Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Got Her Happy Ending With Finn — Which Means It’s Time For Things to Take a Nightmarish Twist

March 15-19

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When the biggest moment of the week involves taking a portrait down from the wall, it’s safe to say your show didn’t have a heck of a lot going on. That was the case with this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, where not a single scene didn’t revolve around the Hope/Liam/Steffy/Finn quadrangle. As you can probably imagine, I have thoughts on that… as well as where Steffy’s relationship needs to head now that Finn’s put a ring on it. 

Who Is Finn?

I couldn’t help but love that they played Steffy taking that damnable picture off the wall as a big, dramatic moment. Because honestly, it kinda was. Like the portrait above the mantel in the Forrester mansion, the one in Steffy’s living room has been not only highly visible but much talked about over the past few years. As a result, it really, truly was kind of a momentous occasion, rife with symbolism, when she took it down.

B&B steffy picture of liam screengrab

“Wonder what this’ll fetch on eBay?”

That said, I hope she keeps it somewhere safe, ’cause I have a feeling it’ll eventually make its way back to that wall. If there are two things we know about this show, it’s that happy couples are backburnered… and that there’s no way Steffy will be moved out of the spotlight (aside from the time presumably necessitated by portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s maternity leave).

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Unless I miss my mark, that means we’re soon going to learn more about Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan. And honestly, it’s about time. The character debuted eight months ago, and so far, the only things we know about him are that he loves Steffy, works at the hospital, looks good in a bathing suit and… that’s about it.

Finn family talk B&B

No, this picture is not gratuitous! It’s proving that he does, as advertised, look good in a bathing suit!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

As Forresters aren’t big on long engagements — Steffy’s probably already booked grandpa’s living room and officiant Carter — it’s safe to assume a wedding will be in the works soon, making this the perfect time for the bride-to-be to begin asking about her groom’s family. Cue Finn evading her questions, making mysterious phone calls and — hopefully — becoming a heck of a lot more interesting.

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Soap Opera 101

If you were a fan of the Bill and Katie storyline, this week offered you absolutely nothing. Ditto the Paris/Zende/Zoe/Carter drama… and the Flo/Wyatt tale that was already existing on fumes. The only time we saw characters other than Steffy, Hope and their men were when we cut to people talking about the foursome.

Bill, Katie talk Forrester Creations B&B

“Katie, I don’t want to talk about Liam and Steffy. Can’t we talk about us? Please?”

Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Do we really need to go over this yet again, Bold & Beautiful? Fine. There are two problems with this style of storytelling. First, it’s boring when every conversation is exactly the same and revolves around a single plot point. If I’m not invested in that story, you’ve got nothing to offer me.

Second, and this is important, you’re violating one of the most basic rules of soap writing: When a plot is reaching its climax, that’s the perfect time to hook people on the other stories unfolding on your canvas.

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Which, of course, you first have to actually have.

But since that wasn’t the case, let’s dive into the other side of the perpetual-motion quadrangle…

Make Better Choices

Man, Liam just can’t help but be his own worst enemy, can he? Even as he was begging Hope to focus on the fact that he wasn’t the father of Steffy’s unborn child — as if that somehow erased his infidelity — the guy was basically moping about the development.

Dude, being disappointed that your extramarital tryst didn’t result in a baby is not a good look when you’re trying to convince your wife the two of you have a future.

Scott Clifton liam bb hope breakdown crying hw

“Was it something I said?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

With Thomas being propped up by pretty much everyone as a hero — even Brooke appeared reluctantly willing to jump on the train — it seems clear that Hope’s going to finally wake up to the fact that Liam will never change and give Emma’s killer another chance.

But… I mean… surely there are other guys out there? I know Los Angeles is your typical soap small town, with only one or two restaurants in which to meet people, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Random Thoughts

• As with Dr. Buckingham, Vinny was arrested off screen. Here’s hoping we get to see him again, if only so that some of our main characters can light into him for the paternity-test swap. But I’m also a fan of the character and portrayer Joe LoCicero and can’t help thinking there’s a lot that could be done with them. This is a canvas in desperate need of a few have-nots, and I want to know more about Vinny’s backstory. If Thomas can be redeemed and Sheila can be serving up breadsticks at Il Giardino, my boy Vinny can get a storyline.

Bold beautiful hope ugly outfit screengrab

The only way to save this outfit? Kill it. Kill it with fire.

• I can’t be the only one who thinks Hope should just burn the pastel nightmare of an outfit pictured above, right? My friend Lin lives for a good onesie and has more of them than should any fully-grown human being, and even he agrees. He’s also still very, very bitter about Laura’s death on Days of Our Lives, but that’s another story.

So, that’s it for this week, but please make sure to swing by often next week as we help Bold & Beautiful celebrate its 34th anniversary. Meanwhile, given that I feel at least a little bit guilty about the fact I’m already kinda gleefully anticipating what problem Steffy and Finn will encounter next, let me make it up to their fans by directing them to this awesome photo gallery tracking the timeline of their relationship.


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