Has Sheila Finally Met Her Match in Steffy? Plus, the Quinn/Carter Twist That’ll Upset a Whole Lot of Viewers

September 6-10, 2021

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We may still have a whole lot of questions where The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila is concerned — like where all her other kids are — but watching her and Steffy butt heads this week was an awful lot of fun. Elsewhere, Paris became the latest local hypocrite and Eric got an earful as the show seemed really and truly heading toward a storyline that’s going to cause a whole lotta folks to clutch their pearls. Ready to discuss this week’s action? Then let’s dive in! 

Sympathy For the She-Devil

Is it insane that I actually felt a little bit sorry for Sheila this week? I know, I know, she’s evil incarnate. She’s kidnapped babies and shot people and gotten orders wrong during her stint as a waitress. But Steffy was just so… mean!

bold beautiful steffy sheila hospital HW

“It was a damn emoji, woman, not a love letter!”

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There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when watching a soap: It’s easy to forget that as viewers, we know things that the characters don’t. For example, Steffy is fully convinced that Sheila’s faking and, of course, she’s right. We know based on what we’ve seen — creepy smiles, messing with the medical equipment — that Sheila’s up to her old tricks. Steffy, however, can only suspect at this point. So if I look at what Steffy’s doing from that point of view, I can almost — note that I’m stressing the almost — feel sorry for Sheila.

In any case, the fact that I feel any sympathy at all for Sheila is a testament to Kimberlin Brown’s performances. Sheila’s been kicked around and maybe, just maybe, what she really needs is a little bit of love.

Prepare Her Portrait

One thing I really love about this story is that it’s reminded us that Steffy is a whole lot like her late grandmother, Stephanie. Quinn may currently be the reigning Forrester matriarch — a fact that drives Brooke wonderfully insane — but Steffy is more than ready to take on the title.

Bold steffy stephanie judging HW

“I’d rather see your portrait up there instead of Quinn’s, that’s for sure!”

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I often struggled where Steffy’s relationship with Liam was concerned, as it made her seem weak in my eyes. I was like, “Hey, if that idiot can’t see how awesome you are, he’s not worth your time.” Finn not only sees all of his kinda/sorta wife’s qualities, he worships them. And unlike with Liam, this is a relationship in which Steffy has all the power. The second Finn disappointed her, she booted him to the guest house and refused to sign the documents making their marriage official.

And while I may feel as if Steffy’s been a bit harsh where Sheila’s concerned, at least she’s taking action. The rest of the family stands around wringing their hands and fretting while Steffy gets right in Sheila’s supposedly-unconscious face and starts clapping!

That’s the Steffy I want to see front-and-center.

Meanwhile, I practically cheered when Finn finally made the wise decision by exiling Sheila from his life. Better still, he stopped calling her “mom” or “mother” and once again referred to her by name. Of course, this led to that awesome Friday cliffhanger in which the dramatic music blared as Sheila stomped around a dark room basically saying Steffy would rue the day she’d stood between the miffed mom and her son.

Hands Off!

I get what they’re doing with Paris. Clearly, as Sheila continues to come between Finn and his wife, new confidante Paris will be there to offer… comfort. You know, the kind that usually winds up being shared beneath the sheets.

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Will this friendship’s benefits go beyond the free housing Paris is currently receiving?

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But honestly, the whole thing is wildly unnecessary. Sheila coming between Steffy and Finn merely by existing creates tons of story. And if they really felt the need to throw the idea that Finn might cheat into the mix, why not use Hope? It would totally make sense for Liam to be spending more time with Steffy, given that they might both fear for the safety of their daughter Kelly. Knowing the history there, Finn might find himself turning to Hope for reassurances that there was nothing to worry about… only to have her wonder if perhaps there was.

That would make a whole lot more sense than Paris suddenly being so heavily involved in Steffy and Finn’s lives. Frankly, given everything going on between them, she should offer to move out so as not to serve as another unnecessary distraction.

Sexual Healing

Now that we’ve talked about the Sheila storyline — which is basically a very traditional soap tale — let’s discuss those week-ending Carter/Quinn/Eric scenes which were anything but. In the episode’s early moments, as Eric sat staring at his wife and waxing poetic about her beauty, I suspected where we were going. Then, when Carter arrived, having been summoned by Eric, I was certain.

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Quinn, too, seemed to quickly realize what was about to happen. When Carter asked “Where are we going with this?” she quickly responded, “Nowhere! We’re not going anywhere with this. It stops here!”

But Eric was determined. “This is not a comfortable subject for me to talk about,” he admitted before sharing with Carter the truth about his intimacy issues. “I’m not able to satisfy my wife.”

And finally came the big moment. “I’ve come to the conclusion,” he told Quinn, “that just because my sex life is over doesn’t mean yours has to be.”

I have spent years championing more adult storylines in general, but in terms of human sexuality in particular. I was perhaps the only person on the planet who cheered The Young and the Restless for oh-so-briefly allowing Nikki and Victor to toy with the idea of an open marriage. While that show quickly backed away from the subject matter, whether because of viewer reaction or a belief it wasn’t working, I’m hoping Bold & Beautiful will move forward.

There will be viewers who are turned off, no question. Some will even threaten to quit watching (although I suspect they’ll ultimately find themselves unable to look away). But as with last year’s story about Thomas and the mannequin, it will get people talking. And the more they talk, the more others will hear and possibly find themselves wanting to check out this daring storyline.

Is it a risk? You bet. But as a gambling man, I believe it’s one worth taking.

Random Thoughts

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• Anybody else already anticipating Brooke’s reaction upon finding out about Eric and Quinn’s decision to try an open marriage? Hope she’s standing in a carpeted room at the time, ’cause her jaw is gonna hit the floor.

• Another week with absolutely no mention of the deal Justin struck with Thomas and Ridge. Nor did we get any mention of those scenes in which Brooke indicated she wanted to push Steffy aside to become co-CEO of Forrester with Ridge. And yes, I’m probably going to mention this every single week until either these stories are picked up or… well, I get bored and find something new to harp on.

• While I will never complain about seeing Carter strip down, it’s kinda ridiculous how often people undress at Forrester Creations. And I’d point out they could at least lock the door, but they don’t even do that at their mansions…

That’s my thoughts on this week’s episodes and I must admit, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say… particularly about the Eric/Quinn/Carter story about to unfold! Share your thoughts in the comments section, then check out a Bold & Beautiful leading man’s thoughts on turning 42 — and celebrate other stars who don’t just admit but own their age.


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