The *Real* Reason Steffy and Finn Are Being Rushed Down the Aisle — Plus, How Quinn Can Shut Brooke Down for Good

July 26-30, 2021

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Get ready, because The Bold and the Beautiful is ramping up for what it’s calling “the wedding of the century.” Of course, in the real world, that would involve months of preparations and a wedding planner or two. But we’re pretty sure in this case, it’ll simply mean calling Eric to see if he can have someone get the white folding chairs out of storage and have them set up in his living room. Meanwhile, this week saw Quinn stand up for herself in a quiet, dignified fashion that had viewers cheering and two plots completely vanish (along with Hope and Liam). Ready to discuss what went down, what went missing and what the rush is where Steffy and Finn’s wedding is concerned? Then read on, friends! 

An Unmarried Woman

For a hot second there, it looked as if Steffy might prove that she’s a modern, independent woman by insisting that she and Finn didn’t need to rush down the aisle. After all, she told her dad, why ruin a good thing? But moments later, Ridge had not only convinced his daughter that marriage was obviously what she really wanted but had her telling Finn they needed to tie the knot ASAP.

steffy tells finn she wants to get married bb

Steffy’s one request? That Finn not ask Liam to be his best man. “I mean, if he’s standing there right next to you at the altar… accidents happen… “

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It was yet another reminder that this particular soap, for all its modern trappings, operates with the morality of a particularly judgmental 1950s housewife. At least half a dozen times this week, we were reminded that while Steffy didn’t need a man, it would be kinda-sorta unnatural for her and Finn not to get married, and as soon as possible.

“Finn seems like a traditional guy,” said Katie at one point, “so we’re wondering why [he and Steffy] aren’t married yet. Especially now that there’s Hayes.” I’m not sure exactly how Katie would know what kind of a guy he is, seeing as I’m not even 100 percent sure they’ve met, but Brooke was there to reinforce this notion.

“I know that Steffy doesn’t need a husband,” she said, “but under all that fiery exterior and independence, I think that she wants a traditional family.” And yes, every single time this  sentiment is expressed, the word “need” is emphasized as if to say that anyone thinking that way is clearly not right in the head.

This is totally in keeping with past scenarios on the show where it’s been made very clear to viewers that anyone not in a “traditional” family is definitely doing it wrong. Remember when the writers acted as if Liam having children with two women was the most unimaginable scenario ever, as if blended families were a concept that went out the window when The Brady Bunch was cancelled?

The Condemned

This old-school morality can be seen playing out in the Quinn/Carter story, too… but with a fascinating twist. Longtime viewers will remember that for years, Brooke was seen as the sexually firebrand who had no more control over her libido than does a rider over a roller coaster. And while the men were seen as essentially powerless to do anything but fall under her spell, Stephanie was always there to remind viewers that her nemesis was just that slut from the valley.

Stephanie, Brooke phone cord B&B

As it turned out, attempted murder was Stephanie’s love language.

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Now, Brooke has somehow become the voice of judgment, her past miraculously wiped clean and rarely mentioned. In her place stands Quinn, the wanton woman who, like a siren calling to sailors, somehow has managed to corrupt both Eric and Carter. Viewers have been told over and over that Carter is a “good man” who was clearly led astray by Eric’s tramp of a wife.

“Quinn broke up their marriage… Carter got caught up in it,” said Ridge, having clearly never heard that it takes two to tango.

With that in mind, I was downright blown away by Thursday’s episode, in which Quinn spoke up for herself, making it clear to Eric that while she owned her mistakes, she had not made them in a vacuum. But more important, she actually defied the show’s time-warped morality by saying she didn’t need his money. “I was a single working mother for years,” she pointed out. “I’ve been successful on my own for years. I can take care of myself.”

Quinn’s Vengeance

Perhaps the best moment of the week was Quinn asking the question many a viewer has raised in recent weeks. “You gave Brooke carte blanche to vilify me day after day after day. I’m your wife. Why is it that you couldn’t excuse me when you have absolved so many others over the years? Thomas, Shauna, Brooke I don’t even know how many times.”

Bold quinn eric fight HW

“Seriously, what is it about Brooke? Does she do some kinda weird thing in the bedroom?”

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It was the closest the show has come in ages to actually allowing someone to point out that Brooke’s halo is hella tarnished.

