The Sexy Twist Bold & Beautiful *Needs* to Play Next Where Shauna, Carter, Quinn and Eric Are Concerned — Plus, 10 Moments That Had Us Shouting at the Screen This Week

May 10-14, 2021

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Proving old habits die hard, The Bold and the Beautiful went back to having a one-track mind, playing nothing but the Quinn/Carter/Zoe story the entire week. On the plus side, we got the fun twist of Shauna throwing herself on the proverbial sword by claiming she was the one sleeping with the hunky exec. There wasn’t a Spencer to be seen or so much as a mention of poor, dead Vinny. But we still have a lot to talk about, so let’s get going, shall we?

Quinn Vs. Shauna? Bring It On!

Quinn, Shauna excited B&B

How awesome was that moment when Shauna kind of casually walked over and picked up the telltale jacket (subject of about 100 flashbacks over the course of the week)? As is usually the case with this show, they pretty much telegraphed what was about to happen, yet it was still a really fun twist. It was a great example of how to move a story forward not by delivering a payoff but by adding another layer to an already-complicated situation.

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More importantly, it made sense in a way things on this show often don’t. As Denise Richards told me during a recent chat, “There’s not much Shauna wouldn’t do for Quinn.” Unlike the nonsensical instafriendship between Zoe and Quinn — which only sprouted up in order to further the plot — we know that Quinn and Shauna have been ride-or-die pals for decades. Their kids dated in high school, so the history is well-established.

Throwing Shauna into the mix opens up a world of possibilities where this storyline is concerned. Do Carter and Shauna pretend to date, all the while growing closer (and stoking Quinn’s jealousy)? When Quinn’s secret comes out — and we all know it eventually will — does Shauna become the new woman in a reeling Eric’s life?

Yeah, Richards wasn’t just whistling Dixie when she told me, “This is going to get messy.” And I can’t wait!

Did She Really Just Say That?

So usually, I’m alone when watching my soaps… although it rarely feels that way, as I’m often interacting with all of you by not-so-live-tweeting my thoughts. (If you’re not already, join the conversation by following along @soapoperafan.) Sometimes, however, I actually find myself conversing with the characters.


That’s totally normal, right?

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Anyway, given that we don’t have a second (let alone third) storyline playing out right now — leaving us with a little extra time on our hands — I thought I’d share with you some of the conversations I had with what my grandma used to call “the TV people.”

ZOE: I’m sure she was anxious to get back in your arms again, Eric.
ME: In what universe is it appropriate for you to be talking to the president of the company you work for about this?

ZOE: Quinn and I are friends.
BROOKE: [Crickets]
ME: Go ahead, Brooke, say it! “Since when?” We’re all thinking it!

bold brooke lang office HW

Pretty sure Brooke is literally biting her tongue…

Credit: © Howard Wise/

ZOE: What kind of woman moves in on a man who just called off his engagement?
ME: Seriously? You tried to seduce Zende while engaged to Carter! Take all the seats.

RIDGE Brooke, we all know how you feel about Dad.
ME: As evidenced by the existence of their daughter, Bridget. Hey, Ridge, remember that time you made out with her?

SHAUNA (to Carter and Quinn): You can’t keep saying “it can never happen again” only to end up in bed together!
ME: Have you ever seen a soap opera, Shauna? Or, for that matter, Carter’s abs?

Bold carter abs office HW

“I’m sorry, I thought this was a shirts-off meeting. Wait, is that a thing?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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RIDGE (to Brooke): I thought we had a long conversation in the car about this. You were going to try to be subtle, maybe not not say anything at all. Do you remember any of that?
ME: It’s official. Ridge and Brooke are my parents.

ERIC: I’ll take “Relationships That Are Not in Trouble” for $1,000.
ME: Also known as “Characters Exiled to the Backburner.”

ZOE (to Carter): I came here because I wanted our relationship back. I mean, I thought that’s what you wanted, too!
ME: Based on what, exactly? He’s done nothing but push you away! Do you need to re-read your copy of He’s Just Not That Into You?

BROOKE: Zoe’s track record leaves a bit to be desired.
ME: I know, right? She’s slept with how many of her daughters’ boyfriends? Oh, wait…

Brooke, Bridget, cabin B&B

Hey Brooke, remember the time Bridget helped you deilver her husband’s baby? Good times.

Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

BROOKE: I don’t think Quinn is deserving of anything, Eric. You distanced yourself from her for a reason. It was a reaction to something that she chose to do.
ME: Exsqueeze me? You mean the way Ridge distanced himself from you as a reaction to you choosing to kiss Bill?

Random Thoughts

Susan Flannery"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles 9/25/06 ©Sean Smith/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 4923 U.S. Airdate 10/26/06

“Someone needs slapping? I’ll be there as soon as possible!”

Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

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• There was an awful lot of talk about Stephanie this week. Were I not 100 percent certain that Susan Flannery has no interest in returning (and they’d never in a million years even consider recasting), I’d assume they were setting up a “Stephanie’s not really dead” story. After all, this show doesn’t typically mention characters not currently on the canvas unless there’s a reason. Taylor never shows up when her kids are in trouble, and the Logan sisters only remembered their dead brother Storm about six seconds before Flo was revealed to be his daughter. But if there’s one character who should never be forgotten and oft-mentioned, it’s definitely Stephanie.

• Carter and Quinn are the kinda sexy daytime hasn’t seen in quite a while. It reminds of of when The Young and the Restless‘ Phyllis and Nick were having their very hot, very secret affair. The scene on Thursday in which Quinn was facing Carter but backing up — and for every backwards step she took, he moved forward — was gorgeously played and directed. Can this duo follow in Nick and Phyllis’ footsteps by becoming an actual strings-and-all couple? That has yet to be determined…

• Why in the world did Zoe, fresh from discovering another woman in Carter’s bed, go back to Forrester Creations? Not only that, but she barged into Eric’s office without knocking and then proceeded to tell him, Ridge and Brooke — aka Carter’s friends/employers — exactly why she was so upset. Talk about inappropriate!

That’s my take on this week’s Bold & Beautiful episodes, so you know what’s next. Oh, are you new here? Well, this is the part where you visit the comments section to share your thoughts. Then, if you found yourself missing the wit and wisdom of Dollar Bill Spencer this week, why not check out this photo gallery in which we look back at the character’s wild and crazy life!


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