Sheila’s Fake Out Will Really Kill Steffy and Finn’s Marriage — Plus, What’s Next For Carter, Quinn and Eric?

August 30-September 3, 2021

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I’d love to say we have a lot to talk about where this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are concerned, but that wouldn’t really be true given that very little actually happened… at least not until Friday’s episode. We do, however, need to discuss the Steffy/Finn situation, not to mention the Sheila move that’s going to feel awfully familiar to most viewers and how Shauna wound up being the smartest person in the room. Ready to dive in? Then let’s go! 

Happily Never After

Even on a show that tends to rush things, Steffy and Finn’s marriage fell apart ridiculously quickly. As I predicted last week, Steffy’s mention of that unsigned marriage license was anything but casual. Steffy — understandably miffed at her hunky kinda-sorta hubby’s boneheaded move — refused to sign the document that would make their marriage legal and exiled him to the guest house.

Bold B&B Steffy Finn kiss makeup HW

At just over three minutes, this was Steffy and Finn’s longest stretch of happiness yet.

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I have to say that I’m totally #TeamSteffy here. Yes, Jack created the situation by inviting Sheila over without his son’s knowledge, but once she was there, Finn should have immediately shown her the door. And he sure as hell shouldn’t have put Hayes into her arms, even in exchange for a promise that she’d then leave town. Frankly, Jack should have manned up and told Li the truth rather than caved under Sheila’s blackmail. I actually love Finn’s folks and would enjoy seeing more of them.

The minute Finn and Steffy had their insta-reunion, you knew Sheila would show up. But this time around, Finn actually did the right thing and immediately told her to get outta Dodge, prompting her to collapse melodramatically. Anyone thinking perhaps Sheila is really ill need only look at the below freeze-frame of Friday’s last shot in which the supposedly unconscious vixen gave us a little smile…

B&B sheila

Insert sound of evil (but silent) laugh here.

In any case, we all know what’s coming next. Big-hearted, empty-headed Finn will find himself wanting to be by his mother’s side as she convalesces, further alienating Steffy — who will rightfully insist Sheila’s a big ol’ faker — in the process.  If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because this exactly same story played out when Sheila wormed her way into a Forrester bedroom after battling with Quinn.

But I suspect we’ll talk more about those similarities next week…

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Sharing Secrets

I loved watching Quinn try and help Eric deal with his intimacy issues. Hearing her say they would take it as slow as necessary and work through this problem together was wonderful, and something I suspect more than a few people in the audience are dealing with themselves. John McCook and Rena Sofer have handled this potentially difficult material beautifully, and I’m intrigued by the tease executive producer/headwriter Bradley Bell gave Soap Opera Digest regarding where this story will go in the weeks ahead.

B&B Bold eric quinn HW

“Eric, this is why God invented mommy porn.”

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“We have a new twist coming in this fall that should raise a lot of eyebrows,” he said. “A story I think maybe you’ve never seen before on daytime. It will be controversial.” You might recall I recently advocated a storyline in which Eric urges Quinn to seek sexual release outside of their marital bed. While that would certainly cause a few pearls to be clutched, I’m also keeping in mind that Bell described Vinny’s death as a murder mystery so…

As for what’s playing out currently, I really need Quinn to stop having inappropriate conversations with Carter… especially while standing in Eric’s office! I wanted to give Shauna some kind of Truth Teller’s Award for calling out her gal pal. “After everything that’s happened, when you almost lost,” she said in taking Quinn and Carter to task, “that the two of you would be behind closed doors together where anyone could easily misinterpret.”

Bold shauna quinn HW

“No one is listening, it’s the maid’s day off. By the way, could you take the garbage to the curb on your way out?”

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Of course, when the ladies decided to go somewhere more private for this chat, they moved it to… Eric’s living room! Have you people never heard of a bar? I wanted to laugh at Eric lurching behind the potted plant, but the look on his face as he heard Quinn say she loved him so much she’d happily give up the passions of the flesh was heartbreaking.

Now if only they’d give Shauna something to do. I’d hoped that Brooke butting into Eric’s personal life might cause a Shauna-sized rift in her marriage, but Ridge seems determined to support his wife’s efforts to drive Quinn out.

Random Thoughts

• Why has Paris been living in a spare room in the main house as opposed to the guest house? When the time came for Steffy to boot Finn from their bedroom, the writers could have had her ask Paris to do a swap with Finn, at which point she could have moved into the spare bedroom and he’d schlep down the sidewalk to the guest house.

• Speaking of the guest house, how funny would it be if that very nice, pristine space slowly but surely got cluttered as a result of Finn being a little bit of a slob. (Hey, we saw how badly he was folding the laundry a few weeks ago!)

Bold carter office phone HW

“Yeah, I make a little extra money by answering phones for Pam and Donna when they’re on break.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Why does the COO of Forrester Creations not have an office? The poor guy was making presumably important phone calls out of the design office, which is already occupied by half a dozen characters. I’ve heard of shared workspaces, but this is ridiculous!

• Two weeks ago, Zende suggested he and Paris slow things down. This week, he proposed that they move in together. Clearly, this latter move was done only to service a plot in which Paris rejects her boyfriend’s offer out of concern for Finn, a guy she’s clearly going to fall for.

Before sharing your take on this week’s episodes in the comment section, join me in looking at the ever-growing list of people whom Sheila has ticked off and asking which one of them might be motivated to do away with the infamous bad girl… or at least give it the old college try!


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