Quinn Called Out The Logan Sisters and We’re 100 Percent Here For It — Plus, How Hope Got Her Groove Back

October 25-29, 2021

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It’s official: The next character Bold & Beautiful introduces needs to be an executive who works in Forrester Creations’ HR department, and man, will that person have their work cut out for them. Read on and we’ll discuss why before naming Hope this week’s smartest cookie, pondering how it is that Liam’s new look slipped by entirely unnoticed and ask a very important question regarding Taylor’s forthcoming return. Plus, why I wound up cheering Quinn on as she capped the week by threatening her rival.

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex

There were a whole lot of cringeworthy conversations on this week’s episodes, which is sort of becoming the norm. My dad’s about the same age as Eric, and I assure you he would rather curl up in a ball and die than discuss erectile dysfunction — whether his own or someone else’s. A few weeks ago, when Eric was extremely uncomfortable discussing the topic, it felt natural and honest. Now, however, he’s basically chatting about his condition with anyone who walks through the front door.

brooke confronts eric about donna bb

Above: “While I’m here, Eric, we should discuss when the last time you had a prostate exam was. Unless you’d rather we talk about it at the office when Katie and Donna can chime in.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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But more importantly, it’s wildly inappropriate for him to be talking about sex with Brooke, especially knowing how his current wife feels about the former Mrs. Eric Forrester. Then again, that’s really nothing considering what he and Donna spent the week doing. I know we’re supposed to find it romantic that Donna is content to get Eric’s motor revving and then send him racing home to Quinn, but I wound up feeling sorry for both women.

“I wish I had better news for you,” Eric told Donna after their first honey-fueled encounter got a literal rise out of him, “but it didn’t really happen with Quinn last night.” He then hugged Donna, had another “reaction” and yet again went running back to Quinn only to experience another failure to launch.

And in what universe is it acceptable for the head of a company to rub up against his secretary in order to cure his ED? I get that Donna is a willing participant here, but… I don’t know, the whole thing feels really, really inappropriate. When Eric thanked Donna by saying the situation could have been “weird or awkward or uncomfortable,” I found myself thinking, “It was… for us!” And it didn’t help that Brooke and Katie were downright gleeful to learn that their sister was being humped in the office by her married boss.

That Ain’t Love

Brooke dashed over to Eric’s house to basically say, “My sister turned you on, so clearly you love Donna, not Quinn!” This was yet another example of this show equating sex with love. I wish instead of this awkward sex farce, the writers had told a very relatable story about how sometimes about keeping the spark alive in a sexual relationship. Eric would certainly not be the first person to fantasize about someone other than their partner during sex.

Bold donna eric sex AM

Above: We wouldn’t blame Eric for flashing back to some of his long-ago encounters with Donna — including this office romp — for inspiration!

Credit: Aaron Montgomer/JPI

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Imagine if Eric began doing exactly that and then feeling awkward around Donna at the office. Donna, oblivious to what was going on inside his head, would be confused as to why he was suddenly treating her different. Eric might even feel guilty enough to eventually confess his active fantasy life to Quinn, who would be understanding with Eric… even as she found herself becoming jealous of — and acting out toward — the completely innocent Donna. Would Quinn’s irrational jealousy become an issue? Would Eric cross the line with Donna?

This scenario would allow you to play steamy fantasy sequences between Eric and Donna, but it would also allow her to avoid looking pathetic… which is how she is currently coming across. Meanwhile, I was all in for Quinn’s diatribe against Donna in particular and the Logan sisters in general. Only a few weeks ago, I was unhappy about the fact that Quinn kept insisting Eric had essentially pushed her into Carter’s bed. But Donna, Brooke and Katie have been so obnoxious of late that they actually managed to make me feel sorry for Quinn! (Bonus points to Wyatt’s mom for using something as simple as an office chair into a weapon… I don’t know about you, but that whole scene essentially came across to me as Quinn threatening to break Donna’s kneecaps if she didn’t stay away from Eric!)

The Best Laid Plans

I was happy to see that Hope didn’t just immediately jump aboard the Sheila/Deacon train, and instead was suspicious of their supposed love connection. Hope can sometimes come off as a little naive, so her being skeptical was a nice change of pace. It’s also been nice to see her talk about something other than Liam and to someone other than him and her mom. As usual, the show treated viewers as if they weren’t smart enough to connect the dots, cutting back and forth between Sheila explaining her plan to Deacon and it playing out in real-time at Steffy and Finn’s place.

Bold hope deacon sheila restaurant HW

Above: “This is not my happy stance, dad. And no, I will not go up to the bar and get the two of you another round of drinks!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

I’m always a fan of seeing characters who don’t interact all that often get a chance to do so, which has been the case lately with Finn and Hope. Not sure how I feel about the idea of them as a potential pair — opposites attract, and these two seem far too similar — but it’s an interesting chemistry test.

I’m sorta surprised that Deacon hasn’t jumped at the opportunity to bed Sheila. She’s repeatedly (and rightly) pointed out that he’s been in prison for a while, and history has taught us that Deacon isn’t all that particular about who satisfies his needs.

Random Thoughts

• I’m sorry, but walking around with an open bottle of honey in your purse — and having another in your desk drawer — seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Trust me when I say there’s absolutely nothing sexy about spilled honey.

• Stoked as I am that Taylor’s coming home at long last, I’ll be interested to see what brings her back to Los Angeles. After all, her son having brain surgery and her daughter being addicted to drugs didn’t do the trick. (Then again, Steffy’s addiction storyline was so short that by the time someone called Taylor, her daughter’d been rehabbed.)

Bold Jack Li HW

Above: “Why won’t our biological son come and visit his biological parents? Is it because we didn’t help him with his biology homework when he was younger?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Why have Finn’s parents — sorry, his biological parents, as we are apparently required to call them — completely disappeared. And why does Sheila keep saying she “found Finn” after all these years when she knew who’d adopted him from the start?

• Why hasn’t Quinn insisted that the guards stop letting Brooke just walk through the front door any time she feels like it? I’m pretty sure rich people don’t let stuff like that happen under the best of circumstances, let alone when a psycho who has repeatedly made attempts on their lives just married into the family.

• How did Hope and Finn not notice — let alone comment on — Liam getting a whole new look while they were at lunch?

Ready to give me your thoughts on this week’s episodes? Of course you are! So hit the comment section and then, as we count down to Taylor’s arrival, check out how her return will shake up the canvas and join us in looking at the complicated history of Steffy’s much-missed mom.


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