So We’re *Really* Not Gonna Talk About What Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Just Did? Plus, Why She Should Turn Down Finn’s Proposal

March 8-12, 2021

bold beautiful soapbox march 12 2021

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2); CBS screenshot

If we’re being honest, there’s not a whole heck of a lot to talk about where this week’s episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are concerned. But we do probably need to discuss Steffy’s plan to run off to Paris. Oh, and that proposal of Finn’s. Plus, I want to give Zoe a special “Try, try again” shout-out, so I guess we’d better get started! Ready? Let’s dive in. 

The Runaway Mom

We were almost as befuddled as Ridge when Steffy announced her sudden plan to just drop everything and run off to Paris. Why? Truth be told, for no reason other than to create a scenario in which Finn raced to stop her by sharing what he’d learned about the paternity test. But theoretically, it was to prevent Finn from the “hardship” of having to raise another man’s child.

steffy listens to liam recant thomas and hope's kiss B&B

“Suitcase? Check. Passport? Check. Permission from Liam? Meh, who cares.”

Credit: CBS screenshot

Forget that Finn had already repeatedly made it clear he was not only OK with raising Liam’s child but looking forward to having a family. Forget that this is the year 2021, and it’s not at all uncommon for someone to be raising another person’s baby. Forget that nearly every person in Steffy’s extended family is doing exactly that. And forget that ultimately, all running away would have done is inconvenience Finn when he had to take time off, deal with airports, fly over to Paris and talk sense into his girlfriend.

Most of all, forget that she was planning to take Kelly… without bothering to discuss this with Liam.

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Remember when Steffy freaked out about how much time Kelly was spending with Hope and Liam? During her blink-and-you-missed-it addiction storyline, Steffy was pretty routinely accusing her co-parent of trying to hand their daughter over to his wife. At least at the time, Steffy’s behavior could be explained by the fact she was strung out and not acting rationally.

In this case, however, the only excuse for her not talking to Liam about her plan to essentially abscond with their child is that the writers knew she wouldn’t actually be going to Paris so they opted to skip that wildly important beat.

Spit It Out!

Meanwhile, how insane is it that Finn raced over to Steffy’s place, listened to her cry about why she had to leave, dropped to one knee, popped the question… yet never bothered to tell her the life-changing news that she’s not carrying her ex-husband’s baby?

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I get that this is a soap. I get that Bold & Beautiful more than any other show stretches reveals out as long as possible. But honestly, this seems kinda cruel. I mean, put yourself in Steffy’s shoes. Wouldn’t you be furious to find out that the man you love had kept that secret one second longer than he had to… especially with him knowing that you were so emotionally distraught about the situation that you were about to jump on a plane and skip town in order to spare his feelings?

Finn proposal Steffy B&B

“I feel like I’m forgetting something important… “

Credit: CBS screenshot

Heck, thanks to Thomas, Hope knew the truth before Steffy! That’s gotta sting…

I’m sorry, but that right there would be a dealbreaker for me. Yes, yes, I’d probably accept his proposal a few days later — I mean, he is a sexy doctor who is not Liam and all — but I’d make him earn my acceptance.

Kick Rocks, Zoe!

I’m not sure why Zoe thought her latest attempt to force Paris out of town was going to work. The last time, Zoe was in good standing with both Carter and Ridge, so she theoretically could have gone to them and gotten her sister fired. This time, she had no such leverage and apparently just thought that by looking cute, stomping her foot and pointing dramatically at the door, Paris would slink off into the night.

Paris studio B&B

The look on Paris’ face says, “Hey, I get it, Zoe. You had to at least try… “

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Better luck next time, girlfriend.

I’m not sure where the Zoe story will go at this point. As much as the audience probably wants to see Carter find happiness, it’s now clear Zoe’s not the woman for him. I speculated last week that perhaps the reason Flo had been given a job at Forrester Creations was to put her into Carter’s orbit, and that still seems the most likely scenario.

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But the real problem is that this entire storyline has existed in a vacuum. Aside from Carter’s friendship with Ridge, the other characters in his immediate orbit have no real connection to the canvas. Yes, Zende’s a Forrester, but that’s really just a line on his character bio and a reason for him to share a set with Eric and Quinn as opposed to something that’s been explored.

That’s a problem across the Bold & Beautiful canvas. The show is in desperate need of connective tissue so that it doesn’t feel as if each storyline is taking place on its own island, isolated from everything else.

Random Thoughts

• Does anyone even remember the last time we had an actual fashion show? There’s been lots of talk about designs in general and Hope for the Future in particular, but man, I miss the days when there was a competing fashion house — be it Spectra or Jackie M — and the occasional runway showdown.

Bold Beautiful Steffy Finn house remote screengrab

• One area in which no other soap can compete with Bold & Beautiful? Production values. Those shots of Finn running along the path outside Steffy’s house — clearly shot with a drone — were gorgeous. And I love that they went outside for the sequences, which easily could have been shot on their usual sets.

Now that I’ve gotten all that outta my sistem, let’s hear what you have to say. Hit the comments with your thoughts on Finn’s proposal, Zoe’s antics and whether my poor, poor Vinny should be jailed for what he did. Then check out this really fun gallery in which we look at some of our favorite recurring bits… you know, like Bill calling Ridge “The Dressmaker” or Pam constantly pushing her lemon bars.


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