Meanwhile, I want to see Quinn take things to the next level in her battle with Brooke. What’s the best way for her to do that? By playing on the fact that there was a time when Ridge was quite drawn to her. Remember those amazing scenes in which the two opened up to one another, eventually leading to a shared kiss? What if Quinn were to try and show Brooke how truly fragile every relationship can be by toying with Ridge’s emotions? How far would she go? Would she be willing to sacrifice her budding relationship with Carter, who happens to be Ridge’s best friend?

And what if, as so often happens in these situations, Quinn found herself genuinely drawn to the man who was intended to be nothing more than a pawn in her game?

Hey, I’d watch the crap outta that.

The Forgotten

Did I dream those scenes in which Ridge and Justin struck a deal to bring down Bill? I must have, because there hasn’t been a single mention of that story since. Same with the scenes in which Brooke indicated that maybe, just maybe, she’d like to take Steffy’s place as co-CEO of Forrester Creations.

Bold ridge thomas justin deal HW

When they said “We must never speak of this again,” we didn’t realize that meant the story would be dropped entirely.

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I’ve talked before about this show’s bad habit of focusing so heavily on one story that everything else gets banished. At least this time, they’re telling two tales — Steffy’s wedding and the Quinn/Carter fallout. But why bother dropping such tantalizing tidbits and then not even mentioning them again? It is OK to have a story on the backburner, casually referenced so it’s not entirely forgotten until you bring it to the fore.

But with Bold & Beautiful, it’s all or nothing. The moment Hope and Liam were happily reunited, they went completely missing. Yes, I’ve been advocating for a while that the couple spend a little time in the background, but I didn’t mean they should vanish entirely! I assumed they would sit around and talk about Steffy and Finn like everyone else!

Someone Get HR On the Line

Zende and Paris’ conversations this week were downright befuddling. First, there was him suggesting that they should slow things down… which would seem pretty impossible unless they throw things into reverse. They’ve been on, like, two dates and kissed a few times. Yet by the time they hugged it out — no, literally, they hugged! — I thought that either they’d just friendzoned each other or this was Bold & Beautiful setting in motion a story in which Zende reveals that he’s gay.

I know, I know, gay folks don’t work in the fashion industry. At least not this show’s version of it.

paris and zende talk at forrester bb

“I need to move to a bigger town with more men,” thought Paris. “Who knew Los Angeles was such a small pond with so few fish?”

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Then there was Zende expressing concern about the fact that they both work for Forrester as if every person in his family hasn’t used the company as their personal dating pool with absolutely zero ramifications.

Clearly, they’re positioning Paris to be a spoiler for Finn and Steffy, although why they’re making so obvious a move even before Hayes’ parents tie the knot I’m not sure. Yes, this show lives and dies by the rule that happy couples are boring couples (explaining why Flo and Wyatt have no story), but introducing a spoiler into the Sinn story seems a little premature!

Random Thoughts

• When this show gives someone a character trait, it becomes their “thing” for life. Pam can’t enter a room without lemon bars. Baker will never eat anything but hot dogs. And Finn will now forever be referred to as the guy who tells “dad jokes.”

• I had to laugh when Ridge said that weddings were what the Forresters do and that they’re darn good at them. But reader Amy put it in perspective for me…

• Two episodes in a row ended with the exact same “cliffhanger” of Steffy saying she couldn’t wait to meet Finn’s parents and her hubby-to-be making a face that indicated either he wasn’t thrilled with this notion or he’d eaten something really bad. That said, Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes were basically the same characters having the same conversations, even using the same turns of phrase. This is something Passions did on a daily basis and look how that ended up…

• Finn told Steffy they should buck tradition by having a quick, simple wedding. The problem is that quick, simple weddings are the tradition on this show. When’s the last time someone got married anywhere other than the Forrester mansion? Y’all are rich! Even if you decide to have a wedding in two hours, you should be able to throw together something amazing. At the very least, go outside by the pool!

• I complain a lot about the fact that this soap often ignores its own history, so I need to give a shout-out to Ridge and Steffy’s chat in which he acknowledged that his bouncing between Brooke and Taylor for years probably scarred his children. He even remembered to mention Phoebe!

Kylie Tyndell and Keaton Tyndell "The Bold and the Beautiful" steffy phoebe am 2004

Remember when Steffy had a (sometimes identical) twin sister?

Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI

Speaking of kids, after hitting the comments section with your thoughts on this week’s plots (and my take on them), check out this amazing photo gallery featuring some of your favorite daytimers and their real-life offspring. Fun fact: Several of the children have actually appeared on soaps, too, and not always the one featuring their mom or dad!


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