eric’s Thanksgiving dinners, at which enemies inevitably wound up having to say something nice about one another, and given the episode a bit of dramatic heft.

That’s my take on this week’s episodes, so now, as always, it’s your turn. After sharing your thoughts (and maybe your best stuffing recipe), check out the gallery below in which we look back at the dumbest things our soaps have done in the past year. You probably won’t surprised to find out that Bold & Beautiful made the list… a couple times…