Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Just Made Childbirth a Sexual Experience — Plus, Brooke Finally Pushed Paris Out of the Way To Reclaim Her Spot as Quinn’s Nemesis

May 31 - July 2

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Every now and then, The Bold and the Beautiful gives us a scene or a storyline which makes us think, “Well, now we’ve seen it all.” Sometimes it’s humorous (“I now pronounce you man and… horse!?!). Sometimes it’s bizarre, like the first time the mannequin spoke to Thomas. But the last thing we expected was for Steffy’s labor scenes to leave our jaws on the ground. Meanwhile, Brooke finally got the goods on Quinn, and Justin’s plan continued to make no sense. Obviously, we have a lot to talk about, so let’s dive in… 

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

Finn and Steffy have been downright adorable over the past few weeks as they’ve prepared for the birth of their son. Finn’s excitement about becoming a first time dad (or so we presume… there’s still a whole lot we don’t know about this dude) was palpable, and it was fun watching Steffy react to it.

But was I the only one who found the scenes leading up to Hayes’ arrival… weirdly sexual? Actually, I know I wasn’t alone in thinking that. Because being a guy who has never and will never experience the miracle of childbirth (which is how my mom said it should always be referred to), I turned to the female members of our staff to ask if I was reading too much into it.

As one put it, “If anyone had tried to kiss me while I was pushing out my baby, it wouldn’t have ended well for him.”

bold beautiful steffy giving birth screenshot

And why was Finn stripped down, but Steffy — you know, the one doing all the hard work — wearing a full-length dress? Shouldn’t she have at least been in, I don’t know, a skirt, all the easier for the midwife to access the important parts? I was also fascinated by the midwife setting up that pool in Steffy’s living room and apparently filling it, pan by pan, with warm water. The whole thing felt very Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman to me.

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That said, it also felt very much like something that trendy, Los Angeles fashion people might be into, which these characters are supposed to be.

In any case, once that adorable baby arrived, who could think of anything else? What can I say, I’m a sucker for babies! While I’m pretty sure that a few weeks from now, Hayes will be relegated to that rarely-seen bedroom in which half-sister Kelly resides, I can’t help hoping that the show does a story a whole lot of the audience can relate to. Let’s see Finn and Steffy actually struggle with being parents to a newborn. Heck, maybe it could even lead to her being tempted by those pills she kicked in a hot-minute.

Let The Battle Begin!

For weeks, I’ve lamented the fact that the Buckingham siblings have played a bigger part in the Quinn/Carter story than has Brooke. I was also less-than-thrilled with the way Quinn was being portrayed as literally cowering before Paris. So the shifts this week were exactly what I needed, although completely inexplicable. I mean, I loved when Quinn said to Paris, “If you knew what I was capable of, you’d be pledging your eternal silence to me right now.” But why hadn’t she broken out this threat before as opposed to getting down on her knees before the newbie?

bold beautiful paris quinn wedding day screenshot

And what was up with Zoe suddenly having a photo shoot in Paris that nobody at Forrester Creations — you know, the company with whom she has a presumably exclusive contract — knew about? Yes, this was clearly done so that Zoe would not be at the wedding, thus giving us more than one payoff with the big reveal, but it didn’t actually make sense.

Ultimately, though, none of that matters because at long last, this story got around to focusing on the Brooke/Quinn rivalry which should have been driving it all along. Earlier this week, I wrote that Brooke needed to take all the seats because she was being massively hypocritical where Quinn is concerned. After all, longtime viewers will recall that Brooke was kinda the worst wife ever to Eric, what with schtooping Ridge and giving birth to his baby and all.

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Some took this as Brooke-bashing, but that wasn’t the case at all. It was simply pointing out something that happens on this show fairly often: Characters don’t just whitewash their own history, they — and everyone around them — seem to forget it entirely.

Brooke, Eric all smiles Bold and Beautiful

What I kind of love is that the truth came out — by the hardest — in a way I didn’t anticipate. Yes, we all knew Brooke would interrupt the ceremony, and it seemed pretty obvious she’d be the one to spill the beans. Then when Paris sort of casually strolled down the staircase, it seemed she might take center stage. It also seemed possible, given that Paris had called her sister, that Zoe might walk in just in time for the big reveal.

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The one option I didn’t foresee? Carter basically confessing under the weight of his own guilt. And yet it tracks, given that we know he is a good man at heart. Yes, as is this soap’s way, it took forever to get to the big moment… but as the music swelled and we were left waiting for Quinn’s reaction, it was the very definition of a Friday cliffhanger.

quinn, carter, eric vows scret is out bb

Random Thoughts

• Hayes is a great name for Steffy and Finn’s baby, and it’s very much in keeping with this show’s tradition of naming children after family members. But it might have been nice if they’d picked a name that had something to do with Finn’s soon-to-be-introduced kin. Also, I’m not sure giving the baby a name that only reminds us all (yet again) that Taylor is never, ever around for the big-life events in the lives of her children was such a great idea.


Taylor Hayes B&B

• When Quinn came downstairs and said they should go ahead and start the wedding, Ridge settled in, not seeming to really notice that his wife wasn’t present until Carter asked, “What about Brooke?” As if that weren’t odd enough, Ridge took at face value Quinn’s casual, “Oh, she and Paris decided to leave” as if Brooke would have done so without at the very least saying farewell to her husband and making one last-ditch effort to talk sense into Eric.

Bold Beautiful Eric Donna bed HW

• In true Bold & Beautiful fashion, Donna suddenly began waxing nostalgic about the time she’d spent with her “Honey Bear.” (I fully admit that I’d kinda forgotten they were actually married for a while until we saw the flashback to their wedding!) Because we all know this show doesn’t do things casually, it seems safe to say that Donna will make another play for Eric. Maybe once he’s officially single, Shauna will also throw her hat into the ring. How fun would it be to watch Quinn go up against her best friend, Donna and Brooke!

• We didn’t really get much of the Justin storyline this week, aside from Thomas doing his best to make the attorney see this was sort of a dead-end plot. I mean, how does Justin see this playing out? He can’t think Thomas’ absence will go unnoticed forever. Sooner or later, the other plot unfolding on the canvas is going to wrap up and people are going to go back to talking about Bill and Liam’s situation. It did seem sort of like a bad move on Thomas’ part to keep reminding Justin that he had the evidence which could clear Bill. The only thing that really did was, as far as Justin was concerned, make Thomas more of a liability!

That’s my take on this week’s action, now let’s hear what you have to say. Are you excited to see how things play out next week when we rejoin the already-in-meltdown-mode wedding? How do you see things playing out next for Quinn? Share your thoughts in the comment section, then spend a little time with a character we didn’t see at all this week, Hope, as we flash back to the day she was born and then explore her life in photos!


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