Bold & Beautiful’s Big Bedroom Shake-Up, Liam Is Stuck on Stupid — and Who Bailed Out Vinny?!

April 19 - 23

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Hey guys, it’s Candace guest-writing the column this week! First up, why does it feel like Bold and Beautiful is stretching out one or two episodes over a week? These repetitive conversations have taken on a life of their own in recent months. Next, will Quinn finally get some loving? And finally, why is the big murder mystery so… lame? And who bailed Vinny out? These were the most burning questions after this week’s episodes. Let’s break it down…

Maddening Murder Mystery

I’m of two completely different minds about the Liam and Bill cover-up clashes. On one hand, the acting is stellar, Bill’s one-liners are hilarious, and the intensity brings the kind of drama that’s been sorely missing on sister soap, Young & Restless. But on the other hand, the repetition is killing the appeal. It feels like the same scene has played out a dozen times in just over a week — perhaps because it has! Liam carrying on for days on end has also colored my perspective. I actually felt for the guy, but now I just want him to turn himself in or stop whining about it. It’s maddening. As for Bill, it may finally be dawning on him that his cover-up plan had a fatal flaw from the get-go.

As for the ‘murder mystery’ aspect of Vinny’s death, we’re still waiting for that to materialize. So much of the focus has been on Liam’s gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands that Lt. Baker’s promotion to Deputy Chief feels like the only new information we’ve learned in the investigation thus far. Thomas keeps vowing to find whoever did this to his friend, but how he’s going to do that from Hope’s couch is a mystery in itself. Here’s hoping we get more into the nitty gritty of the case next week, beginning with “who paid the big bucks to bail out Vinny?” Inquiring minds want to know as it may be a clue as to whether or not there’s more to the story!

Overzealous Zoe

Zoe’s sudden change of attitude toward her sister can probably be explained by the news that Kiara Barnes is leaving the role, which may have necessitated a swerve in the writing. It certainly seemed odd to have Zoe develop a conscience just as Quinn began mentoring her on how to take her scheming to the next level (although a tummy tonic was remarkably tame for Quinn). Now Zoe’s pestering anyone who will listen — including, unbelievably, the two head honchos at her company — to put in a good word for her with Carter. It’s surprising people aren’t more concerned, considering she arrived in Los Angeles as Xander’s psycho stalker. Anyhow, Zoe’s insta-friendship with Quinn might actually have been the precursor to us going down a totally unforeseen road. See below…

Quinn of Hearts

It was absolutely bizarre for Quinn to show up at Carter’s door, invite herself in, and wind up in a candid conversation about their sex lives — but that was also part of the reason it worked. Most of the time we like our soaps to make sense, but sometimes there’s a twist so fun it’s worth the stretch. The banter and chemistry between the two was unexpectedly good and only got better as they shared more scenes. With Eric (rather unbelievably) rejecting Quinn’s advances in the bedroom, the idea of Carter and Quinn hooking up has really picked up steam among viewers. Is it ridiculous that Eric cares more about his wife’s manipulation of Ridge than Ridge does? Yes. Do we care at this point? Not so much. I, for one, would love to see Zoe’s reaction to “Quarter,” (Quinn and Carter), and with teasers hinting that Eric will cry on his ex-wife Donna’s shoulder, I’m all in for a potential bedroom shake-up!

These are my opinions on the show. Have your say in the comment section below after stopping in to see photos of soaps’ best couples of all time in the gallery.


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