Is Bold & Beautiful Setting Up a Brooke/Steffy Rivalry for the Ages and a New Love Triangle at the Same Time?

July 19-23, 2021

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With Poor, Dead Vinnygate out of the way, The Bold and the Beautiful this week pushed Liam and Hope to the backburner and managed to do something it hasn’t in a while: fire on all cylinders, at least as the week began. From telling multiple stories (at the same time!) to setting in motion a potential battle for control of the Forrester Creations, things got off to a great start… so what went wrong by mid-week? Read on, and we’ll discuss. 

Summer Lovin’

What is it about Quinn and unexpected pairings? Remember when the soap shocked us by revealing that she and Eric had become bedmates? Before that, there was the time she and Liam were living as Adam and Eve in that remote cabin (which, by the way, looks exactly like the one in which he now resides with Hope!). And although it was a mere blip on the radar, I’ll never, ever forget the S&M scenes that played out between Wyatt’s mom and dad!

quinn keeps liam captive in cabin bb

All that said, it should come as no surprise that Carter and Quinn are the hottest thing to hit soaps this summer. Yes, the storyline around their pairing has some major holes in it, mostly involving missing beats. For example, why have we not seen best friends Carter and Ridge exchanging angry words about the former’s betrayal of the latter’s father? Why was Wyatt only casually upset about his mom’s affair, given that he and Eric became extremely close over the past few years?

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But none of that mattered whenever Quinn and Carter looked at each other and the saxophone music began to play. You know that old saying about how sex sells? I’m sure that’s true, but what we were buying here was more than just sex, it was all the elements which go into something similar-sounding but very different: passion.

Three’s Company

It seems pretty obvious that Paris and Finn are heading for an affair, right? I mean, how many times did we hear Steffy say to her new houseguest how excited she was about “all the things we’ll be sharing”? Is it insane that the writers are throwing Paris into the mix before Steffy and Finn have even gotten married? Maybe, but unless I miss my mark, this was done very purposefully.

finn helps paris hold hayes bb

As we’ve discussed before, Finn’s past is a big mystery. We’re about to meet the guy’s parents, who obviously know a whole lot more than we do. Something tells me that seeing Steffy and Finn playing house with Paris is going to trigger something in one or both of his folks. There will be semi-whispered conversations about “what happened last time,” hinting that a dark history might be repeating itself.

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Or hey, maybe I’m totally off the mark here and they were just looking for a reason to have Diamond White’s alter ego sing lullabies to Hayes.

Where Things Went Awry

Remember at the top of the column I said that the week started strong but then went kinda wonky? That’s because we kicked off several interesting new storylines on Monday… which basically vanished the next day. For example, the first episode of the week saw Brooke doing a photo shoot that was to accompany an article. Ridge happened by — he clearly knew nothing about it — which was a good thing, since the piece being run was about Brooke and him being co-CEOs of Forrester Creations.

Which, of course, is not the case. Ridge and his daughter, Steffy, run the company.

Ridge was taken aback by the published story, immediately suggesting that Brooke have it taken down. Instead, she sort of said, “Hey, but wouldn’t this be amazing, sort of like old times?” Brooke didn’t have the story pulled or the headline changed, seeming to imply that with Steffy otherwise occupied, she intended to nudge Ridge’s daughter out of the top spot.

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Intriguing stuff, especially given the history between Ridge’s wife and daughter. Yet the whole thing was basically forgotten by Tuesday. Ridge later made passing reference to Brooke’s contributions to the company over the years while talking to Eric, but that was it. Personally, I’m hoping this is going to turn into something much bigger, maybe even morphing into my oft-mentioned dream storyline in which a miffed Forrester (perhaps Steffy, with the help of brother Thomas?), ticked at the family business having been taken over by the Logans, launches a rival fashion house.

Also barely mentioned this week was the deal Justin and Ridge struck. It’s baffling to me how so major a plot is set in motion one week and completely ignored the next, especially when Wednesday and Thursday largely revolved around Steffy, Finn and Paris having the exact same conversation for two solid days.

Random Thoughts

• I couldn’t help but cringe when Finn started folding the laundry while he, Paris and Steffy were talking. He was doing such a bad job that you just knew Steffy was going to have to come behind him and refold every dang piece.

• Thursday’s episode featured some really well-directed scenes in which Carter took a meeting with Eric and Ridge. What really made the scenes stand out was the staging, which had Eric talking to Carter but facing away from him. Without a word, the staging said, “Yes, Carter, I’m trying to forgive you, but I haven’t gotten to the point where I can look directly at you.”

carter's ready to confess affair with quinn to eric bb

• I’d sort of assumed that Eric would fire Quinn and ditch her jewelry line, but darned if Carter’s argument didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I mean, if Ridge was right in saying that Forrester Creations had sold a million pieces of Quinn’s jewelry in the past month alone, they’d be foolish to dump her line.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out next week, which will heavily feature the build-up to the big Steffy/Finn wedding (and the arrival of his dad in the form of soap vet Ted King). Meanwhile, let’s hear your thoughts on this week’s action — including the tidbits that were dropped but haven’t yet been followed up on. Then, since we’re talking about beautiful people, take a gander at this feature in which some of your favorite daytime glamazons share their favorite beauty tips, tricks and products!


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