Is Eric Pulling a Fast One on Quinn and Carter? Plus, We’ve Got Some Big Questions About Sheila’s Latest Claim

August 16-20, 2021

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Emotions were running high this week as The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Eric made a move which shocked Carter and Quinn, but left me suspecting there might be more to the story. Meanwhile, the reveal that Finn’s adoptive dad is also his biological father had me arching my eyebrow, Sheila style, and had me adding yet another question to my ever-growing list of queries regarding this plot. 

Farewell, My Love

Like most of you, I was beyond baffled when Eric suddenly decided to forgive Quinn, re-hang her portrait and essentially put all the blame for her affair on himself. I mean, it was a lot, and it happened so quickly I got whiplash. Even Quinn and Carter were like, “Wait, did that just happen?”

Carter, Quinn intense moment B&B

Even as they were saying goodbye, we were shouting, “Kiss! Kiss!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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The scenes in which Quinn and Carter declared their love even while saying farewell to what they’d shared reduced me to tears. Rena Sofer and Lawrence Saint-Victor’s performances were raw and genuine, the script didn’t let them down and the music cues were designed to pluck at the heartstrings. This was Bold & Beautiful at its absolute best.

Less well executed were the scenes in which Quinn arrived to find Carter and Eric casually chatting about the affair as if it had been nothing more than an emotional fender bender. For one thing, Quinn knew that Carter was heading to the mansion in order to deliver the portrait. Why wouldn’t she have waited a couple hours to avoid that awkward crossing of paths? And when she nearly broke into tears as Carter was exiting, I was left wondering how Eric couldn’t see the depth of his wife’s connection to her lover.

And that’s when it hit me…

The Unforgiven

What if Eric hasn’t actually had a change of heart but is, instead, toying with Quinn and Carter? Sure, that seems unlikely for a couple reasons, not the least of which is that this show has absolutely no poker face when it comes to keeping unfolding plots under wraps. But the guy has been married to some of daytime’s most manipulative women and perhaps he picked up a few tricks along the way.

Bold B&B Eric stephanie hand SS

Eric learned many things from Stephanie, but he never really “got” the whole slapping thing down.

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How cool would it be if Eric has welcomed Quinn home hoping for the best, but kind of expecting the worst. He could set up several scenarios which put the erstwhile lovers directly in the path of temptation… only for them to resist. But he takes the try, try again approach, his own mental state unraveling. (Perhaps because Sheila has hired a maid to slip him a mind-altering drug, hoping that will allow her to worm her way back into his life?)

I mean, I’d watch that.

Worst. Mom. Ever.

The Sheila story continues to leave me with a whole lot of questions. For example…

  • If she’s been keeping an eye on Finn all these years, then why does she seem continually surprised when she Googles her son and finds out he’s “a doctor… and so handsome!” Wouldn’t she know these things? And why does it seem like a new revelation to her several times a week? Bold beautiful B&B sheila kimberlin HW

    Yeah, sure, this is a totally normal way for a mom to react to a text from her son.

    Credit: Howard Wise

  • When, exactly, is this pregnancy supposed to have taken place and how does it fit into the Young & Restless/Bold & Beautiful timeline of already established events?
  • Why did Sheila decide to approach Finn on his wedding day when she easily could have simply gone to the hospital and seen him in a professional capacity?
  • Why is Sheila staying in a hotel when, as far as we know, she’s been living in L.A. and working as a waitress at Il Giardino?
  • If she’s so determined to be a good mom, why haven’t we heard her so much as mention Mary, Diana, Carter or Ryder? And I don’t mean simply since she emerged from the shadows at Finn’s wedding, but during her entire last run?

As for Jack being Finn’s biological dad, I just don’t buy it. Sure, I can see why Sheila would say it, given that the claim makes for an awesome blackmail tool. But from a dramatic standpoint, it’s a non-starter. We have no connection to Jack and there are far more interesting possibilities out there.

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Meanwhile, what’s up with Finn’s complete disinterest in who his father might be? “My whole life,” he told Paris, “I had this missing piece and now I’ve found it.” Um, dude, you had two missing pieces. Don’t make me try and explain the birds and the bees to you, because I was taught by an outdated pamphlet and feel like I might have gotten a few of the basics wrong.

Random Thoughts

• This soap’s dialogue is ridiculously repetitive as it is, so one thing we definitely don’t need is what we got on Thursday when Paris flashed back… to a conversation which had taken place five minutes earlier.

Finn, Paris, Zende cliff house B&B

“Wait, so you’re saying three isn’t company? Another lie told to me by sitcom reruns!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Speaking of Paris, why did she blow Zende off in favor of hanging out with a down-in-the-dumps Finn? Couldn’t she and her boyfriend have both kept the guy company? She may be living with Finn and his wife, but Zende’s the one who’s actually related to Steffy by marriage.

• At least when Eric had Carter schlepping Quinn’s portrait around town this time, he had the good grace to acknowledge it wasn’t exactly in the COO’s job description.

• I’m beginning to think I dreamed the scenes in which Justin went to Ridge and Thomas to strike a deal. That intriguing plot hasn’t been mentioned once since the show decided to go all-in on Sheila. And remember when Brooke implied that new-mom Steffy might have so much on her plate that she’d happily just hand over the co-CEO title? That, too, has been completely dropped, despite Steffy being more distracted than ever thanks to her new mother-in-law.

• Here’s a question I never thought I’d have to ponder: What is the right emoji to send the woman who on the one hand is your newly-discovered birth mom, but on the other has made numerous attempts to kill members of your new wife’s family? Clearly a heart emoji was the wrong way to go.

Now that you’ve read my take on this week’s events, share your own thoughts in the comment section. Then take a peek at the real-life loves of your favorite Bold & Beautiful stars via our photo-packed gallery.


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