November Sweeps Kicked Things Up a Notch Thanks to Hope and Brooke Taking Stands, Quinn Talking Trash and Ridge Being His Jerkish Self

November 8-12, 2021

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When Deacon showed up a few weeks ago, we had high hopes that it might lead to some good story. And sure enough, this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful delivered on that promise. Better still, the show seemed to be setting up a major crisis for two characters who… well, kinda deserve to have someone rain on their parade. Read on and we’ll discuss all this and more… 

You Go, Girl

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Hope. That has nothing to do with the performances of Annika Noelle or predecessor Kimberly Matula and everything to do with the way the character has been written. And if I’m being fair, the writing has been spot-on, given that Hope’s often come off as exactly what she is: a spoiled young woman who was raised in the lap of luxury and is largely passive as terrible things happen to her.

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Above: “And just so you know, Ridge, you’re still going to get a Father’s Day gift this year, but it’s going to be a crappy one!”

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So when this week, she stood up to stepdad Ridge, I sat up and took notice. Damned if there wasn’t fire shooting from Hope’s eyes as she made it clear that he was not her father and that she was a grown-ass woman who could decide for herself whether or not to trust Deacon. She acknowledged that sure, her dad might be playing her, but it was a risk she was willing to take.

Where Hope lost me a little bit was on her insistence that Deacon not only be allowed to step back into her life but that of the kids. Call me crazy, but maybe you wait a couple weeks before you hand Deacon the proverbial keys to the kingdom. She did, however, have a majorly valid point when she told Liam that his own dad had committed his share of sins yet nobody tried to keep Bill from seeing the kids.

Destiny, Derailed?

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Above: “Brooke, you get that when people say you could have me eating out of the palm of your hand, it’s just an expression… right?”

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Meanwhile, Brooke standing up to Ridge was clearly the first sign that their “destiny” is about to take another hit. Is it wrong that this thrills me? For one thing, last week’s Brooke/Deacon flashbacks really reminded me of just how much chemistry Katherine Kelly Lang and Sean Kanan had and, from what we’ve seen so far, still have. For another, Brooke and Ridge together have become, as we’ve discussed repeatedly in recent weeks, borderline intolerable.

With Taylor returning next month and my girl Shauna still wandering around single, Ridge would have plenty to keep himself occupied should Hope’s parents be drawn back together. (Plus, maybe we could get another visit from Bridget, who’d surely have something to say about the situation!)

Prove Yourself

I couldn’t help thinking that Deacon missed a major opportunity to score points with pretty much the entire Forrester family. Instead of simply saying, “Yup, I broke things off with Sheila,” why not admit that the two of them had pretended to be dating in order to get closer to their kids. He could then have offered to help deal with the sociopath once and for all, proving himself willing to put his own life on the line in order to keep Hope and those she loves safe.

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Meanwhile, where, exactly, does Deacon intend to crash? Surely he’s not counting on Hope and Liam inviting him to move in. And even if he was, that tiny cabin can’t possibly have room for Hope and Liam, their kids and her dad!

Take All the Seats

When did Katie become so salty? When she interrupted Quinn and Carter’s talk, she was downright Brook-like in her condescension. I’ll give her points for asking the same question I had: What in the world was the point of Quinn’s visit? It seemed as if she swung by basically to tell her ex-lover, “Yup, I still love you but… nope, you can’t have me.” If the conversation had a hashtag, it would have been #SorryNotSorry

Quinn, Katie, Carter B&B

Above: “You make a good point, Quinn, which I will now ignore in favor of the narrative that you’re a sinner and I’m a saint.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Quinn also scored points when she pointed out the latest hypocrisy to come out of a Logan sister. “So Carter gets cut some slack, but when it comes to me I’m completely irredeemable?” she asked Katie. “Talk about a double standard!”

Random Thoughts

• Anybody else catch Ridge being about as misogynistic as a character gets when he told Hope and Brooke that he didn’t want to disrespect them, “but I think your emotions are clouding your judgment.” Silly, emotional women, not listening to the big, smart man who sees things so clearly!

Thomas shirtless B&B

Above: Thomas’ motto? “If you’ve got it, flaunt it… even in places where it’s wildly inappropriate to do so.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

• Knowing how often people stroll in and out of the two or three offices shared by the entire staff of Forrester Creations, why do none of the men who use the design space as a changing room lock the door before doing so? And call me crazy, but Zende took it a lot better than I would when he found a half-naked Thomas ogling pictures of Paris!

• How incredibly dumb was it of Finn to sit down for a chat with Sheila? Sure, at least he finally got around to asking who his dad is (although he should’ve also asked if has has any siblings), but given that Il Giardino is the only restaurant in the greater Los Angeles area (or so it seems), shouldn’t he have assumed word of this might reach his wife? Fun, though, having him jump to the semi-logical conclusion that Deacon might be his father.

I suspect you probably have a few thoughts about this week’s episodes (and my take on them), so visit the comments section and let ‘er rip. But make sure to also check out this fun gallery in which we look at some of the most recast roles in daytime history… including a certain Bold & Beautiful hunk who’s had more looks than Brooke’s had second chances.