Deconstructing B&B: Shocking Friday cliffhanger is one for the books

June 5 - 9

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The energy of the show ramped up a bit this week with Katie’s rage at Quinn, and anticipation built in the story surrounding Lizzie. Liam was a hoot trying to keep the peace at Il Giardino, but nothing prepared us for that cliffhanger. Sheila’s back! Thoughts:

A little stressed.
Julius is back to his infuriating pot-stirring self, encouraging Nicole to consider herself Lizzie’s mother behind Maya’s back, but no one irks us better than Papa Avant, so it’s pretty riveting. Maya was so caring toward Nicole when she learned her diagnosis, that it just set me up to be that much more angry with Nicole for trying to take Lizzie from her (if that’s what happens). In typical soap fashion, an issue conveniently came to light with the adoption papers, which will give Nicole the opportunity to decide she’s changed her mind and kick off a real family feud. The worst part of this storyline (aside from Nicole’s widely disparaged wig) has been her transformation into an automaton that repeats, “Must give Zende a baby.” Bleh. Anyway, it’s always difficult when a child is involved, so this could get very emotional.

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Crazy Katie versus Crazy Quinn.
From the minute the spoiler videos came out with Katie snapping on Quinn, fans were speculating about, and looking forward to, her over-the-top behavior.

And there’s this:

If Katie was back on the bottle again, it might have been easier to buy. It’s more likely she would have simply decided to end her stress by telling Eric ‘the secret’ and being done with it. As it stands, once Eric learns of her recent unhinged behavior, he’s not likely to believe her if she does come clean. Factor in that she’s now accused of trying to kill Quinn from her house window and you’ve really got a mess indeed. With all of that said, there is no one I would rather watch come ‘unhinged’ or go up against the formidable Quinn than Katie, and she certainly has had some other issues that could be coming home to roost (Brooke/Bill). As for the shooter, it’s clearly someone either out to get Quinn or to set-up Katie.

Friday notes.
In the last Deconstructing B&B, Thomas chose love and his own ambitions over family, and Steffy wasn’t thrilled. This week, the siblings and their significant others attempted a civil lunch together. Liam’s expression at Steffy’s declaration that she required a whole bottle of wine, and his mutterings about risotto as the tension escalated were comic perfection. I felt for Sally trying to extend an olive branch… Well, my hunch that Deacon was the one shooting at Quinn was certainly wrong. I never would have guessed they’d bring back Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Clearly the villainous Ms. Carter isn’t happy about Eric’s current wife. So exciting, I can’t wait to see where this is headed!

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Candace Young


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